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Current user rating: 92/100 (865 votes)

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  • Drama: Come! Jang Bo-Ri (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Watta! Jangbori
  • Hangul: 왔다! 장보리
  • Director: Baek Ho-Min
  • Writer: Kim Sun-Ok
  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 52
  • Release Date: April 5 - October 12, 2014
  • Runtime: Sat. & Sun. 20:40
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


"Come! Jang Bo-Ri" follows two women who experience sudden changes with their lives and families.  

As a child, Jang Bo-Ri (Oh Yeon-Seo) was adopted by a family without much money. She then learns that she is the missing daughter from a wealthy family. Jang Bo-Ri goes through the drastic change in her life and tries to become a successful designer of traditional Korean dresses. Meanwhile, the daughter (Lee Yu-Ri) from the wealthy family must live a different life with the family without much money.Lee Jae-Hee (Oh Chang-Suk) is an ambitious man. 


  1. "Come! Jang Bo-Ri" takes over the MBC Sat. & Sun. 20:40 time slot previously occupied by "A Little Love Never Hurts" and followed by "Rosy Lovers" on October 18, 2014.


Come! Jang Bo-Ri-Oh Yeon-Seo.jpg Come! Jang Bo-Ri-Kim Ji-Hoon.jpg Come! Jang Bo-Ri-Lee Yu-Ri.jpg Come! Jang Bo-Ri-Oh Chang-Suk.jpg
Oh Yeon-Seo Kim Ji-Hoon Lee Yu-Ri Oh Chang-Suk
Jang Bo-Ri Lee Jae-Hwa Yeon Min-Jung Lee Jae-Hee
Come! Jang Bo-Ri-Kim Hye-Ok.jpg Come! Jang Bo-Ri-Yang Mi-Kyeong.jpg Come! Jang Bo-Ri-Ahn Nae-Sang.jpg Come! Jang Bo-Ri-Jung Won-Joong.jpg
Kim Hye-Ok Yang Mi-Kyeong Ahn Nae-Sang Jung Won-Joong
In-Hwa Ok-Soo Soo-Bong Hee-Bong

Additional Cast Members:

Episode Ratings

Date Episode TNmS AGB
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2014-04-05 1 10.9% (7th) 12.9% (6th) 9.8% (10th) 10.0% (9th)
2014-04-06 2 13.0% (6th) 15.7% (4th) 12.5% (5th) 13.4% (5th)
2014-04-12 3 11.8% (5th) 13.7% (4th) 11.9% (4th) 13.0% (4th)
2014-04-13 4 12.3% (6th) 13.8% (6th) 12.2% (5th) 13.0% (5th)
2014-04-26 5 9.9% (7th) 10.6% (6th) 9.5% (8th) 10.1% (8th)
2014-04-27 6 13.7% (3rd) 14.6% (3rd) 14.3% (4th) 14.9% (3rd)
2014-05-03 7 10.9% (4th) 11.9% (5th) 9.6% (7th) 9.8% (7th)
2014-05-04 8 12.5% (4th) 14.2% (4th) 12.7% (4th) 13.2% (4th)
2014-05-10 9 10.4% (7th) 11.7% (6th) 11.1% (5th) 11.0% (6th)
2014-05-11 10 13.4% (4th) 14.2% (4th) 13.8% (4th) 14.2% (4th)
2014-05-17 11 10.9% (5th) 12.0% (6th) 11.4% (5th) 11.8% (5th)
2014-05-18 12 12.7% (4th) 14.5% (4th) 13.5% (4th) 14.0% (4th)
2014-05-24 13 11.9% (4th) 13.6% (4th) 12.2% (5th) 13.1% (4th)
2014-05-25 14 14.7% (4th) 16.5% (3rd) 14.6% (5th) 14.5% (4th)
2014-05-31 15 12.7% (3rd) 14.2% (4th) 12.5% (4th) 12.4% (4th)
2014-06-01 16 14.4% (4th) 16.0% (3rd) 14.0% (4th) 14.3% (4th)
2014-06-07 17 12.7% (3rd) 14.4% (3rd) 12.5% (4th) 12.9% (5th)
2014-06-08 18 14.4% (3rd) 16.9% (2nd) 15.4% (3rd) 16.0% (3rd)
2014-06-14 19 13.4% (4th) 15.7% (3rd) 13.9% (4th) 14.8% (3rd)
2014-06-15 20 15.4% (3rd) 16.8% (2nd) 15.7% (3rd) 16.0% (3rd)
2014-06-21 21 12.6% (3rd) 14.8% (2nd) 15.5% (3rd) 16.0% (3rd)
2014-06-22 22 16.8% (2nd) 19.7% (2nd) 17.4% (3rd) 17.8% (3rd)
2014-06-28 23 16.3% (3rd) 18.8% (2nd) 16.9% (2nd) 17.8% (2nd)
2014-06-29 24 17.2% (3rd) 19.7% (2nd) 16.3% (3rd) 15.9% (3rd)
2014-07-05 25 15.4% (2nd) 17.6% (2nd) 17.6% (2nd) 18.0% (2nd)
2014-07-06 26 16.7% (2nd) 19.1% (2nd) 18.0% (2nd) 18.4% (2nd)
2014-07-12 27 18.0% (2nd) 20.5% (2nd) 18.5% (2nd) 19.5% (2nd)
2014-07-13 28 20.4% (2nd) 22.5% (2nd) 20.2% (2nd) 20.7% (2nd)
2014-07-19 29 19.5% (2nd) 22.2% (2nd) 21.1% (2nd) 22.2% (2nd)
2014-07-20 30 21.8% (2nd) 24.4% (2nd) 23.0% (2nd) 24.3% (2nd)
2014-07-26 31 19.4% (2nd) 21.7% (2nd) 20.8% (2nd) 22.1% (1st)
2014-07-27 32 22.7% (2nd) 26.4% (1st) 22.8% (2nd) 23.2% (2nd)
2014-08-02 33 21.8% (2nd) 23.9% (1st) 22.1% (2nd) 22.1% (1st)
2014-08-03 34 24.8% (2nd) 28.6% (1st) 25.6% (2nd) 26.3% (1st)
2014-08-09 35 23.2% (2nd) 25.7% (1st) 23.5% (1st) 25.4% (1st)
2014-08-10 36 27.0% (1st) 30.5% (1st) 27.9% (1st) 29.6% (1st)
2014-08-16 37 25.5% (1st) 29.1% (1st) 25.2% (1st) 26.3% (1st)
2014-08-17 38 29.6% (1st) 34.0% (1st) 30.4% (1st) 31.3% (1st)
2014-08-23 39 26.9% (1st) 31.7% (1st) 26.8% (1st) 27.5% (1st)
2014-08-24 40 30.4% (1st) 35.3% (1st) 31.8% (1st) 32.9% (1st)
2014-08-30 41 28.5% (1st) 31.2% (1st) 30.2% (1st) 31.1% (1st)
2014-08-31 42 31.9% (1st) 35.8% (1st) 33.0% (1st) 33.7% (1st)
2014-09-06 43 29.9% (1st) 33.0% (1st) 29.2% (1st) 29.4% (1st)
2014-09-07 44 30.2% (1st) 34.1% (1st) 29.5% (1st) 29.2% (1st)
2014-09-13 45 29.7% (1st) 33.9% (1st) 29.9% (1st) 31.5% (1st)
2014-09-14 46 30.2% (1st) 34.7% (1st) 31.8% (1st) 33.5% (1st)
2014-09-20 47 28.7% (1st) 31.6% (1st) 29.8% (1st) 30.8% (1st)
2014-09-21 48 34.2% (1st) 39.2% (1st) 37.3% (1st) 38.6% (1st)
2014-10-04 49 32.1% (1st) 38.0% (1st) 33.8% (1st) 36.8% (1st)
2014-10-05 50 31.6% (1st) 37.1% (1st) 33.4% (1st) 33.8% (1st)
2014-10-11 51 33.4% (1st) 37.0% (1st) 33.3% (1st) 34.0% (1st)
2014-10-12 52 35.8% (1st) 40.4% (1st) 35.0% (1st) 35.8% (1st)

