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  • Drama: Bride of the Century (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Baeknyeonui Shinboo
  • Hangul: 백년의 신부
  • Director: Yun Sang-Ho
  • Writer: Baek Young-Sook
  • Network: CSTV
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: February 22 - April 12, 2014
  • Runtime: Saturdays & Sundays 20:00
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


The Taeyang Corporation is the largest conglomerate in South Korea. The family that runs Taeyang has been under a curse for 100 years. The curse began when the first bride of the family's first son died. Under this situation, a love like fairy tale occurs while conspiracies run rampant.


Bride of the Century-Yang Jin-Sung.jpg Bride of the Century-Lee Hong-Ki.jpg Bride of the Century-Yang Jin-Sung1.jpg Bride of the Century-Nam Jeong-Hee.jpg Bride of the Century-Park Jin-Joo.jpg
Yang Jin-Sung Lee Hong-Ki Yang Jin-Sung Nam Jeong-Hee Park Jin-Joo
Na Doo-Rim Choi Kang-Joo Jang Yi-Kyung Park Soon-Bok Oh Jin-Joo
Bride of the Century-Choi Il-Hwa.jpg Bride of the Century-Kim Seo-Ra.jpg Bride of the Century-Jung Hae-In.jpg Bride of the Century-Jang Ah-Young.jpg Bride of the Century-Kang Pil-Sun.jpg
Choi Il-Hwa Kim Seo-Ra Jung Hae-In Jang Ah-Young Kang Tae-Hwan
Choi Il-Do Kim Myeong-Hee Choi Kang-In Lee Roo-Mi Secretary Kim
Bride of the Century-Sung Hyuk.jpg Bride of the Century-Shin Eun-Jung.jpg Bride of the Century-Kim Ah-Young.jpg Kim Yoo-Jung Bride of the Century-Lim Byung-Ki.jpg
Sung Hyuk Shin Eun-Jung Kim Ah-Young Kim Yoo-Jung Lim Byung-Ki
Jang Yi-Hyun Ma Jae-Ran God of House Leeann Butler Jang
Bride of the Century-Kwon Eun-Ah.jpg
Kwon Eun-Ah
Butler Jang's wife


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ckyong Finally got a chance to watch this drama. 10 ep to go to the final but what the heck that the ghost is sooooooo damn scary! I love the main actress. She reminds me to Jang Na Ra with similar face yet cute and the storyline itself DAEBAK!. Good job everyone!

A nice plot :)

KC So Boon-In is Doo-Rim's previous life? Is that why the ghost picked Doo-Rim? Because she owned her debt in saving her child's life? Anyone please tell me......

I agree with the below comments that the lead actor should be more mature. Lee Hong-Ki's acting is superb but he looks too young to be a daddy. When he's holding the baby, I feel like he's holding his nephew instead of his own child.

Trew Must watch drama, nice romance. The ghost (god of house) is really adorable ;) And acting of Yang Jin Sung in dual role is perfect. You love her and hate her.

tp This drama is quite captivating. I love every single episode & especially the ending. Thanks everyone for making such a worthy one for us to watch.

Fathima Omg i love this drama. The best drama i ever seen. I love the way they act and everything. And its heart touching I wish you guys all the best.

cacaqila The ghost is so adorable??

As930725 this drama theme is really same with japanese manga "Anata Ni Hana O Sasagemashou", i fon't know it's an incident or may be just copying.

harysca wow..the drama z xo wow,.i just love it,thumbs up to the main characters lee hong ki and yang jin sung,...a was xo moved by them,.without forgettn the "god of the house" kim ah young...she can really be a ghost,..congrats to everybody who made this whole thing successful,.

Margie Viruet I hope you continue doing more romance and comedy dramas .Excellent actor.May all your dreams comes out

Vennela I really enjoyed this drama. It is very cool and amazing... I will really recommend this drama. It is very nice and unique plot and not having and loose ends.

Must watch drama.....

blair i love'nt it called destiny????i did;nt even notice that he is oppa lee hong ki...but from the first time a watched it i knew that in my heart

gong shil this drama is my favourite by far! I really enjoyed watching this, hong ki is very good actor! I think this drama has a very interesting plot. very intriguing to watch. every episode has surprise.

Liliana This Drama is very Interesting.. Must Watch !

