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  • Name: Cha Tae-Hyun
  • Hangul: 차태현
  • Birthdate: March 25, 1976
  • Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  • Height: 175cm
  • Blood Type: A
  • Family: Choi Seok-Eun (wife)


  1. Cha Tae-Hyun married songwriter Choi Seok-Eun on June 1, 2006 in Sheraton Grand Walkerhill Hotel. He has a son and a daughter.
  2. Performed theme song "Happiness" ("Hangbok") for movie "Champ".
  3. Performed theme song "Only You" ("Neowa Hamgge") for movie "Hello Ghost".
  4. Performed song "Because I Love You" for movie "Scandal Makers."


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teukistar love this guy the way he jock around i love his smile his love for his children and wife looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooov u oppa

Cate Wine My Favorite Korean Actor of all time!!! He makes me laugh, smile and cry at the same time. I love all his works. Oh and he can be goofy but still looks cool. YOu know when there's a feel good movie- he is a feel good kind of an actor. All his movies makes me feel happy after watching it.

paramparam Cha tae Hyun also did voice acting in Horton ( korean version ) started to watch 2days 1 night S2 because of him ,wohoo .

kimikim Cha Tae Hyun + Uhm Tae Woong = I'm dying of laughter..

  • TaeTae shipper*

pem truly natural in romance comedy...

krishna I'm a Indian,i see some of ur movies,all are great,especially miracle of giving fool,keep it up.

mrm I think Cha Taehyun oppa was the luckiest guy i've ever see. He always had played on dramas or movies with the pretty girl. Jun Ji Hyun (My Sassy Girl), Song Hye Gyo (My Girl and I), Ha Ji Won (BA:BO), UEE (Jeon Woo Chi), Kang Ye Won (Hello Ghost), Park Bo Young (Scandal Makers), Son Ye Jin, and the others.. And frankly, i don't think that he's handsome like Song Joong Ki maybe. But he has something that makes me can really like him. And now he's the one of my favorite actor ^^.

keh wah, i watched at 2d1n he lived in an ordinary life style! he's such a great actor~

qtet Wooow...there's so much filmography and dramas that you've played?!?! I love u in every movies...there's been always great acting of yours.. You're a great actor and i thought you are younger than your real age,cuz you're so cute!! Keep up the good work!!

jason just finish watching first love of a loyal prince,wish that they will pair tae-hyun and Sung Yu-Ri again

Anonymous Omg, I know you are married, but you're sooooooooooo cute! Especially in Jeon Woo Chi. (Sigh)

Jacqueline Wow i'm the 500th voter! Awesome! <3 Cha Concubine!

tuna101 cha tae-hyun is hands down z best korean actor ,the way he embraces his characters and turns them into unique beings wiz a great sense of humour is just one of his many talents and ofcourse his cute smile and warm laugh just does it 4 me! I wish him all z best in his future and i'll always be supportin' him<3<3<3 #team cha tae-hyun 4ever<3#fighting

quichang fa here in north-east india we love your movies and your acting skill. all the very best.

quichang fa the greatest actor in the world. you have really done good in every movies and with different roles.

eko saputra fantastic.....they way you act is just like water flows from a green mountain in the eastern natural and almost real....You are so talented tough!.....congrats man..keep doing the best!

ppqpham You are so funny and kute in 2 days 1 night :)) You can laugh whatever happen ^^ waiting to watch more movies of you

Vaanel I've seen so many Korean movies that i can't count them. I always tought the best korean actor was someone like Lee byung hun, Choi Min sik, Ha jung woo... these kind of actors know in the world for there movies. But now i'm pretty sure Cha Tae Hyun is the best actor. I like all his movies, of course there are some bad movies in his filmography but allways he interpreted his character at his unique and own style. Something you can't learn in Actoring school. That called Talent, I guess ?!

Hope see you in many other movies.

yunita the most my fav actor. ... Cha taehyun oppa. :-) your habit in 2days1night make me crazyyy. .. .... you are so cute. ..

Yogesh odyssey - opera wow i'm the 300th voter...

Yogesh odyssey - opera My favourite korean....he is the BEST korean actor ever....

Airrr You're one of Korean Most Talented Actor. You don't have that pretty handsome boy appearance but your acting was so mesmerizing! Always love your movie!!! Tae-hyun oppa daebak!!

shakespeare I knew him in his movie BABO, a sad ending story but I was touched by him there..Indeed a very great actor I came to like now..Annyeonghaseyo Cha Tae-Hyun;)

JJ Sorry to disappoint but he's already happily married to his highschool sweetheart. Let's all wish him the best!

I just watched him on Running Man and I love him even more now! He was so funny. <3 차태현오빠 화이팅! <3

jester i like cha tae hyun very much he is my favourite actor in korea, i hope he can flim more movies & drama soon , i hope he can flim all his new film with Song hye kyo, sung yuri, son yejin, ha jiwon they are my favourite actress i hope in real life he can be with song hye kyo or sung yuri.

nurdini you are a great actor mr. cha. i love your acting in hello ghost, miracle of giving fool, scandal makers and so on. keep acting and keep smile. you are a charismatic guy. i like you so much

SATRIA my friends told me that my face same as yours

Axl Rome Please watch his FLOWERS FOR MY LIFE drama. You could cry in almost every episode while watching it...

miaaw the greatest actor i've ever seen! he always play in a great movies too!

claire darrien such a professional actor. but i really like you in the variety show. you are totally funny and i really enjoying myself watching you in family outing and running man. please come again and again in running man !i love your friendship with kook jong and jang hyuk. may god bless you mr. cha concubine.. your friendship and your family !

mok I noticed that he has already worked with Gianna jun, Song hye kyo, sung yuri, son yejin, ha jiwon, Kim Haneul, kim jungeun and other actresses. Damn he's one lucky dude.

Sampascua Although I am not so much well in Korean, when i came here in Korea..I learned to love Korean Movies..And the first movie i watched in internet was My Sassy Girl..I like Cha Tae Hyun.. Most of Filipinos are romantic, but for me i enjoyed most is comedy romance..He acts so natural and with charisma..I wish someday even impossible to happen, i meet him personally..Movies My crazy first love,Hello Ghost, scandal maker, Lovers Concerto are all really nice..

oStRicH-EgReT Your acting is awesome, and i like your warm smile and funny acts. oh ya my friend really looks like you, so when i see you at the film, you become so familiar to me. You have a youth spirit, and that's really great. :D

Rei he was so cute in "Crazy First Love"

chuck he is truly a good actor he has many different bright smile :)

kaye he's mah dream boy..luv his warm smile.. lucky gurl hu got him...he's funny & lovable in movies,.. im sure he can always make me smile..

juyoung I loved this guy on the movie My Sassy Girl he was so funny on this one... The recent movie I saw him on was Speed Scandal which was also an Excellent Movie everybody should watch these movies...

cyril nice movies. and great actor. i salute you.

sunshineave i've seen all his movies and really love him!!!

Nalyah Til now I have seen him in "BA:BO" and "Lover's Concerto" and some others where he had rather minor parts. He has a warm smile that lightens up the screen and his big charisma makes he both perfect for a role of a naive, a bit silly but romantic guy from the neighborhood. :) I am looking forward to his other movies! Now on the list I have "Sad Movie", "Scandal Makers", "My Girl and I" and "Happy Erotic Christmas".

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