Source: TNS Media Korea & AGB Nielson

  • NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson.



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A.S. @Eudy , Your comment made me laught so much. What are you 10 years old? Or maybe having your own taste or opininon is forbidden in your country ? Have you ever heard of film critics or the existence of different classes of films? Such as “A class movies”, “B class movies” etc , that people can have general idea which movie is good and which is second-rate. Maybe you should go and find a fansite of this drama? Website like this are for people to express their opinions. I did't notice the inscription “only positive comments are allowed” ! Comments are not only to encourage people to watch, but also to warn people of poor movies so they won't waste their time on shitty tv shows. Oh and YES imagine that nowadays people usually know very much about the film industry.

CJB I am so glad that I gave this drama a chance despite it being a long one. Though now I wish it was actually longer, I enjoyed every episode and just couldn't stop watching it. Lee Yu Ri completely stole the show, her twisted and evil villain character Yeon Min Jung was so unbelievably well portrayed. She is such an outstanding actress, I would watch this drama just to see how the story of her life built upon lies and betrayals will turn out.

Eudy JC&Co how dare u criticize other peoples works?can u even write a script talk more of directing and acting?what do u guys really know about firm making? Jang bori isa nice work in a movie industry and the actors did a nice job. Stop ur critics and rather give appraisal bcos d movie so as d featured actors deserves award.

Nora the best Korean drama reality mix emotions with morality value in real life can happen or it is been fin the past 3starr so far....

naomi W-WHAT? 52 episodes? oh my.... gawd.

nope. i have to close the tab.

Nix Wow this movie was great! Although i have some bad comments but i chose not to say it cause overall i think its a great story! Anyways i really dont understand people who talk bad about it or they dont have a life or idk anyways that was just an assumption and im sorry if its wrong! Lee yuri, you did so great and i cant believe someone can act that crazy and evil! I hope i can find a great korean drama with great ratings like this one! thanks to all cast for all the effort on this movie . Bless you ☺️

VIV Thanks to the cast members good job, could have been a little better but the only thing I did not like is that the writers did not let the young daughter Beedan get to know her biological father Ji-Sang even though she already figured out that he was her father, Beedan was very good with her acting had me crying alot, probably only need 1 more additional episode, but all in all very good. Good luck to future dramas for all the cast members.

jc @anja. I quit agree with you. The drama was so stupid I had to stop watching it. You see a drama with high ratings n think it all good. I have stop watching kdamas base on rating too. And the female lead is soo annoying n lack talent whoever chose her made a grave mistake. I just pity kim ji hoon cos he was given such a female lead. Over all of this drama. BAD. You can't even tolerate to watch it to the end. N/B how does korean rate their drama. It is base on storyline or the actors in it. Am just confuse.

