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  • Drama: Cruel Palace - War of Flowers (literal title)
  • Hangul: Goongjoongjanhoksa - Ggotdeului Jeonjaeng
  • Revised romanization: 궁중잔혹사 - 꽃들의 전쟁
  • Director: No Jong-Chan
  • Writer: Jung Ha-Yeon
  • Network: jTBC
  • Episodes: 50
  • Release Date: March 23 - September 8, 2013
  • Runtime: Sat & Sun 20:50
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


"War of Flowers" depicts a cruel hidden story within the royal court.

Royal concubine Soyong Jo (Kim Hyun-Joo) wants to make her son the king. In order to accomplish her goal, she holds the hand of Kim Ja-Jeom and uses King Injo. She also attempts to get rid of Crown Prince Sohyun.


  1. "Cruel Palace - War of Flowers" takes over the jTBC Sat & Sun 20:50 time slot previously occupied by "Childless Comfort" and will be followed by "The Firstborn September, 2013.


Cruel Palace - War of Flowers-Kim Hyun-Joo.jpg Cruel Palace - War of Flowers-Lee Deok-Hwa.jpg Cruel Palace - War of Flowers-Song Seon-Mi.jpg Cruel Palace - War of Flowers-Jeong Seong-Mo.jpg
Kim Hyun-Joo Lee Deok-Hwa Song Seon-Mi Jeong Seong-Mo
Royal Concubine Soyong Jo King Injo Crown Prince Sohyun's wife Kang Kim Ja-Jeom
Cruel Palace - War of Flowers-Jung Sung-Woon.jpg Kim Joo-Young Cruel Palace - War of Flowers-Ko Won-Hee.jpg Cruel Palace - War of Flowers-Jeon Tae-Soo.jpg
Jung Sung-Woon Kim Joo-Young Ko Won-Hee Jeon Tae-Soo
Crown Prince Sohyun Prince Bongrim Queen Jangryeol Jo Nam Hyuk

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mali So as I read the reviews...before watching this, most was that it was awful, and depressing. I was hesitant, but I realized now that is really isnt that awful, although I even skipped some episodes in the middle. It's because they made her so evil but she kept getting away with everything that I couldnt stand her I skipped the middle parts...just so i can see her justice served. They overdid it with her evil-ness without balancing it. You ended up just hating her too much that it was enough. I think another reason why people just hated this is because it was so dreary and somber and even those dramas that are dreary have some comedy, but the comedy that this had was very crude and and unappealing to most it was just a totally depressing tone, but as all korean dramas it has its engaging story, that keeps you there.

Gigi Can't stand Soyoung Jo. I would say that her roll goes well with personality. She is mean and evil by nature. Just hope that she does not get things her way. She and the King are meant for each other. Can't wait to the end.

bestoria the best drama ever i re-watch so many times best drama ever

Courtney This is the worst movie I have ever watched. The king's voice sounds very provocative. The worst is when he is told to sleep @ crucial times. It is soooooo irritating. In fact almost every one in this movie needs to DIE most especially JO GUI IN. This is a mess. Please dnt watch to avoid anger and high blood pressure

mary yeah, I didn't like this drama. I left a negative impression on us.

Gene I liked it. Was good. I learned some about royals in ancient Korea. My wife of thirty eight years is Korean. Some late nights watching it.

Expert Don't watch this drama or you'll terribly regret it! Just listening to this drama makes me so annoyed!!! I've watched so many dramas but this one is truly the WORST!!! It's just so negative.

Kiet Goods things I ever know

Kiet Goods things

ema I am a big fan of the historical drams but this one missed the mark, The lead actress was really bad spent most of the time gasping for air. Not up to par with many others I have seem from Korea.

Gasenadi SUPERB drama! Until now I've never seen character "development" veer into corruption, deception, betrayal in most of the principal characters. I began this adventure sympathizing with the main characters and their motives. But as it progressed I, like a previous viewer, have remained GLUED to find out if and how each receives their comeuppance. Excellent story, acting, music, directing. And Song Seon-Mi, my beloved Nurse from Golden Time, is absolutely magnificent. The Princess with ovaries of STEEL. I'm so glad I've watched Cruel Palace.

