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  • Drama: Cinderella Man
  • Revised romanization: Sindye rella maen
  • Hangul: 신데렐라맨 / 신데렐라 맨
  • Director: Yu Jeong-Jun, Kim Sang-Hyub
  • Writer: Jo Yun-Yeong
  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: April 15, 2009 - June 4, 2009
  • Runtime: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Dae-san sells his own clothing designs at a small shop in Dongdaemun Market and all he thinks about is getting rich. One day, he crosses path with Joon-hee and finds that they share an uncanny resemblance to each other. Joon-hee, who is also the heir of a fashion empire, asks Dae-san if he could pose as him for a month. While secretly posing as Joon-hee, Dae-san uses his savvy business skills to outmaneuver Lee Jae-min and also finds true love. But then his cover is blown...


Cinderllaman-sang-woo kim.jpg Cinderllaman-sang-woo kim-joon-hee lee.jpg Cinderllaman-yoona.jpg Cinderellaman-Chang-ui Song.jpg Cinderellaman-eun-jung han.jpg
Kwon Sang-Woo Kwon Sang-Woo Yoona Song Chang-Eui Han Eun-Jung
Oh Dae-San Lee Jun-Hee Seo Yu-Jin Lee Jae-Min Jang Se-Eun
Cinderella Man-Jeong Hye-Seon.jpg Cinderella Man-Yu Hye-Ri.jpg Cinderella Man-Ahn Seok-Hwan.jpg Cinderella Man-Jeong Gyu-Su.jpg Cinderella Man-Lee Byung-Joon.jpg
Jung Hye-Sun Yoo Hye-Ri Ahn Seok-Hwan Jeong Gyu-Su Lee Byung-Joon
CEO / Chairwoman Kang Joo-Ok Oh Seon-Yeong butler Shin Ki-Cheol Elegance Choi
Cinderella Man-Jeong-woo.jpg Cinderella Man-Kim Min-Hie (1976).jpg Cinderella Man-Kang Dong-Yeop.jpg Cinderella Man-Ryu Sang-Wook.jpg Cinderella Man-Lee Yeon-Du.jpg
Jung Woo Kim Min-Hee Kang Dong-Yeop Ryu Sang-Wook Lee Yeon-Doo
Ma I-San team leader Lee Kim Dong-Hyun Park Seung-Jae Kang Yun-Jung
Cinderella Man-Lee Kyeong-Jin.jpg Cinderella Man-Jang Jeong-Hee.jpg
Lee Kyeong-Jin Jang Jung-Hee
Yu-Jin's mom Lee Ggeut-Soon

Additional Cast Members:



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Step One among the best Korean dramas I have watched so far. Some, if not most, Korean dramas have a failed and epic ending; but Cinderella Man isn't one of them. Also, the ending is somewhat unpredictable, and while watching, I wouldn't dare predict what's going on next, because everything is very unpredictable. The best! Highly recommendable. Although it has been years since it was broadcast, I hope countries who love Korean dramas buy this and broadcast it on their country. Award!

jubilee bation its very good drama i like the actors,,, they're really awesome!!!!!... keep up the good work...and maintain your nice pose...

taous j'ai adoré , un de mes préféré , i love it , i discovered kwon, very good actor , perhaps boring at first , but more interesting progressively , funny , sad with some tears in some episodes, intriging, I LOVE IT , ONE OF THE BEST

salima hallo I thought it was a great series!! But what I found is unfortunate that Jun-hee died! I found the actors well good. What I really liked is that all genres were found in the drama. I was hoping that Jun-hee lived but a pity! I give a 8,5/10 for the drama ! It was a beautiful drama !!! I can't understand how some people find it boring but it's a real fantastishe drama !!!

Clarkdale44 And another story which could have been a masterpiece gone to waste... Yeah you heard me!!! At first i thought it would be great for a change of drama genre but this feels like empty shell. The story seems unsatisfying and in the ending i feel frustrated. I just wasted my precious time on this. I wish someone could have warned me before i started watching this drama.

Don't read further if you have yet to watch the drama. Well there are many things which are just wrong and doesn't makes any sense, for starters they killed the guy who was supposed to be the co-actor Lee Jun-Hee. Even though he had his heart transplant surgery, he should have been recovered after it, there was no need for him to die. Also i feel bad for Jang Se-Eun, she had genuine feelings for Oh Dae-San and he ignored her like nothing. Seo Yu-Jin seems rather confused about her own feelings, she was going back and fourth Lee Jae-Min and Dae-San. There are many more things which i can't seem to remember at the moment.