Anja It was the first and the last time I choose drama depending on Ratings. It was the most primitive and trashy tv show i have ever seen. Eventually i stoped watching it, because I wanted to stay mentally health. No one who thinks of himself as an intelligent person wont continue watching this. Simply its a story about "five year old retarded girl who has to live in the body of an adult woman". I just want to add that i like Korean dramas and I know that everything can not be taken seriously - but this was to much.

bee nah This drama is so interesting. I like the fact that lee jae-hwa is so funny in this drama.........but jang bo ri is far off it...she's not at all romantic.. My little Bi Dan, she's the bomb.....i always look forward to seeing her scenes, she's so smart. I wish all the kids in the world will be as smart as she is......and as for lee yu-ri i love her role in this drama....i have never for once hated her in this drama maybe because i watched her other drama (yellow booth) before watching this....her role in this drama is the exact opposite of her role in yellow booth.......unni fighting.......all the casts in this drama did their very best for this drama to be a success. Love you all. Stay blessed

puppy I love this drama because the story line is diverse from other usual drama such as meet, love and end. Everyone in this drama has their secret to cover so do everyone at outside. I see the main hero in this move is as Yang-min- jung.. She played her role very well. She is sharp and twisted until the end. But finally she got punished to feel the same what bori have felt before. This is realistic.. Not let the good people punished her back, but just her sins punished her.. I really like the story line coz it reflect what is really happened at outside ( though we might not know but ).. It is really deserved the high rating.

joanna I love this korean drama series! Lee jae- hwa(kim ji-hoon) and jang bo-ri (oh heon-seo) love guys! So cute love team! I hate the character of yeon min-jung!but it doesn't mean that I hate Lee yu-ri too! Lee yu-ri is a good actress! Thumbs up! :D lee jae-hwa! So handsome! Saranghaeyo oppa! L-O-V-E

lovelin jang bori is so wonderful jae hwa is taking over lee min ho soon with d crazy attitude sense sensee he is so good

Serene First off I think all the actors/actresses are doing a great job. With that being said the characters for me that have stolen the show are the Yeon Min-Jung's character Min Jung and Sung Hyuk's, Ji Sang. I tune in every episode just to see these two clash and see what drama these two will stir up. Their adversarial chemistry is phenomenal. To be honest they could cut out Bo Ri and Jae Hwa and this drama would still be great.

With that in mind I have to say that Bo Ri and Jae Hwa just aren't cutting it for me as a lead couple. I find Bo Ri dimwitted, hypocritical, and totally unromantic. You would think as time went on Bo Ri would be more open about her feelings for Jae Hwa but nope she's a cold fish! As for Jae Hwa I've never seen a leading man that's such a failure at actually LEADING. He's driving NONE of the stories and is the last one to know anything. He's never taking charge but always just reacting haphazardly to the latest bombshell. Not impressed with these two...

REEM OMG I'm so happy that this drama got high ratings i was so sad that it wasn't popular when it started . I loved the story line and everything from the actors to the their acting i really wish them the best in the future !!!!! FIGHTING JANG BORI IS HERE

Frosty Against my better judgement, I have watched this drama from the onset. The principals knew they had a great thing in the evil MJ character because every week we would hope to see her get creamed. The actress did such a great job making us hate her. At some point we resolved ourselves to the fact that the writer would milk this character until the very last episode----which was to be 50. Then what happens?, they add 2 additional episodes----what masochists! I really wouldn't recommend this drama to anyone because, like me, they will regret having wasted so much time watching it.

lalla This is the Second best Korean drama i watched so far. I love bori and bidan. Oh Yeon-Seo and Lee Yu-Ri's acting is quit good. I have been watching this Drama from the start. I hope the END will be interesting too. Hope the people who did the wrong will be punished for their sins. I recommend those who love this drama to watch "Loving you thousand times" and "Crazy Love".

Amely Why do they keep on stretching out the story line. It seems like they keep on repeating the ill deeds of Yeon Min Jung over and over just to extend to 52 episodes instead of cleaning it up and ending it with a good message by having her put in jail to rot. Do people really like lies and violence that they give this show the ratings it doesn't deserve. These viewers must be stupid. How could Yeon Min Jung do all the twisted and violent stuff and get away with including kidnapping, and all the violent acts are condoned. The mother of Yeon Min Jung (Hwang Young Hee) is so stupid, dumb and twisted. How could a mother keep on helping her own daughter to commit crimes and violence and think that it's all okay just because it's her daughter. It's ridiculous. How could viewers keep wanting to extend the horrible scenes and repeated scheming by having it extended to 2 more episodes. It's like condoning a criminals behavior. Do viewers really like this? Are there really mothers like that in Korea? I don't understand this drama where people don't speak their mind and condone crimes. People need to watch shows like "Glorious Days" w/c is more deserving of the ratings.

cowcheese why does subb take soooo long to come out hahahaahahah EPI 49 MJ LOSES HER BABY WAHAHAHAHA i wanna see her and bo-ri's real mom suffer wahahahahahaha ALSO i hope bo-ri and bi dan ends well at the end

keke I am happy that they added 2 more episodes but cant wait to see how it ends!