Chibi-chan i really love your drama..... i totally fallen to Lee Hong-Ki... I love how the drama flows..... :))))) Hope I can see you in personal. Hope that you can visit the Philippines... (@^_^@)

Oyabun Finally gave it a try after reading the comments. The drama was good thanks the main actress. She is cute and did a great job portraying 2 characters. On the contrary the male guy was not soo good. He was too much of a wooden face and his change of attitude was hardly understandable. Furthermore, he was way too short for the main girl and sometime he looked younger than her. This allmost killed she show for me. The drama would have been great with another male lead taller and with more subtle emotions. Overall it is an enjoyable drama which made me discover this actress. I wish her the best for her future as an actress.

winwin It was a nice drama! I expected a lot because of all the positive response, and I wasn't disappointed. No need to say Yang Jin Sung did an amazing job. I've catched myself thinking that are 2 different persons even though I know it was only one. Lee Hongki's acting was quite good but I don't think it was that amazing, Maybe because I always see him as the playful singer I'm used to. Sometimes he looked kinda stiff but maybe it was just me. I'm looking forward for his future acting projects (Modern Farmer) though. Overall it's definitely worth watching with its nice storyline and actors.

nasra this drama was very amazing i really really want to watch this all over again and again

theemarzztakeo Truly superb drama! I had to sit all day to finish all 16ep. I couldnt afford a minute not to finish it because it is that good, no, good is understatement, it's amazing! The actress who played the dual role is also great! Her acting is way way too impressive, to act two total opposite characters is utterly difficult but she definitely nailed it and won't leave the viewers confused about who's who coz she was able to portray both roles splendidly and faultless~

cristina This show is amazing. Originally I just watched it for Hong ki but I was surprised by how amazing the plot was. Definitely recommend it.

kangjulover best ever kdrama that i've watched..i love the story, conflicts, the turn of events and more especially the ending.. <3 :))

Yzabell One of the best drama I've watched.. :)

Yzabell Great drama. One of the best drama I've watched. :)

Angel Yabut Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!! i really love this drama a lot. The actors and actresses did a very great job. This added to my list of favorite Koreannovelas. Two thumbs up! Nice story and a very good message that we can apply in our everyday lives! Saranghaeyo:)

Mae Good drama i like the story two thumbs up :)

Ellehc i didn't watch this drama yet but i do watch the scenes in youtube.. i think im going to go crazy because of hog ki :))

alan wong just finished watching this drama which is full of fresh plots and romantic & funny scenes where we should also give credit to the creative screnwriter....its really amazing to see how Yang Jin-Sung able to portray both the kind & bad characters so well that we may think for a while that there are two different person...however, i gradually begin to understand the message behind Doo-Rim / Yi-Hyun metahphor that we all have good & not-so good qualities and it is for us to decide which one we want to be...

divina The movie was so fun even though there is a ghost she is also funny!!! I want to see the movie again.

liel Amazing drama. The actors played so good

J. This series is so dumb it makes Korean people look stupid!

Lenalee lee I didn't watch the drama yet but this drama sure do scary Its creeping me

TT Great drama! thumbs up!

Sim Li Yee My favorite drama so far. Love both Lee Hong Ki and Yang Jin Sung chemistry. Storyline interesting and most important not draggy. Guess i had been watching it over more than 10 times and still enjoying it soooooo much. Never expect much from Lee Hong Ki being a cool guy, as his cute 'Jeremy' character in 'you are beautiful' had deeply casted in my mind. He is a man attractive one!

YooJin This drama is awesome.. Sad, funny and Lee Hong Ki so handsome ^^

Hana OH My GOD !!!!! this is the best drama EVER! le hongki was so cute and he acted really well I LOVE HIM  !!!! i will be waiting for his new drama <3

Dahlia Daebakkkk....

I can't stop watching this drama. My feelings are complicated. But one, why at last episode there's no kissing scene :(((

Sandra AWARDS!AWARDS!AWARDS! This is one everyone should watch. Very good from beginning to end. Third time watching.

