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  • Drama: Crazy Love
  • Revised romanization: Michinsarang
  • Hangul: 미친사랑
  • Director: Lee Chang-Han
  • Writer: Jang Soo-Won, Jeong Hye-Won. Na Seung-Hyun
  • Network: tvN
  • Episodes: 100
  • Release Date: April 8 - September 17, 2013
  • Runtime: Mon-Fri 9:45
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Yoon Mi-So (Park Sun-Young) was sent to the orphanage when she was a young child, but adopted by good parents at the age of 7. As an adult, Yoon Mi-So married Lee Min-Jae (Heo Tae-Hee) and they have a daughter named Hae-Ram. Even though her mother-in-law gave her a hard time, Yoon Mi-So's life was pretty good due to her husband and daughter. Then, Han Na-Young  (Kim Youn-Ju) entered the picture. Han Na-Young concocted a plan to destroy Yoon Mi-Soo and, because of this, Yoon Mi-Soo lost her family and happiness. She is now all alone.

At this time, Yoon Mi-So meets Seo Kyung-Soo (Ko Se-Won), who has been suffocated by his wife's obsession. Seo Kyung-Soo falls in love with Yoon Mi-So. Even though Seo Kyung-Soo's wife learns that her husband is in love with Yoon Mi-So,  Seo Kyung-Soo and Yoon Mi-So can't give up their love………..


  1. "Crazy Love" takes over the tvN Mon-Fri 9:45 time slot previously occupied by "Glass Mask" and will be replaced by "Family Secrets" October 13, 2014.


Park Sun-Young Crazy Love - Korean Drama-Ko Se-Won.jpg Crazy Love - Korean Drama-Heo Tae-Hee.jpg
Park Sun-Young Ko Se-Won Heo Tae-Hee
Eun-Joo / Yoon Mi-So Seo Kyung-Soo Lee Min-Jae
Crazy Love - Korean Drama-Kim Yeon-Ju (1980).jpg Crazy Love - Korean Drama-Choi Dae-Hoon.jpg Crazy Love - Korean Drama-Kim Hae-In.jpg
Kim Youn-Ju Choi Dae-Hoon Kim Hae-In
Sun-Hee / Han Na-Young Baek Jae-Hyuk Oh Hae-Ryeong

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Lfk Lfk The drama is so silly that its not worth watching! Acting is not good and the storyline has too many unnecessary scenes! Imagine a mother never bothered to do a DNA check on the woman who claimed to be her long-lost daughter! The villians are so smart while the protagonists are all so dumb. Can this be realistic? Me thinks that the script writer has made this out to be so just to have something to write about. It seemed to be a common style of writing in a number of K dramas by making the protagonist appear stupid so that the villians can do their thing! Eg. Only Love and another drama Only My Love! Sigh. I think the only smart one is Mr Choi Dae Hoon! Only one???

1tqz If not for Mr Choi Dae--Hoon, I would have stopped watching this drama. He made the show more lively and he acted his part well. As for the story, it was too draggy, there were many unnecessary scenes in it. The main actor had the same 'stoney look' throughout the whole show, his 'spoilt wife' screamed and threw things one too many times. A good drama scripts will certainly catch the attention of their audience and I am not sure of this show.

ssengendo babu very interesting movie,korea keep it up,yooo

merdewi This story depicts a very strong woman who underwent hardship through her first marriage but in the end found happiness to a man who experienced almost similar hardship in marriage. Beautiful story and a happy ending too.

sam omg, too many episodes for me to even think of watching this drama and it really sounds like a good one. what should do man, is just that i don`t like to start a drama and not finish it so it really annoys me. :(


airen i will miz u oll..i super love ur drama

jasmin Im so glad that ive seen this phenomenal korean drama ever..its nice and very heart warming..although it has a lot of conflicts and misadventures but in the end the love still prevails. I love all the characters especially the lead roles PARK SUN YOUNG AND GO SE WON..they are match made in heaven....SO AWESOME AND UNFORGETTABLE...LOVE IT....