Didoo This show show needs to end, they keep on stretching out the story line. Do people really like violence? Why do people watch this show and give it ratings that it doesn't deserve at all. The viewers must be stupid. How could Yeon Min Jung be pregnant when her husband doesn't sleep w/ her. The mother of Yeon Min Jung (Hwang Young Hee) is so stupid, dumb and twisted. Kim Hye Ok isn't any better, her mouth all twisted when she talk, so selfish. Are there really mothers like that in Korea? I don't understand this drama where people don't speak their mind. People need to watch "Glorious Days" w/c is more deserving of ratings.

yyyyy why is Young Mi-jeong pregnet in epi 48 . it makes no scents if you are rewarding her . bo-ri should at least be pregnet be fore Mi-jeong . i hope she gets punished and loses her baby in epi 49 bahhhhhhh i hate her sooooo bad .... but i love bi dan sheee s0000 cute an bo-ri heheheheh she sooo inesent

Didu This show show needs to end, they keep on stretching out the story line. Do people really like violence? Why do people watch this show and give it ratings that it doesn't deserve at all. The viewers must be stupid. How could Yeon Min Jung be pregnant when her husband doesn't sleep w/ her. The mother of Yeon Min Jung (Hwang Young Hee) is so stupid, dumb and twisted. Kim Hye Ok isn't any better, her mouth all twisted when she talk, so selfish. Are there really mothers like that in Korea? I don't understand this drama where people don't speak their mind. People need to watch "Glorious Days" w/c is more deserving of ratings.

Austin The episode is delayed because of The Asian Games, sorry.

Meekey Wow I love dis film so interesting looking forward to d final episode *thumb up* 4u guys d film rocks

seoulsistaah This drama has kept me at the edge of my seat from episode 1 till 48(currently). I love every single second and cant wait for the finale this week.

My favorite character would be Young Mi-jeong...Oh meeeeeh I extremely love to hate her. Lee Yu-ree has done an amazing job in portraying such an evil persona (that evil laugh she does), it seems so real...Oh meeeeeh. I truly hope they dont grant her some kind of redemption at the end. She needs to go mad from all these scheming that being thrown into a psych ward is such a fitting punishment (even though i'd rather they kill her

Ah the end is so near that i just wish it would keep going on but, yes..its high time that evil witch gets whats coming to her....

bori2 the chemistry between kim ji hoon and oh yeon-seo can't be doubt anymore.. they are the cutest couple in k-drama that i had ever seen after hyun bin and ha ji won in SeGa..congrats!

Eugene Thank you MBC for bring another good drama! I just love this one. Especially, Kim Ji Hoon's character. I must say that I hate his previous SBS drama "Goddess of Marriage" part of it due to ridiculous and boring and make-no-sense plot. But Jang Bo Ri is totally a refreshing. I also like Oh Yeon Seo and Lee Yu Ri although she's playing antagonist again.

Jamse I know that this is a highly successful drama, and that when that happens they always extend the number of episodes (by about 15 on this one) but C'monnnnnn SPOILERS

-They're DRAGGGGGGINNNG out the "secrets", although by this time even Helen Keller could have figured out who's related to who, who did what and what exactly happened for everything -The Yongbo. The thing that one person died for. Left in Aunt's bedroom where it was almost stolen by Min-Jung's idiot real mother at Min-Jung's direction. So after the attempted theft, how do they protect it? By leaving it, unguarded, in EXACTLY the same place. Where Min-Jung promptly steals it herself. -Min-Jung and Bo-ri's real mom. As cynical as they come, but convinced that nobody will ever find out their evil (See Helen Keller comment above). But then again, when you consider the evident brain power of the rest of the characters . . . -Bi-Dan. What a sweetheart. Not a spoiler. Just had to say that.

4 Eps to go, get ready for the fake and unconvincing rehabilitation and forgiveness of the human Monsters who pillaged and burned through the first 46.

Arahenryalee I always adore Lee yu ri..i always follow her drama but this one make me ADORE her more..she fit of these evil role.. Unnie keep doing great drama i will support u forever.

Stella Ming Jung is a great evil character and the acting is fantastic. I hope they don't redeem her through illness, injury, death, or pregnancy. Keep her evil on. This is the best Makjang genre. Kudos to the writer and the director. They have us at the edge of our seats. Nothing as satisfying as a great Makjang Korean Drama.

Jamse Even though we've seen it happen a few (hundred thousand) times or more. let's hope against hope that the Min-Jung character stays her evil, psychotic self all the way through the end rather than going through a phony redemption arc in the last few episodes, blubbering about how much she's made Umma, Oppa and Unni suffer. What I liked about Shining Romance was the bad girl stayed the bad girl until she got conked on the noggin by a flower pot and ended up with the brain of a 7 year old. They make the villains so despicable in these dramas their turnaround at he end just seems fake and unsatisfying

BilL Your korean dramas are very good I've been Watching for many years. Don't change the your format. I like this dramas just the way they are.almost no trash

Wisdom I have watch your Korean Drama for the past 2 years and the majority of them have the same story lines. Can you please write about something else? Either poor girl steals rich girl identity or rich boy falls in love and marry poor girl or divorce girl or poor girl raises rich girl baby. I guess yours writers should watch some American story line to get some varieties. Just a thought

Wisdom I don't understand these writers and producers of Korean Drama I have been watching for 2 years and most of the story lines are the same. Can you please writer about something else. This drama has 3 of the same story line from other shows that I have watched. I like watching but the story lines are the same. Either rich girl stole poor girl identity or rich boy falls in love with poor girls or Poor girl raises rich girl baby. Can't rich boy falls in love with rich girl and poor boy falls in love with poor girl. Give me a break

Easter Lily The show is doing ridiculously well in its native country so I doubt there will be any move to reduce the number of episodes. Although this site hasn't updated with more recent results, it is currently the number one show in its time slot. So yes, it's enormously popular in its heartland.