Ozmo But what's with the weird short trousers? They look like they've quarrelled with their socks! lol

Ozmo I'd pick Sung Hyuk... perfect in every way!

yulie Very recommended drama.........D A E B A K !! Lee Hong Ki........awesome.......

marie Anneoung! I got the chance to watched this kdrama and I am certainly enjoying every episode of it. I'll finish the last 3 episodes the soonest I come back home from work today. This drama inspires me a lot. I liked and loved this because its a combination of comedy-drama-horror love story. I hate watching girls who cries a lot on a kdrama! YJS really did a great job! She did her 2 roles excellent. LHK is kinda cute hihi. Great Tandem! Ganbate nee!

ann can someone tell me what was the song being played in ep11 where doo rim was recalling the memories of yihyun in the hospital? i want it so badly but its not in the OST list :(

Fearry I've just finished watching the first 6 episodes in a row, i really love Lee Hong-Ki -who is very handsome <3- and i think that the female lead (the fake) suites him, love every part of this Drama up to now and i recommend it to every one.

dadz I still can't get over with this drama. I miss it every time I open my tv . . . . . . . . . . . .already watched it for 5 times in just a week . . .

mich . .anyeonghaseo! . . .. . I love this drama so much. every episode just drive me crazy. . ..

           It's funny and at the same time an inspiring drama. Especially it was Lee HOng KI who acted as the male lead of the drama .
       lee hong ki's most handsome moment was in the 3rd episode i think,when he faced the mirror asking what kind of a woman is jang yi kyung. and his cutest moment in the whole drama was when he found out that the  one he loved was the fake one . it happened at the restaurant of na doo rim . . . . .
     i love this so much . . .i'[m looking forward to another lee hong ki drama in  the future

Cecil Love this drama! LOVE the actors they showed great chemistry. hope Lee Hong Ki makes another light rom-com.

Jean LOVE THIS DRAMA <3 <3 Thank you to the director, producers and the whole team for making this! It has become one of my favourite dramas to cherish! Hope to see more dramas from the actors and actresses!

Liin One of the best love story

shin love this drama !! ♥♥♥

s OH MY GOD !!!!! this is the best drama EVER! le hongki was so cute and he acted really well I LOVE HIM!!!! ill be waiting for his new drama <333333

Carmenita Highly recommended!!!

Mary Jane For highly recommended to viewers watch!! Super love it....

kai i think they somehow connected with Gag Concert team? One of gagman appear as the mc at eating race, and so far (still in 2/3rd episode) i've heard 2 catchphrases popular at gag con.. Oh, getting me deeper in love

joy happy The best drama ever!!..the soundtrack was fantastic. .will watch again thank you for the cast well done and great job..aza aza hwaiting! !^^

vvvv i love the house ghost actress! for me the whole drama she is the highlight and what a great acting! I really hope she will star more drama and movies in the future!

rc137 Yi Kyung and Yi Hyun had same father, different mothers. To Yi Kyung's mom, he was a step son. To Yi Kyung, he was a half brother. Assuming Yi Hyun's mother had Yi Hyun with Yi Kyung's dad.

doo rim Best story ever!!!

doo rim I already finished this drama. The actors were all great!!:) especially my new idol yang jin sung.. what a great acting! Hope she will lead another drama this year. Thank you for the person who made jin sung to be the lead girl here. I'm still watching this again and again. I got goosebumps when the ghost said she will repay her friend in the next life for saving the child.. i hope it happens in reality, that there would be a next life. Anyways, this drama is the number 1 for me now.. i find myself being hooked on this drama!

Al I regret not starting this drama earlier on! I've been putting it off for a while after only watching part 1 of episode 1 and only came back after months and am currently on episode 5.

Lee Hong Ki's voice is so husky and hot omg <3 I love his mature character <3 DAMN

I like it when Jin-Sung act classy. It suits her better!

I hope this turns out well~

Al I regret not starting this drama earlier on! I've been putting it off for a while after only watching part 1 of episode 1 and only came back after months and am currently on episode 5.

Lee Hong Ki's voice is so husky and hot omg <3 I love his mature character <3 DAMN

I like it when Jin-Sung act classy. It suits her better!