dadz . . . .. .. . . . . . . .it's good drama though, it's just not my type kind of a drama that's why it seems uninteresting to me . . . . . .but i had finished watching it . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Nina I haven't watched this drama but I wish 2 watch it! since this drama has a lot of episodes,someone PLEASE write a comprehensive comment so that I can get the good & bad things about this drama!I wish 2 read a comment with great description of this drama! :) I would appreciate you! :)

CoachBun I just finished reading all the comments here and i was ooohhh! do i have to finish this drama? hihihi. what was dominating on the comments was that this drama was not interesting. well, perhaps i have to finish it before having to say it's uninteresting. im now in ep26. :)))

Ferdaniel Crazy love is one of the best k0rean next to Missing You, the drama i ever watch. I love it so much.:)

khim clapis crazy love is the best korean drama for me...i love it!

juliet i truly love the movie & i cant wait to see u in the philippines idol :)

Nanilley I am so pissed. I don't see how anyone can love this drama! I literally made it to episode 24 and gave up! I rushed to the ending, ep 100, and began to watch it and of course I was confused. I started doing research to see if anyone else knew what was going on but no, no one did. Yeah this drama is great and a piece of work and no it doesn't have to have a happy ending like every other story, but omg I wish there was a better explanation for things like WTF! I've spent a lot of time watching this and yes I really want to watch it all but I know I'll be disappointed. Maybe in a few months I'll come back and try to finish it but for now, I can't even do it.... *SIGHHHHHH* I wanna punch basically everyone in this show!!!!!! ARG!!!!!!!

arj i love this korean drama .. very interesting .. the story was very different.. i love ko se wung also!. he's my one korean actor crush .. im his certified fan ever !!

allin i really love this drama but i don't really know what happened in this drama because i been watch it for just a few episode though i believe this korean show is lots,,,,,,,,,

KyungMi I am really hooked to this drama! I was attached with the story, although some events are barely believable, but who knows? It may happen at any time, to any person, and to whatever extent. Every episode never fails to make me nervous, to give butterflies in my stomach, to make me cry, happy, sad, etc. Watching this gives me mixed emotions. Everytime there's a scene between SKS and YMS and then they cry, I cry alot! I am really in to the relationship of them both. The next episode preview also gives me the nerves to watch it. Every episode is worth the watch, really! I still don't know whether the two will be together since I'm still at episode 65. But I really hope they will be together. I was even wishing that they would be together in real life. But they have already their own spouse. :( Because they really had a strong chemistry. I just hate the fact that here in the Philippines, it is being aired at daytime. I guess it should be in primetime because of its intense, and heavy drama :(

Olrick It will be shown here in the Philippines on Abs-Cbn I hope it is a great Korean novel.

Mia This is the Most Beautiful and Lovely Drama of 2013.Actually, I read an article about this show that this drama carries the highest ratings (which are still quite low in comparison with public network numbers) of cable shows in that time slot…

FYI,...This is the most popular drama, so the management decided extend this show for a regular Mon-Thurs,..thru a Daily Drama (Mon-Thurs)..

1251 This drama is really Good,It's not a waste of time...I really love the Ending...

Browndally This drama is a waste of time... Don´t watch it unless you want to be disapointed.

Monino OMG! She is trying to make him forget about his own brother when she herself wants revenge for her father! She is a manipulative bad woman!

Monino I am on ep 93 and now I realise why I never liked Mi Soo. Being innocent and kind is only a cover for her selfishness. She is so manipulative. See how she is manipulating Lawyer Soo into helping with the investigation and hrting him just because she wants him to get her revenge on Oh Tae San? I hate people like that who are kind just because they need you!

Thisissoridiculous Damn it.. this ending so sucks ! Really wasting my time. I will never watch Lee Chang Han drama :( so stupid story line, how pathetic!!!!