Now that all the different threads are gradually coming together, I can see the show picking up the pace somewhat. The last few episodes have been generally cracktastic and while the villains haven't been completely unmasked to the world, they haven't exactly enjoyed their ill-gotten gains either. It is easy to overlook the gains made by the good guys because the baddies are so obviously out of control.

Greed is a universal condition that afflicts humanity in some form or other. I think it's rather refreshing that we see a different side to the usual left-wing mantra that only rich people are greedy. Anyway, there are plenty of kdramas that show spoilt bratty chaebol kids running riot so to say that there's any kind of consistent message coming out of kdramaland about the politics of poverty is pushing things a little. If anything, there's probably a much stronger and sympathetic message about overcoming status/class differences because of true love in this show. At the end of the day, it's just fairy tale... Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty... etc etc.

Jamse Isn't it funny about these Korean dramas, the orphaned and/or abandoned lower class girl is always a saint, taking hits from all sides by upper class types, but then is revealed to be a secret princess or something like that. Meanwhile, the girl who tries to take her place and passes herself off as a high society type is secretly really the lower class orphan and is always a sociopathic evil witch.

So pretty much the message is that the rich were right after all about how bad poor people are, don't you think?

Sally I keep on watching this drama because i really love to watch min jung. her ability to lie and her quick wit in finding ways to twist everything for her own benefits never cease to amaze me. Really looking forward to see what will happen to min jung, her mom and eun bi's mom.

Elle Pls just make it 40 eps. Its kinda irritating to wait for 50 eps. Hate min jung character so much. I just want to see the end of the story after exhausting long episodes

Daisy Does anybody think this drama looks really outdated? I was so surprised that it came out this year LOL! I thought it was released in 2004 or early 2000s haha. Kim Jihoon never ages!!!!

Lulu This drama is soo draggy and annoying that I want to punch my screen sometimes. But I continue to watch it just for the moment where things are unraveling. The actors/actresses are really good in playing their parts though, it's just the characters are so irritating. I find myself starting to skip parts.

Easter Lily It's 18 more episodes, by the way. :D The biggest problem was always to try and fit a 25-30 episode story into a 50 episode regime. In so doing the show has had to perform all kinds of crazy stunts to drag out the inevitable. I think it's clear that everyone in the show (with a few notable exceptions) is inflicted with some form of stupidity malaise that prevents them from a) seeing the obvious, b) asking the obvious questions or c) coming to the obvious conclusion. The best thing is to embrace the insanity in its entirety and watch it as a cartoon for adults.

Unfortunately, due to its set up, a lot hangs on revealing Bo Ri's identity. Obviously there are ways around it but it has become the carrot that brings audiences in. So don't be surprise if they drag the reveal out for another 8 episodes at least.

Bee It's taken far too long on the discovery of the true identity of Do Bo Ri and to think that there are another 28 episodes, more than what has been shown, is going to be real draggy, and to add on the boring part, there has not been any new story line!

I agree that it's not too late to cut down the number of episodes to bring the story to an interesting climax before we all get too tired of seeing each and every time Ming Jung gets away with her sly ways.

Dawn So I've watched episodes 31 and 32 and I have to say it was a nice break from the repeated stuff that's been going on. I don't know if this drama is gonna make it to 50 episodes, without revealing some of the past issues a bit sooner than waiting until the last 2 or 3 episodes.

It was good to see Min-Jung get taken off to the police station to rest for a was nice and refreshing to see her panic. However, nothing has changed beceause she is still lying and still confident that no one is going to find out her past or how she has lied her whole life to steal someone else's fate/life. I hate that Ji Sang had pity on Min-Jung because of Bo one needs to have pity on this hefer. She can't think about anyone except herself and what she wants....I don't doubt that Min-Jung and Jae Hee deserve to be with each other and live in hell....they really deserve to live a poor and struggling life...hate each other and being unable to break free from each other in the end.

I love Ji-Sang and hope nothing happens to him....I hope that he succeeds in his plan to bring Min-Jung to her knees as well as Min-Jung's mother for her part in all of this. I don't know why it amazes me, but Min-Jung is selfish because her mother is selfish...she doesn't care still about anyone except Min-Jung. And writers this is wrong....Min-Jung's mother should be getting some punishment right now can't just let this woman off the hook. She enabled her own daughter to be a thief, to hurt someone else in order to better her life. To think she is doing nothing wrong and everyone would be happier to continue living their fake lives...something is wrong with this woman. WRITERS IF YOU GONNA PUNISH MIN-JUNG, THEN DO HYE-OK (MIN-JUNG) MOTHER NEEDS A GREAT PUNISHMENT TOO. OF COURSE LET'S NOT FORGET ABOUT IN-HWA (EUN-BI/BO RI) REAL MOTHER...LET'S NOT LET HER OFF THE HOOK BECAUSE IF SHE WASN'T SO DAMN GREED FOR BI SEUL CHAE THEN THIS MESS NEVER WOULD HAVE STARTED.


I am also glad that Jae Hwa is getting help from someone and is taking his brother Jae Hee down a peg...but I don't want to have false hope that he is in the clear and his stupid ass father will listen to reason. It's funny to me, how the father is passing judgement on Bo Ri for having a child, but he can't see how wrong he was in having a hidden family as well while his wife (1st wife) was's he the pot calling the kettle black? I also think the father needs to be made to suffer and feel the error of his ways.