Anonymous One of the dumbest dramas I have ever saw since Queen Insoo. I mean, this drama is so indelicate and obvious, like "here's the plotting subjects" "here's the shouting king who gets red in the face whenever his power is insulted" and, last but the worst, the girl Yamjeon, who is the perfectly wicked concubine and the main actress in the same time, which is infuriating. JTBC has really been awful. I sure hope they stop ruining the Hallyu with these silly dramas.

Jim Suthard Any idea what government broadcasting violation this series committed and were sanctioned for? Supposedly the May 4, 2013 episode (not sure what number that was).

Julie This drama is absolutely excellent! It's a very interesting take on King Injo and his reign. If you enjoyed all the mystery surrounding him and his sons, then definitely check out other dramas that focus on that (like The Mighty Chil-woo or Chuno). They did a great job casting Kim Hyun-Joo as Yam Jun and Lee Deok-Hwa as the King. Though I do feel pity for her character, at the same I can't justify her actions and in a way, I am pretty excited to see what's going to happen to her and Kim Ja Jeom (even though they already said what happens to him, but I'm interested to see what happens that leads up to it). I will say that if you have no prior knowledge of King Injo's reign, then some of the little information they put in via the (random) narrator will be pretty spoiler-y. But otherwise, great show! I can't wait for the last two episodes!

Ssz Okay, episode 45 is another one where evil wins all. Is it possible that there is a major twist at the end where the princess and young prince didn't actually die. Very unlikely, but I just don't like watching her get away with everything.

Jae For all the people who hate Royal concubine Soyong Jo, would you really put up with all the injustice she had to endure? What’s wrong with a woman being strong and knowing what she wants?

Jae Royal concubine Soyong Jo is awesome! She’s a good girl turned bad because of a broken heart from a jerk boyfriend who was a total mama’s boy and almost got her and their kid killed as well as the abuse she constantly undergoes by everyone else around her. All of those other people are selfish, narrow minded jerks and she should get rid of them all. You go girl, stay strong.

SSZ Jo gui in, king, doctor, and the old maid need to die! I can't stomach their evilness. I have never seen a drama with this much injustice. is the young prince really dead?

Cheryl Jo Gui-In is simply evil and I can't wait until she gets what's coming to her by way of karma. I watch this drama because it's like a train wreck: You simply have to watch to see how it ends. The direction is terrible, the acting is way over the top, and the constant out of place laughter is annoying. Still, I watch because the story is a good one and the scenes and costumes are beautiful. Wish the direction would simply stick to the historical facts though. Surely the King wasn't this incredibly dumb and easily manipulated.

omiomi Never have I had so much contempt for a character. Soyong jo is a psychopath. The role was beautifully performed but evil winning all the time got pretty old by episode 42. Haven't seen the rest of the series but I hope Soyong jo gets what is coming to her. Burn her at the stake ....She is a witch!

Chingo Excellent dorama como puedo ver los videos se los agradeceria =)

Brenda This drama is the best! I love Lady Soyong! (her best name in the drama) Her character is just amazinggggg and Kim Hyun Joo performance too! She is evil but good but evil, lol I love her evil side <3

Jae I really hope there is a happy ending for Royal Concubine Soyong Jo. Everyone around her keeps disappointing and abandoning her. Most people probably think she’s a bad person but she’s doing bad things out of survival. You go Royal Concubine Soyong Jo, kill them all! XD

Summary so far: Girl meets boy but he betrays her. King meets girl and makes fake promises. Girl gets angry and gets power crazed because she wants to avenger her broken heart.

aznative Jung Sung Woon was cast as Crown Prince Seo Hyun.

Lorean I can't wait to watch this historical kdrama!~ Sounds interesting!~ Fighting!~

KHJ new pics are released by JTBC, wow cant wait for this Kim hyun Joo looks beautiful in Hanboks cant wait to the moment when she turns evil. and waiting for the love story of her and Jeon tae soo.

ana Update this drama, please! There is plenty of information.

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