SuJuLvr378 So, I have been watching this from the beginning. The only thing bad I have to say about this show is that the episodes are only 30 minutes long. Of course someone needed to put Hae-Ryeong in a mental institution after the third time you saw her, but she added a little something to the show. I don't know what it is besides childish behavior but it was something. With only two episodes left, I'm going to stick it out and see how those who should be punished are punished and those who should come out on top win.

Elena At first I was really interested in this drama, but now in episode 23, I just want to scream and punch the idiots for dragging out this story line. I am so aggravated to the point where I just want to stop. Is Hae Ram dead? All we are left with are assumptions based on how the "villain" acted afterwards. The lady Hae Ram was staying with...what happened to her?! It is obvious a divorce is going to happen. Great...then what?! So many questions, too much aggravation in a drama. It seems the BS is never ending. A pathetic husband, a dramatic mother in law, and a devious villain who gets away with everything. What is the point of continuing to watch. I am so frustrated. I give this rating a 20%...maybe a 25% since I barely made it to episode 23. SMH

vareena I read so many comments about this drama and found out that viewers are so pissed of with the story line, the writer either retarded or crazy.

hekkoo almost every drama air in different country at different time. in some country this drama air in ages ago like in 2003. I think they did the same drama with the same cast last time but it doesn't get really popular and now they air it again with the same cast and same drama name. and now this drama is popular so it's successful.

12345 @ana sally, i also have the same question as yours. I think i have watch it ages ago and my mom even has a copy/cd of it. I thought it ended and when i check it was really currently airing so i'm confused. wish someone give an answer.

Ana Sally My mom said she saw this drama a couple of years ago but this drama is just airing is this a remake and if it is what is the name of the past drama? Can someone tell me please~

metok why r villian always have opportunity...not miso . mom and lawyers..this drama is nice but it is making us annoyed...if u keep on like it is high time that let the villian suffer..not miso..

MZLIZ The word is "Stupid" not passive. you are right, there is no one in this word as stupid as they made Miso. i believe the writers does not think much of their viewers when they wrote this drama. just think, lost child, then found, don't you automatically call the police. if they have, the child would have been with the parents. police would have been there sooner and would have been able to start their investigation. second point - no one in real life where the villain has always the opportunity to always create a way out and not be caught. WRITERS...THOUGH THE STORY LINE WAS GOOD - IT LACKS REALISM - TOO MANY FLASHBACK - TOO MANY WAY OUT FOR THE VILLAIN

Tom Why did Mi So even let Han Na Young even touch that bracelet Vice President Go give her? Nobody in the world is this "passive" and then to let her rip it off and throw it and do or say nothing is the definition of a door mat. Mi So has to own that. One of the things I notice in Korean Dramas is the lack of communication concerning important issues. They either lie to one another so as not to burden them or just don't talk about it and suffer the consequences. Mi So here is the poster child for both behaviors. However, when you do that you will experience a lot of unnecessary pain emotionally with issues that could have been cleared up fast before they develop into problems. But then again then these dramas would be only an hour long.

President Go should do her own "gathering" of Han Na Youngs hair or something else with DNA on it and submit it. She knows how devious she is.

NINA i dont undersatnd it either and why does she keep taking the abuse from everyone she need to slap back some of these people who keep slapping her especially Han Na Young she needs to get her hair snatch bald and why is the president just taking her word that she is her daughter i thought the president was a smart.

Tom Mi So has to be one of the dumbest people on the face of this planet. I can understand why she wants to act the way she does when bad things happen to her. I wouldn't personally. BUT to not see that Han Na Young isn't behind all of this when she stated she was trying to ruin Mi So and then all these bad things happen makes her just look stupid. Here is a woman who said she was going to "destroy" your life. Get a clue.

Kay What is the song at the end of the drama called, the one that a girl sings.

