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  • Movie: Castaway on the Moon (English title) / Mr. Kim's Floating Story (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Kimssi Pyoroogi
  • Hangul: 김씨표류기
  • Director: Lee Hae-Jun
  • Writer: Lee Hae-Jun
  • Producer: Mu-ryeong Kim
  • Cinematographer Kim Byeong-Seo, Park Sang-Hoon
  • Release Date: May 14, 2009
  • Runtime: 119 min
  • Genre: Romance / Adventure / Award Winning
  • Distributor: Cinema Service
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Kim Seung-Keun (Jung Jae-Young) stands on the ledge of an overpass bridge above the Han River. He’s in way over his head in debt and he’s ready to end his life right then and there. Mr. Kim then jumps off the bridge, but due to his own misfortune (or good fortune) he ends up washed ashore on a small nearby island. At first, Mr. Kim looks for every conceivable way to get off the island – which is in plain view of several nearby high rise buildings and apartment complexes. After a few days, Mr. Kim becomes acclimated to his solitary existence and he even starts to find comfort in his primitive surroundings.

Meanwhile, a young reclusive lady named Kim Jung-Yeon (Jung Ryeo-Won) sits in her room, addicted to the online world of "Cyworld." She hasn’t left her apartment in three years and she doesn’t plan to leave anytime soon. In the evenings, when Jung-Yeon is finished updating her Cyworld home page, she dabbles in her other hobby which is photographing the moon. During one of those evenings, when Jung-Yeon is taking shots of the moon, she notices a "HELP" sign scrawled onto the sand of a nearby island. She then notices a strange man walking around the island and Jung-Yeon starts to view this man as her own personal alien.


  1. "Castaway on the Moon" opened #3 at the South Korean box office selling 246,899 tickets on 348 screens (13.6% of all ticket sales) during its opening May 15th - May 17th weekend.
  2. "Castaway on the Moon" sold a total of 728,000 ticket sales, grossing 4.7 billion ₩, through its domestic theatrical run (staying in the top ten for 4 weeks).


Castaway on the Moon-Jae-yeong Jeong.jpg Castaway on the Moon-Ryeo-won Jeong.jpg
Jung Jae-Young Jung Ryeo-Won
Kim Seung-Keun Kim Jung-Yeon

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Abdoo this movies goes to my top3 easily ... i like how the story written and i like the cast so much ... both were wonderfull on acting i trully love thismovie so much ... i watch it more than 3 times in one week ad definetly will watch it again

jeremiah this was truly one of the best movies i have ever seen, this movie was so unique, its not like castaway, its different in its own way. Truly a spectacular movie, this movie made me appreciate the movies in Korea and so far i have not been so much disappointed. most movies iv seen are well done..:)

Louie One of the best in my book.

Mary Who can help arrange a non-theatrical showing in the US? Is there a distributor? I see some film festivals have shown this movie in the US but I cannot find anything for our small film club.

radical one word that can describe this movie is "Hope". 

909090 deep and sincere movie, i was moved.. the two leading actors did an amazing job. i just find it weird that the film poster makes it seem like a comedy when it's really not (besides for the delivery guy and minor scenes) to me it was a good surprise because i tend to hate korean comedies..

Pepsi UlanPutri Elen Tamaya hello, my name elen. originate from Indonesia. I like your role as a wise woman. besides your pretty friendly. I am your fan. good luck.

Paul Holmes Agree with Diane below -- one of the most brilliant movies ever made. Amazing script, amazing actors, wonderful ending. So far my two favorite movies -- very different -- are this and My Dear Desperado. Great movies and dramas are made in Korea!

Diane This movie is #1 on my list; my favourite movie of all time. Please believe me, this is saying something. I am not young, not Korean, and have seen a LOT of movies. I have never seen such a beautifully crafted message of Hope over Despair in all my life. I've watched it 5 times now, and anyone who stays at my house who will read subtitles gets to watch it. I agree with Scott, I would love to see more Korean movies like this one. Great acting, superb writing, excellent soundtrack and totally SUBTLE and intelligent. To John below, I don't know what you are smoking to call "A Cry in the Wild" a predecessor to this masterpiece. That movie is a poorly written, poorly acted, predictable piece of Hollywood trype with no message, and no similarity to Castaway at all.

John Many references to 'castaway' and it's predecessor 'A cry in the Wild' (based on the book hatchet)., with a great twist and addtions. Powerful performances, believable characters who make it easty to make an emotional investment in them. A great film that is fun and touching.

Bob Can't believe this didn't do well. Agree, the poster is horrible. Makes it look like a goof-ball kids movie, which couldn't be farther from the truth. One of the best romantic comedies ever made!! Go see it. Now!!

Gerardo Started to turn off the movie on Netflix...then when he started to eat the nectar on the flowers I kept watching. I am so glad I did. I truly enjoyed this movie and how two lonely, dysfunctional people helped each other, albeit from a distance. Until the end that is.

james Just saw this on netflix and I have to say that I am really surprised that this did not do well at the box office. Superb acting and incredibly well made. I will be recommending this to my friends.

mkruger This is a great movie, a rare gem, transcending any divide of language and culture. While a completely different genre, I rank it right up there is other great Korean films such as Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance and JSA, etc.

Dy This movie is amazing on so many levels. The amount of detail and thought put into the characters and every shot is incredible. Minute details such as the female lead character's hair showing that it used to be bleached blonde, but has about 3 years worth of growth on it since then.

