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  • Name Choi Si-Won
  • Hangul: 최시원
  • Birthdate: February 10, 1987
  • Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  • Height: 183cm
  • Blood Type: B
  • Talent Agency: SM Entertainment
  • Twitter: @siwon407


  1. Member of K-pop group "Super Junior".


Drama Series


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Vienna I've known Siwonnie since oh my lady which was aired on Animax but I didn't quite like the storyline that was why I had no excuse to research about this gorgeous man. I also recognized him in Super Junior but I do not like generic songs. I didn't know his name back then but I totally recognized his face. When I was bored one day, my friends recommended Skip Beat for me to kill boredom. And I have no expectations whatsoever because I just wanted to chill by watching light drama series. When Siwon first came out in the drama, I was so focused on the development of the characters that I finally appreciate how handsome he is. And not just his pretty face that swayed me but how he convince me that he is a good actor. I didn't even know that he is named the "Gesture Man" in his kpop group for he was totally different in the drama except having the prince aura. I couldn't get over him for a week or so I finished Skip Beat. That is why I tried to know him more by finally checking on Super Junior. His passion in acting resonates that anyone would like to dig and end up loving him and what he does. When he does well in acting, it is a very good way to promote Super Junior.

Spring Siwon, my favorite among the Super Junior group. Thank you for being a great role model to the youth. Always keep a pure heart with you wherever you go. Shine bright like a diamond, Siwonnie! 아자!

Precious wunti Hello siwonie oppa i love you so much your acting is the best, your singing too is the best, your voice is just priceless, omg cant wait to watch (billion dollar heir)love you, your fan from Nigeria.

sarah omg,your drama oh! my lady is awesome and you look super hot and cute keep it up siwon fighting <3

Skskh 안녕하세요....!!! 시원 씨. I am the one of ur big fans. I really like that u do very kind to group members, and I think u r very kind to the others as well. I really really like u, like the way u act. I am always looking forward to seeing ur new album, and new drama. 행복하세요..^_^

ing she :-) i'm not a crazy fan, but anyway I want to say... I LOVE YOU... your ajumma :-)

eluisa I really love you oppa..

myo my first love i will always love you and never forget you

Elyna I love almost everything about you, oppa. Hope to see you for new album and new drama! :)

Silvia I watched Oh! My Lady! and I really loved it...maybe because it made me to reflect in my life. I was a single mother with 4 children and met (my now husband) that is 11 years younger than me. I never thought he saw me like a woman. I thought that I was going to introduce him some of my younger friends to see if he could find "love" again. He was a single Dad with 5 children...(instead of one) but....he was not a Start to the world but surely a start for me because he was a single Dad trying to raise 5 kids on his own (two of them with autism). Please forgive me Mr. Choi Si-Won for telling you a little bit of my life. I just wanted to tell you that I love this Drama and I owe my daughter Emily my new love for Korean Drama to her. May God bless you and help you to bring inspiring entertainment to the world.



Celeste Hi ! the most the talented actor and a great singer and i think your drama Skip beat is amazing i watched all 15 episodes and they were great hope their would be 2nd season Bye...

fatuma ismael hi Mr:Choi you are the best actor know now I know now. And are u going to do another drama

Park Dong Ra Saranghae Oppa!! :) Big hug from Pradita :*

Nkolika -Nigeria Beauty and Brain. Can act. Just watching Poisedion

monalisa love you choi suwon... saranghae

Jurgita Big hug from Lithuania :) :*

Alura umm people skip beat is on the list... Glamorous challenge Aka extravagant exchange Aka skip beat it's all the same. When it comes to drama's i know all of them. Choi Si Won has awesome style, It's a manly style. I find it very attractive. I admire him for the faith he has and shows. I grew up with a retired pastor who would take me around church to church while he preached. It's amazing what you can learn from experiances like that. So the fact Si Won shows his faith and tries to help other through it,makes him a true idol. He has meaning and god will show his favor of him, he already has with the amazing voice he has. He is able to share that with all. I hope to meet him one day, not as some fan girl, Of course I love super junior songs, The way this team works together and have become a family through thins. If i was to see them i wouldn't scream like most fan girls.

Hana Hello! Siwon. You Are My Best Guy in Super junior.Don't forget you Fans.Wish you the best

 Your Fan From India.

niki i liked him in oh my lady...not fan of him as singer and don't like his fashion taste in mv or life performances..he has cute dimples too...

lipsa love you choi suwon..... <3

Uma @ kajolina "Skip Beat" and "Glamorous Challenge" is the same of


MaryJane Sharon Choi Si Won is my favourite and him alone.

anyya i like a taiwanese drama starring him and donghae from super junior titled "Skip Beat" an adaptation from japan shoujo manga. but it's not even in the list :/

shane sarangahae oppa..such a nice acting in this drama...

Moni What does Oh My Lady, Skip Beat, and King of Dramas have in common? Choi Si-Won plays an actor/celebrity in all of them. Even tho his roles seem alike, but they are not! Each one of his characters is unique, never the same. His an amazing actor, no matter if he acts in a Korean or Taiwanese drama! <3 <3 <3 all the way!!

Yad Happy birth day oppa you are really best actor love you

Beth I love his character in The King of Dramas. His laughter makes me crack up, the best character in that show by far!!

roobi good job in king of drama. the best moments in the series are his funny narcissistic self

mookake You make me laughing when you appear in every episodes of King of Dramas.. :) thank you so much for amazing acting and so many different faces..Ha! Ha! Ha! Luv U .. ShiWon~

aznative @ leena 0407 The drama "Skip Beat" is listed as "Glamorous Challenge" on this page.

leena0407 why is skip bit not in his drama list? .. he's very handsome and gentleman in that series .. total opposite of his character in the king of dramas ... ^_^

just wondering :)

kitty you act well in King of dramas. Funny and unexpected , regarding your usual image. Hope you show us your 100 % talent and handwork in this drama !