JOTEEZO My two best actors on this drama is Ko Se Won and Choi Dae Hoon, I can't wait to find out what is going to happen to Eun-Joon, Attorney Kyung-Soo and Baek Jae-Hyuk....The Attorney's wife is so crazy, she needs to go somewhere and leave the attorney alone, so as Lee Min-Jae, can't stand him and his freaken crazy mother....Well, it's just a always wonder if these people are really crazy in life, hehehehe....FIGHTING....

metok .it is really nice drama.....but what i feel is that..main actor need to know the fact about his bro death, realisation of their parent about it and the law or police to know the fact that really going on in that house..other is something that makes us bore..since the themes are same every time.. example.. the crazy wife torturing the main actor..pathetic life of main actress..and bully father in law..soft mothers but no effect..and even the mother in law of main actress and even that bar girl arrogancy..these r all making us bore.. as there is no between lawyer and the poor women is the only things that make us can u do some thing that will makes us to watch ...pls

ash44k This drama keeps getting interesting what lots of different sub plots involving the main characters. I hope that the disappearance of HR will be investigated properly and has a happy conclusion ie she is found alive & well.

kim Love Go Se Won and Park Sun Young's acting :) They look like a real couple!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mimi I think Hae Ram will return in a later episode. Whatever happened to the lady that was babysitting for her? Is she out of the picture too? Loved the suit that Seo Kyung-Soo was wearing at the end of Episode 25. He really looked good in it.

MT I found Hae Ram's death [?] to be very disturbing, especially since it's like she was just thrown away from the plot. This series is just too long and too drawn out. At episode 36, my interest is starting to fade.If there's no hope of Hae Ram coming back, I'm done. That kind of manipulation of the audience is just wrong.

louise anne the little girl was kidnapped, a young couple near the river found her, then she was recaptured and got away from manager han's adoptive mom when she had to pee? then the little girl runs into traffic, an oncoming truck... and ????? no investigation? the little girl is considered dead from wandering off into the river???

did I miss something?

otherwise, I like it, waiting for the next episode...

Kdramafever Yessss finally they divorced! Happy for misoo, just ******* send away that pathetic husband to evil HNY. They suit each other best! Upcoming episode will be much more excited I guess, HNY please not too overjoyed though you got pregnant Cause karma does exist, can't wait to see when she being brought in to the family and the real drama just begin hehehe

And poor kyung soo tsk tsk how can you survive living with that lady monster, so crazy and depressing hahaha I'd love to see more chemistry between you and mi soo <3

NZ This drame has everything...EMIL, pathetic husband, nut case and bratty daughter, loan shark father-in-law, and three orphans marries well, one is a gangster and the 3rd - she's just plain evil. I'm not sure the little girl is dead...either Mi So or Jae-Hyuk is "Da Hae" the lost biological child of the step-mother. Love the best friend - she rocks! Is it a cultural thing in Korea to always have "EMIL"? This is better then most shows on American television - except for NCIS!!!

ash44k This is a good drama with a MIL from hell and a pathetic husband!! I just hope that the storyline holds interest as its 100 episodes long.

Fafa I have been watching this drama. It's good.

Sandra I am hooked!! Great story. But is it really acceptable for a mother in law to treat her daughter in law that way innKorean culture or is it just for the drama?

Odessa I love this drama..It's Interesting story..The Best!

pardashna This drama looks promising, expects her to accompany Ono months and beautiful ... thank yo

이 드라마는 유망한 보이는 그녀의 오노 개월과 아름다운 동행을 기대 ... 감사합니다

pardashna This drama looks promising, expects her to accompany Ono months and beautiful ... thank you!

qwerty I wanna watch this but I'm scared that the sub will also stop just like as Glass Mask forever stuck @ ep 47 </3

Nana well people vote because they expected to good or hope to be a great drama or maybe cause their favorite actors come out in it. That's just what i think. Me personally i do hope for the best in this drama. Good Luck to all the cast. Fighting!

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