Scott Simply great: the cinematography, the writing (though I relied on the subtitles), the fragile human portrayal. A revelation, really. As an outsider, I have witnessed small glimpses of Korean higher culture filtered through a dirty lens of corporate trash focused on the lowest common denominator with far more than just a passing interest over the last twenty years. I have often been bored or mortified by formulaic soap operas, mediocre horror flicks and puppet-like girl bands featuring forced dance moves and canned music.

This film must be truly representative of what Korean actors, musicians, and artists are currently producing, but like the corporate exports from the US in the 1980s -- Dallas, Rambo, and the like -- the world is typically exposed to the basest examples and sees stereotyped images. Korean movie execs, please send more like this!

NewKDramaAddict Who thought I would enjoy a movie that just focused on two people. This was really good. Unfortunately, it was never explained why Jung Ryeo-Won's character was hiding herself. We assumed that something had happened 3 years ago. Its worth it but its not your normal movie. Its definitely reminiscent of "Castaway"

loyalfan_1 I have not this movie yet, but believing it's good. I would love to see Ryu Jung being a secret agent for a secret society and killing her enemies one by one. I haven't got a chance to see this type of drama yet. A drama with actions and romantic love story will be interesting. It's not her fault when the drama or movie flop. It's just something we can't know. No matter how she fare in her drama, she is still the No.1 actress in the eyes of the fans. No one can take her place of being the best and most beautiful person.

Ian Nafiri This film is amazing.

ggruehl I have been on a nonstop search for the orange octagon shaped fanny pack the delivery boy has around his waist.. HELP.. or. HELLO

unamaruna I like this movie, especially Jeong Jae-Yeong. He is a good and smart actor..

unamaruna Yesterday I was watch this movie. So cute and funny..I really like this movie, especially when Jeong Jae-Yeong act. He is really a great and smart actor. I will be a number one fans yo!

fern the story was different and i like this movie ,simple and unique romcom movie ,actors have well justifed their characters from the begining to ending movie grabs your attention

ludi I simply like this movie!

Karolin An international coment (in English)Do you remember?.... Just one idea comes to my mind when I saw this movie a couple of times....

       ""Castaway on the moon... is a POEM"" !!!

william sengdara I loved the end: when she ran to him. Excellent.

brian I loved this movie!

Strange but fun. Not quite the art film I thought it might be, but a more mainstream movie that doesn't push anything too disturbing or deep. Cute idea and quite well executed too.

Take a break from typical Korean dramas and love stories and watch this for a change.

bye bye

vivi I kinda believe that the movie flopped due to the horrible poster :p

Phil wow. it was the best korean film I’ve seen in a while.

Willby I saw it, it was great ^^

keletonic I want to see this so bad.

Ki Like most things in life, it’s rare that you’ll come across a film that doesn’t seem derivative of another work. The new South Korean film “Castaway on the Moon” isn’t one of those rare film either as you’ll likely pick up on its influences like the 2000 film “Cast Away,” Joon-ho Bong’s “Shaking Tokyo” from the 2008 omnibus film “Tokyo!,” and Pen-ek Ratanaruang’s 2003 film “Last Life in the Universe.” If “Castaway on the Moon” was structured just to recreate these prior films than you should expect a stinker, but like a great hip-hop track that spins out a few well placed samples into a song of its own, “Castaway on the Moon” easily spins out these influences to make a film that can stand on its own. The film is directed by Hae-jun Lee who turns in a stellar sophomore effort after his brilliant debut “Like a Virgin.” There’s also well known actor Jae-yeong Jeong turning in his most appealing performance since “Someone Special” and the up & coming young actress Ryeo-won Jeong making a splash as a reclusive hikki mori.

As you might guess by now, “Castway on the Moon” turns out to be a good ole fashion love story told from an unusual vantage point. Because of the distance between the main characters the pair rarely communicates in real time. This allows the film’s director, Hae-jun Lee, to integrate several charming vignettes on Mr. Kim’s plight as a castaway and Ms. Kim’s plight as another type of castaway. The heart of the story really unfolds in the third act once the pair makes overtures to meet face to face. Unlike most commercial Korean films, Hae-jun Lee leaves excessive melodrama alone and gives the actors room to bring about emotions more naturally. Kudos goes out to Jae-yeong Jeong for turning in his best performance since “Someone Special” and Ryeo-won Jeong for exhibiting more of her unique charms that she already displayed in “Two Faces of My Girlfriend.”

“Castaway on the Moon” turns out to be a charming & highly unique film – especially considering its origins as a mainstream Korean film. The film elicits a surprising amount romance (one that’s geared especially for lovers of oddball & misfit characters) and also judicious amounts of smiles & laughter. Not sure why, but “Castaway on the Moon” did flop at the Korean box office selling only 700,000 tickets. But don’t let that little fact deter you. Take it as more of a confirmation that majorities don’t always know best.

MovieCritic If you cross the movies "Castaway" (staring Tom Hanks) and Rear Window (Directed by Alfred Hitchcock) you get this movie. To accept the realism of the story one might have to take it with a pinch of salt.

I love this movie. Jae-yeong Jeong has an infectious smile and all the movies I have seen him in have been enjoyable. This is the second time I've seen Ryeo-won Jeong and I have to say she has grown more beautiful since "Two Faces of My Girlfriend".

The plot description is pretty much sum it up. There isn't much dialogue and most of the script is done in monologues (soliloquies).

Highly recommended

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