This drama was a waste of time for me. All i got after finishing it is lots of frustration and headache. I will give it 4/10(For decent casting, decent story)

Alfauzi I love this drama, , , ,makaka touch talaga ang galing nila

godbless and many more blessing to come guys. . .i love it.

Andrea This drama is one of my favorites too!!! Kwon Sang Woo, Yoona and Song Chang Ui were absolutely great. I didn't want JunHee to die :'( anyway, in this drama, there's comedy, action, suspense and ... of course, drama. It's so funny to watch so I recommend ot! You're definetly NOT gonna waste your time.

Blubbi I love this drama so much! The main actors are the best! <3 People, go watch it! I have to admit that the first two episodes are quite boring but then it's amazing! :D

archana This is the perfect example "How a drama must not be" Its lacks in all ways... watch it if you intend to waste your time

DaDa Remember when KSW was so desperate to get viewers for this crap that he said he would get SNSD to perform on his drama? LOL. The ratings still tanked. LOL. Horrible drama. horrible, desperate, pathetic actor.

StillAlive This drama is one of my favorites! I can't believe someone thinks it's boring.. And cast is great imo. SangWoo and YoonA are really good actors!

skiehigh I Love this show and ita was very great ;)

misa i agree with Woori ! this drama is so bad Ö yoona is really bad in acting !!!

Woori No words can explain how boring and bad Cinderella Man was.

I'm sorry, guys.

Mirna ferian Ohh...I was finished watch this drama,, excelent,,!! Da san so handsome,cute..Ohh i love you so much!! Yu jin also cute,,but so tiny...And su en also cool,beautiful,modis...Jai min also sweet but little cool.. The funny story so entertain...And ahjuma so sure funny..Hahahha... I love this movie so much, wait the next kwon sang won drama..!! Yuhuuu dont forget to watch all this scene :)

phannA This korean drama now show on TV5 in my country ( Cambodia ). I used to watched this film on Youtube , now i can watch full story. I really like this korean drama so much, coz like SNSD, exspecially I like yoonA, she is a great singer and excellent actress. I wanna tell yoonA that " I am your Fan forever ".

doujin123 i was moved by this drama story. one of the best.. next to stairway to heaven,jewel in the palace, endless love

i love yoona.!!! and my idol did a great job here.. OH DAESAN(SANG WOO)!

oh deasan is his best character ever, so playful, happy, active, all positive attitude...


xclueless i love this drama sooo much, currently on ep14! i have to admit, the beginning (ep 1-2?) was pretty boring, but i stuck to it. im glad i did because i really really enjoy it now. i actually want yoona and jaemin to end up together, but i know that wont happen. i also think that saeeun and daesan are cute too! if you're thinking about watching it, you should! really great drama that i'd recommend to all (:

as daesan would say, daebak!

Olivia I kinda like this drama, Kwon Sang Woo and Yoona looked great together. I don't understand why the rating in Korea is not good. Although the plot was a lil bit too slow in the beginning, however, it turned out more interesting towards the end. Kwon Sang Woo's acting was great too. He was able to potray twins with opposite personalities; one was cheerful, easy-going yet lovable and the other one was cold, stiff and loner. Yoona's was also not bad for a relatively newcomer in acting. Song Chang Ui and Han Eun Jeong also played their role just beautifully. The comedy part of this drama was quite entertaining and just rite. There's also one character that I like in this drama; it was the ahjumma who owned a fabric/textile outlet. Her expression and way she look was so hilarious everytime she met with a striking guy. This character added a hint of joy to this drama.

Fighting Cinderella Man's artists & crew! Don't mind about the rating, the important thing that we appreciated your hard work... ;)

RamenLover Sana I believe that is "Jeong-woo" ... cast listing has been updated as well. Cheers ...

sana does anyone know who's acting as Lee Masan or whatever his name is... You know Oh Dae Sans old friend from the orphanage?

edora please someone tell me where can i watch the ep13 and above..viiki website crashed!i search everywhere..can't find..

yuna i like kwon sang woo.. this is the second best drama and one is stairway to heaven...

--xPepper i love this show ! xD omg. best show for 2009 ! really wish junhee didnt die Dx

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