Melody Hey oppa! At first I like you but now I realized that you're not as handsome as the first time I see you. Well, people get used to it. But anyway, fighting!!!

Airrr I admit that you're so handsome and irresistible but you're acting wasn't that outstanding. But still, hwaiting oppa!!!

Denny Mr. perfect body,I looked at your drama Oh!My lady.- I am impressed by you ..... great acting. You did it great.

Lady dhe Wonnie, im a one of your big fan, im really like and love u, u're so cute kind and perfect in my eyes, I hope one day I will meet u and could say I love u, keep smiling and always healthy oppa be the best for u and make your parents proud of you .GOD Bless You..!!!

dina adline d'silva i just love ur o my lady and are soo doubt about safe,,,,saranghyeee... choie siwon

Giggles Omg. I love u oppa! you are soo cute and handsome! I wish I could speak Korean and meet u oneday, but it's pretty much impossible. I'm Asian/Chinese but I'm born in America and I know no Korean and I have no idea who can teach me >.<

Rna You're my favorite Super Junior member and you're one of my favorite actor.

ayumi Hwaiting Siwon !! saranghaeeee <3

ayumi siwon you are the best !! you're so handsome, cool and cute x your acting is great !! i love all your drama's x saranghae <3

suJu @Emily, how could u say that?! If u don't like him, then don't come to his page and leave such comments. Leaving such comments here will just spoil everybodys' mood!

mayeth g. Would love to see you being paired with Yoon Eun Hye on a love comedy/drama. KBS, SBS,TBS please make this happen.

emily i used to like u but u are so ugly now because of your age

nadya You are so handsome. Everytime I see you in photo or drama, my heart beating so fast. Stay health always and god bless you oppa:)

Ann You're good as an actor! Keep it up. But I like you most for being a kpop artist.

Ann You're my no. 1 bias.. And i just want to say "hello". saranghae!


alwaysanELF Siwon's dedication towards Super Junior is amazing. He truly believes in Leeteuk's dream of continuing as a band forever. Siwon has always wanted to be an actor and it's great to see him realizing that dream of his in a serious manner. It's not easy juggling the hectic schedules of a top idol comeback and filming a drama at rocket's pace. But I respect his grit and determination. He keeps pushing himself without whining or complaining. He tries his level best to perform on music shows and then runs back to his filming set and keeps filming for long hours.

With Heechul's departure, he has lost a best friend temporarily. But not once have I seen him become weak....with emotion or exhaustion. A smiling Siwon brightens up my day.

lengskee looking forward to your new series Siwon! super enjoyed your acting in OH My Lady! and I got the chance to hear you sing too. Good luck too in your new SJ album. You are MR Simple.

are tkah i really like siwon ...oppa is so handsome

Hana I really like him,he is very talented actor and singer.I hope that he wil always will make happy his fans with new appearences in clips and doramas.Si Won ssi aja-aja!!!

kikay There's no doubt he will be one of korea's establish celebrity. He's a good actor,humble and a gentleman.

Charlene Whoever said Siwon has an "ugly personality" is in all probabilities, a raging lunatic. Siwon is all possible ways. His personality especially is to die for. So humble & kind!

Anne Siwon is probably one of the nicest human beings on earth. With such magnificent looks, unparalleled fame and influential family background, one would think he'd be arrogant and pompous. Siwon however, is extremely down to earth and a living representation of humility. He's younger than me and yet I respect him for his unaltered faith, his absolute belief in his God. But his belief isn't doesn't make him judgmental of others. That's precisely why every time he sings "Who Am I", the lyrics tally with his nature perfectly.

Super Junior without Siwon wouldn't be where they are today. He's one of the youngest in a group of 13, and yet he shows maturity and poise. With the elder members he's a perfect dongsaeng, with the younger ones, he's a wonderful hyung. And with his Eunhyuk and Donghae, he share's a friendship so terrifically enviable.

I shouldn't sign off without saying that his looks are smashing. Maintaining that physique for years takes dedication...and he has that in ample amounts. He's probably the handsomest man least in my eyes.

I hope to see Siwon as a part of Super Junior for a long long time.

Siwonnie hwaiting! Saranghae!

Jasmine you look good but with an ugly personality!!

mildred I have watched the Oh My Lady, I love it!!!! And your singing of Who I Am. Keep up the good work!!!!! I like you no matter what!!!!!

Ahn Neul Hyo Siwonnie Oppaa~

saranghaeyoooo~ <3

paa YOU ARE VERY CUTE AND HANDSOME. U R 1 of my favorite actors. I had watched U in 18:29 & Hyangdan. You are so funny.

마히라 Siwon Oppa..Fighthing! You are the best! Saranghae <3 <3 <3

Margareth Owh my favorite ^^

Oppa Saranghae....

Fighting !!!

YmiNgo omg I didn't know he was in spring waltz >_< Oppa hwaiting!

olivia he is my super man oh my lady fighting! god bless you

evilive he has a new drama comin up. yeeeyyyyyy

say hallo to all te members from us the fans and keep on going!!!!!

Super Lover H! ..

He's My Favorite Member In S-J ..

Saranghe SI Won Oppa ..

^______^ ..

13Y3 ..

bria sarang hae...obba..stay healthy always

and also to other super junior members...^^


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