Anyways, I loved episodes 31/32, it felt like something was finally happening. I keep coming back, no matter how dead the script has been at times.


ForgedHero I am waiting For the episode to come out Because I'm fading Heartattack but still living Need the next episode quickly

A cliffhanger that leaves me begging

With the slow girl name Bo Ri I hope the next episode won't leave me hung At least slap that bi*ch ---> Min-Jung

Suzy I'm starting to hate this drama so boring

Suzy I love this drama

gina this drama is getting so boring, and female lead is getting dumber & dumber...

Sarah Wow. I came to check how many episodes are left... 50.. total... now still 20 more to go... that sounds exausting. Still slightly curious what the writers could possibly add to the story and extremely frustrated with Min Jung and her mom. I already started the drama and hate not finishing a series so I'm going to bear with the writers and hope for a good story (nothing too drug out) and strong backbone for naive BoRi.

DumbBori This drama is going to give a heart attack I can watch this anymore... So many stupid people in this drama and a lot of misunderstanding. How can I put this... Why she is so dumb please explain to me why she is so dumb, I'm talking about Do Bo Ri. I hate how Min Jung is getting things on her side so quickly. What's happening to the writes of this drama ??

joanne I have no idea why people watch this drama... it s becoming so darn boring! ... I mean the actors are amazing .. but 50? I mean come on... plus it s hard to find such a stupid person in the world like BoRi .. she knew she was adopted. She knew her mother always help her fake stupid sister yet she s still doin what ever they say. And this will stay for 20 more epusodes???? Seriously????

Sara12 This drama is to similar to Golden Rainbow it might no have the same story but it has some situations that are similar to Golden Rainbow.

janey I love this drama

sara i think korean daily dramas suffer from lack of story! this plot is very similar to twinkle twinkle! that's disappointing!

Fe The antagonists are too superficial. How could someone get through life lie after lie ! Horrible storyline! Quickly end this drama! 50 is too much!!!

KoalaBear I don't understand why people are hating on this movie! It's so good with the cliffhangers and all. Sure some of the casting was bad but overall the drama is GREAT!

Moosé The whole thing (to me) was awful. I couldn't even get up to the current episode. I only fully got through episodes 1-8 and I was ready to slay myself. Out of sheer boredom I tried to watch episode 25 because I thought that was the end and I wanted to know what happened... I couldn't get through 5 minutes. It was horrible. For sure not the kdrama for me. The beginning of it all I thought was pretty good, but it got very irritating very quick. Especially when I found out there was going to be 25 more episodes.

M Amour Okay, I began to watch this drama and I really enjoyed it. That is until the episodes/characters got extremely annoying. You probably know who I am speaking about... *cough* Min Jung *cough*. Don't get me wrong, I like me a good character who mixes up the pot and makes things more interesting. But this lil sh*t makes me want to punch a hole in the wall. And not in a good way. (Well I guess punching a hole in the wall is bad either way, but I think you know what I mean). Anywho, I ended up getting so frusterated with all the characters that I couldn't anymore. Like I seriously just could not deal. So just for the fun of it I watched episode 25 to see what was going on and I got even more aggravated. With Min Jung not allowing Eun Bi to be discovered, for the mom (Min Jung's) to not just say "THIS IS YOUR REAL DAUGHTER THAT STUPID LOST HOW MANY YEARS AGO!" and for the parents for not even comprehending that they have apparently been with their child for a long time now. THEN I FIND OUT THERE IS GOING TO BE 50 EPISODES? I DON'T THINK SO. There is so much more that I would like to rag about from the little pieces that I watched (episodes 1-8 and like 5 minutes of episode 25) but I probably shouldn't. This was for sure not the kdrama for me.

scha I think in this early episode(1-25),we cannot put a hope that the truth will be discovered..but of course I'm still hoping.ha,only bo ri and jae hwa moment that enlighten me a bit during watching this drama.but..i will keep watching it :)

scha I think in this early episode,we cannot put a hope that the truth will be discovered..but of course I'm still hoping.ha,only bo ri and jae hwa moment that enlighten me a bit during watching this drama.but..i will keep watching it :)

Lee Ann The relationship between Bo Ri and the Prosecutor is cute. Also his aunt ant the gangster. I don't like the second lead actress and I can't wait until her ex gets her back. The entite storyline is ridiculous. It is a poor copy of a combination of Twinkle, Twinkle and Feast of the Gods, two great dramas. The writer should be sued for copyright infringement.

phuabkoo I think ep 25 is going to be another let down.

0009 This drama deserves the prise "Most stupid screenplay 2014"

sisilia mygosh hope the the real parents of bo-ri finds her in epi 25 coz the second lead girl pisses me off goshhhh #finishedEpi24

rskdrama Some drama are cutting their episodes because of FIFA. I wish this drama will also do that...50 is too much!!

lulu 50 episodes??...well I hope by the ending of the show it better be good cause I want this drama to be awesome. Lol. Well waiting patiently on the upcoming episodes even if the drama is predictable but it's funny. Director and writer please I mean please don't mess this up don't want to end up being disappointed.

