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Middle school teacher Yoko Moriguchi's (Takako Matsu) life comes crashing down after the murder of her 4 year old daughter. Eventually Yoko Moriguchi suspects some of her own students to have been responsible for her daughter's death. An elaborate plan for revenge then ensues, including forcing students to drink HIV tainted milk ...


  1. Based on Kanae Minato's 2008 best selling novel "Kokuhaku" (has sold 700,000+ copies to date).
  2. After reading the novel "Kokuhaku" director Tetsuya Nakashima wanted actress Takako Matsu to play the main role. Enough so that he said if Takako Matsu would not play the role he would not have made the film.
  3. Filming began October 24th, 2009.
  4. Auditions were held for potential actors to play the students. Of which 34 were selected out of 1,000.


Confessions-Takako Matsu.jpg Confessions-Masaki Okada.jpg Confessions-Yoshino Kimura.jpg
Takako Matsu Masaki Okada Yoshino Kimura
Yoko Moriguchi Yoshiteru Terada Yuko Shimomura

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superLUV my type of movie!! and i found my love yukito nishii!!~

Yume-chan Amazing movie! Definitely one of my favorites for this year! Actually, it's my favorite movie this year! :P Can't wait to read the book! :)

Gray psychoness filled and thriled movie.. awsome

rayfu Beautifully brutal in a psychological way. Such a brilliant movie!

mandrill terrible film aimed at brainless emo kids

Elsa OMG is this the same Takako Matsu who sang the Japanese version of Let It Go?? lol I couldn't imagine if she sang this after she "beat" Shuya in the end

college girl I suddenly forgot about my shitty college life during this movie. this is really a great movie.

Eterna That's the way you do the revenge. Brutal yet elegant. 4thumbs up.

Sandeep Movie is bit slow till 30min then it gets better and better till the end...

Phinneas Buck 10 of 10, the movie is a masterpiece!

Dianne this movie is awesome!!!!!!

venky best movie .. loved the soundtrack too

Jeanne I'm really proud of the actors and actresses in this movie because they did a great job.This movie is worth watching.I recommend this film.

nadzskie this is one of my favorite Japanese movies of all-time. simply brilliant! and everyone in the cast did great. i totally agree that it's a movie you won't forget. and i'm gonna have the chance to see it on the big screen soon because of this year's Japan Festival, i'm so excited!!! :D

red one of Japan's finest films.Hats off to the actors especially the teens who acted like today's actual teenagers.It's like coming out from a Greek tragedy and with those refined.

Eyes Scream Again. For the last time. I will endorse this film to all of you. I watched it 25 times believe me. This movie is a masterpiece. If you love battle royale then you will love this film. It has a unique light and dark themes just like the anime Death Note and Code Geass which are my favorite. Tips on watching this film: 1. Watch it on a dark room alone 2. Don't let anyone disturb you while watching. 3. Don't eat anything. Just focus on the screen because every seconds count. 4. Let your emotional side ready. 5. After watching, watch it again 3x times to be able for you to understand the story. Trust me on this. 6. Enjoy the film and it's wonderful soundtracks. 7. And the last one, share the movie because sharing will help to spqead the message of the movie. Hope you do it all!

J depp I was curious about this movie I heard this is good because this was included in oscars best foreign film shortlist. I read the comments below and all they talk about is this yukito who the hell is this guy..a fangirl actor??? If so then i might lose interest watching this... Movies with fangirl actors who can't act is a bad movie IMO.  %%

marlon brando!! I was curious about this movie I heard this is good because this was included in oscars best foreign film shortlist. I read the comments below and all they talk about is this yukito who the hell is this guy..a fangirl actor??? If so then i might lose interest watching this... Movies with fangirl actors who can't act is a bad movie IMO.

Hidders Confessions (Kokuhaku) is crazy good. Emphasis on 'crazy. Wow~wow~wow, I am NEVER going to forget this movie! The bomb scene is a cinematic orgasm.

  • sigh* How will I ever find something to top this?

Ai Hashimoto kept reminding me of Momoko Tsugunaga... I'm really happy she was discovered. And I hope to see a lot more of Yukito Nishii in the future.

chris so great movie...great cast..well recommended..

INVADER Okada Masaki's acting is suberb here! He usually portray innocent and sweet characters but this time, WOW!!! He can fit every role. For me he's the best actor in Japan today

Fumizuki Rui thought i've seen the comment said it was twist, i still don't get it. Is he really blown his mother office? ._.

Eyes Scream05 The best film I ever watch..... Japanese Movies rule ^_^

yoohwa just few minutes when the film began, i can't leave the tv anymore. this film is really brilliant! TWISTED!

Luo li Great movie. ((SPOILER ALERT)) But Why did the teacher dismantle the bomb and then still place it at the mother? That makes no sense to me. But still one great Freaking movie.

Sata Dude, this movie is TWISTED. That teacher's so evil~ Lol. I'm really trying to find another movie like this one~

Hana This movie is a master piece! Ok i admit Yukito was my original motivation to watch this movie i have to say this movie is awesome.And im not gonna say something petty like OMG i hate her blah blah blah. I don't care it was acting and every single one of the actors did an AMAZING job. This movie really pulled the audience in with it from the very beginning with the text and in the beginning with the sensei telling you that story and giving you little hints on what is going to happen and making you think you know something until the very last second they give you a surprising twist! It also gives you just the littlest bit of romance in it to make you think about a happy ending when something happens.This movie is a work of art and if you have ever watched an anime like 'Death Note' or 'Code Geass' i can promise you this is the movie for you! so all and all this is an amazing movie and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to anyone who loves movies with twists!

Kawii_girl I loved this movie!!!! OMG brilliant just got a whole new definition! it was so gripping. the only confusing thing is the end for me. did the bomd really go off in his mom's office!?!?!?!?!?! and like most of you, I mainly watched it because of Nishii-chan. his character was soo dark! it was intense! again love the movie to death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nisouxmajo A great movie that really hits you good. In many ways that you think it's gonna be boring but as it reaches the climax, you'll be on the edge of your sit wondering and pondering how is it going to end? The psychological thrill that many reviewers has already said, it' no lie, it really is there. Each scene and twist gives you a curiosity of how and what the movie is bringing about. A movie I will truly consider one of the best and heck yes it did win a award, lols. So points for that!!! Now the actors [the students], I did a little research and found that beyond my amazement, young! A movie full of young young actors and not only that, they pulled it off good!! The ages ranged from 13-16 and it stun me that this movie really deserved that award [and remember it's based off the book that sold thousands]. But overall and again, these young actors really had it in them to do their best to pull this off. Of course and as many said, I would defiantly, DEFIANTLY RECOMMEND this movie. It's one that you don't want to miss!!!

sassygirl989 deym this movie is soo friggin' awesome!!! very brilliant revenge for those two murderers!

Porkie My Mom said this movie was bad for me (Even though I'm already 13.). But I kept on watching. OMG. THIS MOVIE WAS FREAKIN' AWESOME.


Wahahaha~~ I might kill my classmates too. >:33

19frances68 the greatest movie I've ever watched, I thought it was just like some boring stuff but when the climax came, and its just like oh! this is great. A good movie for every age, from child to adult... and the best of all, many scenes have blood.. o yeh.. rakenrol

Rin AMAZING FILM! you should defiantly watch =D

lucky man nu gelo nue gelo... pinter tapi garing

Ravi Got to be one of the most visually stunning psychological thrillers ever !!


aki it was a great really makes you think and wonder what really did happen. there are so many twists in the story which makes it more interesting to watch.

i watched it because Masaki Okada was there but found out that there were lots of great actors/actresses even as young as they are..just like Yukito Nishii and Ai Hashinoto. :D

Srividya Amazing movie, I wondered what would happen next after Moriguchi sensei’s confession but the story went so brilliantly, made me think and re-think. Especially the last line, as posted by someone else here as well.

In fact, there are so many amazing scenes in the movie, which would surprise and shock you that I was surprised people are harping about the kiss. I almost didn’t even notice it because that guy’s acting is pretty amazing. As was her role. In fact, everybody was damn good here. Even Naoki and his confession, it was all wonderfully done. Lovely movie.

Srividya Amazing movie, I wondered what would happen next after Moriguchi sensei's confession but the story went so brilliantly, made me think and re-think. Especially the last line, as posted by someone else here as well.

In fact, there are so many amazing scenes in the movie, which would surprise and shock you that I was surprised people are harping about the kiss. I almost didn't even notice it because that guy's acting is pretty amazing. As was her role. In fact, everybody was damn good here. Even Naoki and his confession, it was all wonderfulloy done. Lovely movie.

Claire This. Movie. Was. EPIC!! I was blown away by the premise, and surprised by the number of plot twists. The gradually revealed POV (points of view) was an elaborate way to reveal the story and it almost felt like a murder(s) mystery. Even the last phrase/ dialogue left me to re-think the events.

(Here is the kicker, I found this dvd with all of my mum's movies, which I am sure she bought because of the awards. But still... it taught me to beware the wraith of mothers everywhere ;)

Christa Who sings Meeting Place on the OST??

Yoggi Alfrancess Damn, loved this movie a lot.... speechless!!!!!!!

Ayuki I'M....... SPEECHLESS~!!! The best movie I ever wacthed!!!! I Loved this!!! it sooo~ real.

Yumi This movie is simply amazing!!!!

croozn What an interesting film and yet these fangirls cannot muster up a comment deeper than, 'oh my gawd! can't believe so-and-so kissed?!?! hate her!'