Dawn I am so enjoying this drama, my only complaint is that it comes on only during the weekends. I am glad that Bo Ri/Eun Bi has gotten stronger and is not running from her dreams or fate anymore. I commend her for raising someone else's child as her own...what's gonna happen when she finds out that Bi Dan is her sister, not her sister Min-Jung's child. I don't think she will leave Di Ban but it will definitely be a game changer in how she looks at the mother that raised her who isn't her mother...the sacrifics she made for this woman Do Hye-Ok. Do Hye-Ok is selfish, to only think about Min-Jung. It is good that in the 5 years that Do Hye-Ok has been with Bo Ri and Bi Dan she seems to have soften up to her.

Bo Ri was right in not telling Min-Jung where they are living but I don't think it will be too long before Min-Jung trying to find her mom, in order to put a stop to Bo Ri happiness. I am struggling to understand what it is about Korean society that says a person in your family has the right to steal your happiness from you, the right to intimediate you into giving up your dreams and happiness for their own. I want to know what it is about Korean society that says this is how families should be toward one another (okay, I know it's not limited to Korean society, it happens in all ethnicities...but damn, can I get a drama that shows a family that fight for each other not against each other....can I get a family that loves each other whole-heartedly, not just for what they will gain from the other person....can I get a drama that doesn't show all this heartache and then you want forgiveness in the end after almost choking the life from me).

I know a happy ending is coming for Bo Ri, but there are so many episodes in between until that happiness comes...I so love Bo Ri and Jae Hwa together, once they realize they knew each other as children their view of each other is definitely going to change, Bo Ri's character is really going to soften into love for Jae Hwa. I'm also glad that Jae Hwa found his long lost Aunt. Of course, I hate it when the characters apologize for something they know they could have prevented in the first place....the Aunt purposely hiding her whereabouts all these years is out of selfishness....especially when her mother-in-law continues to look for her. Ok-soo, your mother-in-law can't die because she hasn't been able to find you....please give this woman a break and return.


Min-Jung, there is a special place in hell for you have got no shame, all the people you've hurt for your own selfish gain. You don't even have a plan of re-paying people for all that you've put them through. You have a baby and dump it on your mother...what a coward, your mother wasn't there when you was doing all it took to get a baby...then you have the childs father locked up falsely, and let that man stay there what his father passed have no shame. God is gonna get your ass!!! If Moon Ji-Sang, doesn't get you first....I'm so glad he knows you are back because you will walk on egg shells for sure, since he is so close...and don't think for one minute he is gonna allow you to come between him and Jae Hee...I won't even talk about Jae-Hee....what happened to you? You too became so selfish!!! Oh well until next time

Can't wait until Saturday...fighting entire cast

confused is bi dan (the daughter) really lee chae mi? they dont look alike :S unless she gained weight...

Easter Lily It's probably too early to say definitively that the show is getting better. The next few episodes will be telling. But it's taken them 17 1/2 episodes to finish setting it up. Things look like they're moving now after the second time jump. It has been a very frustrating experience but for the cute stuff between the leads.

PeaceWon 50 episodes wont ill a decent drama. the "country" girl is drawn in primary colors and the rest of the cast gets to have some depth and variety. I know it's not lack of acting because everynow and then she goes into too good of a portrayal of emotions. All that is left is poor writing or poor directing. Both the writer and the director have had decent shows to their credit as well. WHATS the dealio???? its a shame really because fleshing out the actors with a full range of intelligence would have made for a superb drama instead of a farce. waste of time for the actors .how sad. I love the entire cast of this drama. It is not prediciable so much as below par.

  • cries*

paulina I love this drama!!! Yes it's a little predictable but what tv show isn't these days I can't wait to see how everything unfolds. I'm so excited! !!!

Easter Lily I believe the 50 episode format is what's killing the show right now. A predictable show like this going for that length of time means dragging out story arcs and creating as many obstacles as possible. Mostly it's relying on character stupidity to move the plot elements. And yes, it feels like Thorn Birds but that was in the offing pretty much when the adults came on board.

joanne I mean seriously? Just like thorn birds .. innocent girl takes the baby under her name ... this drama can t get any worse .. except if the ending for min jung is sweet and she gets everything back... i wonder why it s 50 ep. 0 for this drama very disappointed actors are very good it s just the story

Frosty I'll be surprised if this drama makes it to the full 50 episodes. The only thing interesting is the relationship between JBR and LJH. All the other possible romantic interests are boring. However, I do want to see the slime bucket youngest daughter-in-law, and the mother and daughter, get the crap kicked out of them-----EVIL B*****s!

Lena Park I love this drama! I can't wait on how bo ri is going to be found out by her biological family. The story is very funny and entertaining. Basha! Fighting!

aisti This drama is ridiculously predictable, it is like mashing up all plot lines in a single story. I've watched all the aired episodes and the story borderline preposterous. What else are they going to include in it, they are making this drama too long and excessively convoluted... it bored the crap out of me... can't believe they are going to make 50 episodes of this. It started out strong, but now they are just running in circles, trying to milk the cow... they should focus on quality, not quantity.

Dawn I was watching MBC the other evening and while watching this drama I noticed 3 of my top older adult actor/actress favors.....Ahn Nae Sang (love, love, love you so much Sir), Yang Mi-Kyeong (love you ma'am), and Kim Hye-Ok (love you ma'am). I am soooo looking forward to seeing this drama play out. Right off the back the cast is stellar as far as talant goes. Mr. Ahn Nae Sang never fails to deliver a brillant performance and the two very talent female Ms. Yang and Ms. Kim....phenomonal talent.