Karla C. I love this movie, basically I watched it beacuse yukito was there, I love him he is so cute *0* I want to kiss him T_T what lucky girl and boy they can kiss my baby snif snif U.U

It´s an amazing movie, the music, the plot, the actors everything was so fantastic, I watched this many times and I will continue seeing is the best movie I´ve ever seen.

PD: Love you Yukito Nishii <3!!!!!!

Mae Queen I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shiki hashimoto ai, the girl who yukito kissed, did an amazing job. why hate her because he kissed her? in fact, the way they shared their moments were perfect. both were lonely kids, being bullied, etc. the movie's kickass! never get bored with it. the students did amazing jobs too

Ki Absolutely amazing film that left me awestruck and hair standing on my arms. Didn't think Tetsuya Nakashima would be ever able to top "Memories of Matsuko," especially after the weak effort of "Paco and the Magical Picture Book," but I think he just did with "Confessions". Movie is a thing of spine chilling beauty, ok at times maybe too much of the music video effects, but by and large the visuals were a thing of beauty that amped up the film to a whole other level. The story unravels with hints that make you feel you have a grasp on what will happen and of course there's another rabbit pulled out of the hat in a "holy shit!" fashion. Hell of a soundtrack as well. Movie is so much more epic than any of the high priced "Red Cliff" or "Avatar" BS. One of those rare films that leaves you with the feeling of having watched greatness.

Alice i like this film!!! many tricks there....

Akis I am Iordanis from Greece. I am watching asian movies at least 10 years. This movie is a landmark! Clever scenary, fantastic colours for drama, amazing soundtrack (Radiohead - Last flowers). Congratullations to all who contributed in making of this film. Thank you

Blindlittlerain it was amazballs, i recommend it to anyone who loves What the F*ck movies

brukselka the most amazing psychological play I've ever seen. I just can't find right words to describe my feelings after watching it.

ps. to all Yukito's fangirls (btw, I can feel your pain, because I also wanted to be that girl.. or that boy. whatever): he's an actor. he must do some things due to acting. don't hate the girl because he kissed her, it was only his role. amazing role actually.

alimi Recommended!!!

Manie Where can I see it in US?

jeff Saw this movie with Japanese sound and Mandarin subtiles only. I understand neither language but managed to get the drift of the plot because of the good acting and directing.

Thomas One of the best movies ever!

jobelle ohh man!!! i really want to watch this !! sadly, i can't understand what there saying cause i'm not a japanese !!! aarrrgghhh!!! will this be aired in the philippines ?!

natalia :) does anyone know where I can watch this movie I don't live in Japan or Asia at all :'( And I really really wanna see it !!!! O.o

d.avid the movie is only on the surface about revenge. in the film, there is no refuge for even one simple, good, straightforward character, nothing to hold onto or ground yourself as, yes, here is a baseline to judge. it disturbs you outright, deliberately, so you become in as confused a world as these junior high kids, and these adults who know and control little better. and then the movie does something very sinister: it makes you want to find good and bad and take sides, and when you see the villanous suffer, you want to say 'well deserved!' until, suddenly, you realize that, yes, YOU have become one of the characters, that now you are in the movie too, and complicit. because the very hurt and grief and want and loss that motivates the dark destruction in them, is peeping out of you, like a dark light, darkening what it unshines on. it is not the characters in the movie you should be scared of. think what lives at home.

Oh My Gurl..!! i hate the gurl who kisses yukito . kinda sad... holy shit..! i hope i was the girl...Yukito is the one that my heart's desire...<

anonymous Excellent work. Poignant drama with an extremely dark plot presented in the most eloquent and poetic manner. If you haven't felt emotional at a movie theatre for a very long time, be sure to catch this one ;) Frankly a must-watch.

MrW @PinkuNeko Yes it will. Opens at Golden Village on the 25 November 2010.

PinkuNeko Will this be aired in Singapore?

Tauromaja I saw this movie basically twice, both times on the plane to Tokyo: the first time through the crack between seats while watching the screen of the passenger in front of me and the second time, unable to fight my curiosity, watching it on my own screen. It is brilliantly done and it's one of the few movies I've seen that uses slow motion so often yet so poetically. It really wasn't a boring nor a contrite use. It's a bit of a dark film but so excellently done, I'd be surprised if it doesn't do well in film festivals. Direction, photography, edition, lighting, writing, all really well done.

Emanuela Baravelli It is very interesting. I saw the movie three times.

huh?? the trailer is too weird.but i bet the students actors/actresses are really good in acting.

tsah does the boy who kissed the girl was yukito? what the heck T^T

17 that shits crazy

O_O Oh man. I think I need to watch that. >.<

=[ Real Life. Disturbing.

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