I wish each character the best of luck with their performances...and I look forward to loving and hating all of the characters.....


naelyn I loooovveeee this drama cant wait for next weeks episodes and might I add I really hate her "unnie" .

shadownet I only skip to the parts where Han SeungYeon is on screen. Could care less about the story.

DWornock I have watched the first ten episodes. However, now it will be like all Korean dramas. The next 38 or 39 episodes will go around in circles; a lot of teasing where she will be discovered: However, now that they have established the main primise, nothing will really happen until the final episodes so I will wait until then to watch more.

Esty I am glad I stayed with this drama. It's something that I look forward to every week. But, I hope it won't be stretched to 50 episodes, because 50 episodes are quite alot.

Nada I can't get over how much plastic looking the lead ladies are ,50 epi is too many for me too.and the lead clothes .plz poor ppl are not that stupid looking

Cromi Spoilers ( you have been warned ) !

They don't switch - what is that description up there? ( -.- ) The lead kid ends up lost and without memories and is " adopted " by a poor woman who already has a daughter. That womans daughter goes ( runs away ) to Seol because she wants a better life (and somewhere deep down wants to one day help her mom have a better life ).

I get the rich girl goes poor and later on finds out that she is from the rich family part ( because she lost her memories and later on regains them ). But the rest is not what happens... Lee Yu-Ri acts as the poor womans child ( who wants to live a rich life ) and she did not get adopted into the rich family. She knows her family background and everything. There was no real switch. The only thing her character did was get sponsored by the lead characters family ( she wants to be their daughter but that won't happen because they hope that their real daughter - Bori - will one day come back ).

The plot makes it sound like " Twinkle Twinkle " but it's not exactly the correct description. Everyone watching it up to episode 8 will notice that. Unless, they have some strange twist again...Which doesn't seem likely at the moment...

Easter Lily Kim Ji Hoon seems to have made a career playing lawyers and prosecutors. :P He's a terrific actor too which is why I'm even bothering with this. Might jump around a bit... fifty episodes is a tad long for me.

cherry Im wonder what happened to the child of ok- soon. And hee Hong.. .

inhyun this drama remain me to drama Feast of the God. the real daughter expertise inherited from her mother.

unknown just airing it 4 >>2 days+for 50 episode uhh make me wait 4 so long ...why don't the story air it about 3 episode a week it more reasonable at least

scha the synopsis is a bit confusing..i'm understand if bori is being adopted because she lose her memories..but she being swapped with who??impossible if her real family suddenly accept a stranger child to replace bori unless they lose their memory on how bori's looks..but the interesting part of this drama is their casts..either child or adult..omo..especially the lead children, Yoo Eun-Mi - Jang Bo-Ri (young) Jung Yoon-Suk - Lee Jae-Hwa (young) both looks cute..and ofcoz jae hwa and bo-ri adults also awesome >_< ..btw,i will keep followed this drama although it is 50 ep.erkk

Jaerin But somehow the more I think, I also feel how they going to switch.... Cos currently Bo ri already 7 yo.. >< Twinke twinkle drama they was swop when babies.

Jaerin The starting show jang bori ran out of the car and then her mother drove the car away. Maybe that's when she went missing?.Min jung also ran away from her house..... I think eun bi is what her dad calls her. First episode her grandmother called her bori.

kdramalover Honestly, this drama is pretty good. But why are the names different in the synopsis. Isnt her name eun bi. I'm actually pretty confused how the girls are actually going to switch unless they all lose their memories. Oh and the child actors and actresses are realy damn good. However, the synopsis makes no sense whatsoever with the plot thats happening so far. Also, how can u lose a daughter whos about 7 years old and replace her with someone else. It's understandable if she was months old to switch them but they are too old already. Anyways, I'm curious to how the story will unfold. Overall, the drama is pretty good...

Infin while watching the drama the synopsis does not make sense at all

Krama Don't be surprised. You guys should already be very accustomed to the over-recycling of stories/plots. recycling of actors/actresses playing the same exact role in several different dramas in the same year... year after year after year. Kdrama kinda like the Kpop scene. LOL, it is what it is.

fatima Jang Bo-Ri (Oh Yeon-Seo) was adopted by a family without much money. Yeon Min-Jung (Lee Yu-Ri) from the wealthy family must live a different life with the family without much money.

Jang Bo-Ri she is adopted by the poor family Yeon Min-Jung is not the real daughter of the poor family

So why should she go and live with a total strangers with no blood relation

or is there is a third family that she will end up with for some events

if she ended up with the adopted girl poor family I will not watched coz it will be poor writing and it will not make any sense

debrainmke Synopsis is similar to Twinkle, Twinkle.....even down to one of the cast members. Looking forward to see how it unfolds. I like Kim Ji-Hoon, so I'm looking forward to seeing him.

Ben Alayah i can't wait for Oh Yeon-Seo and Kim Ji-Hoon!

rskdrama This is so similar another drama by the nsme twinckle or sparkle... something like that...the casting not impressive. I will wait for about 5-10 episodes reviews before watching

ayesha Endless Love much? Eeeeey~

StaRix Who's the lead actor???

serendipity @casablanca5770 "Autumn in my Heart?".... More like Twinkle, Twinkle. Unless this has incest in then I don't see any need for this to be linked to AIMH. The on;y similarity is switched children and plenty of dramas have done that. Sorry to say but it's nothing like autumn in my heart.

casablanca5770 Autumn in my heart?????

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