Clara Ok I have a question . Were jang yi kyung and jang yi Hyun half brother and sister or when they just step brother and sister

Sely Tha Just finished watching the drama only for 2 days... the story line is so interesting, drama, horror, comedy, grudge, all in here... big applause for yang jin sung's act, I never consider yi kyung& doo rim was played by the same person... Hong ki has different charisma here... he seems more mature than cute now... ehehe& I love the character of gwishin here, both scary& beautiful ^^

Rachel I love this drama. Thanks for making it. I love the lead actor and lead actress. I've seen a lot of emotions... i cried a lot and laughed so much... thank you very much

Clara This drama was good but also a hot mess

ru way dah i just love this drama... i hope i can watch it again... yang gin sung did a great job thank you

ru way dah i just love this drama... i hope i can watch it again... yang gin sung did a great job

kev first part was so good...then halfway through it went pear shaped... not too bad altogether

Tracy Kwon I love this drama because it has a unique story-line. Very fun and lovely acting but dark and evil at the same time. It is the drama of the century. ;)

jkh lee hong ki was cool in this drama. hope that after this drama he will get more offer as lead in the future. hope that he will act together with fujji mina in a drama. i will waiting for that. i hope that after this it can help ft island became more known because fnc is NOT promoting them as they promoting cn blue. that whys cn blue get more attention. FT ISLAND fighting

cookiemonstur Korean Dramas have always been great. The stories were unpredictable and genuinely portrayed. The actors and actresses were of fine caliber. The same goes for 'The Bride of the Century', it went far beyond my expectations on Korean Dramas. Calling it a mere plot twist with be an insult to the carefully woven story of the writer, the tale of a family legacy that went beyond a century of challenges is definitely outstanding. I hope to see more dramas of this caliber. Kudos to all those behind the success of this production!

Tears One of the best drama I have seen since SG. LOVE IT

kjh lee hong ki deebakkkk hope in the future he will be more lead character i hope one day he will act together with fujji mina hope to see them both together again fighting lee hong kii

Margaret LOVED Bride of the Century! And I'll watch it again. When it first came out, I marathoned 5 episodes in one weekend and had to go watch it again until the new episodes came out. Great casting! Great storyline! Great show! BRAVO! Congratulations!!

Lydia Bride of the Century was one of my favorite dramas of 2014 so far. I thought Lee Hong Ki did quite well (he especially looks good with dark hair as he looks more mature and manly). However, I think the one that deserves a lot of kudos is Yang Jin Sung, whom I remember from Secret (another 2014 favorite). I think she did an exceptional job in this drama and hope to see more of her. I am surprised that others are saying this had low ratings and on Cable TV. I was expecting it to be more popular as it is more of a trendy drama and had everything going for it to make it as popular as Heirs. Another character I really liked was Kim Ah Sung who played the ghost. She seems fairly new in the Kdrama world. I think she did a fantastic job and hope she gets future projects....and her own page on Asianwiki;).

I think the story was very well written. I think they did a good job for the ending and resolved the unresolved situations. You left having no questions and a sense of completion to the drama. The romance wasn't sappy....about 90% of the time. Sure it had the occassional romantic cliques but it was still enjoyable. And I think the best part about this drama is how well they developed the characters, especially showing very raw human feelings. And the villains were actually bearable. I wasnt face palming every time an antagonist did something, because the writer wrote them in a way where you could feel sympathy for them and why they did what they did and the villainous acts werent done in such an overyly dramatic way.

Sad it's over now. I'll have to look for a new drama. Perhaps Secret Love Affair?^^

misch just discovered this drama .. and i love it!! it's good to see hong ki as well... thanks to the cast and production staff for this wonderful and fun drama!

apple leynes Wish KBS took this drama! will miss Lee Hong Ki! this drama is fascinating. we need this kind of drama in this stressful world. Lee Hong ki - we hope to see you very soon !

YoonAh @Thie, this is shown on cable TV that is why the rating is low. However, the ratings are quite good for Cable TV.

Really great drama...good to see Lee HongKi again, last time I saw him was in You're beautiful.

Mary Jane I can't wait for the next episode.... I just wish they could have just put until episode 20.... oMG I will surely miss the liveteam of Nadorim and kangJU.. Love u Lee HOngKi "SEVERELY!!!!

Herlina28 Love this drama......very love it, in preview ep. 15 Doo Rim move to Namhae seem she is will pregnant hope that Kang Ju know it (love this part baby Eunjae show up)........i hate they separated (Kanh Ju and Doo Rim).

doo rim Love this drama so much! From ep 1 til 12.. i haven't finished watching ep 13 yet.. yang jin sung is a very good actress. I see yoon eun hye to her.. she's so funny ah ha!

farahdiyana I really love this drama. I can't wait for the next episode. Btw , i love when them be together again. So sweet. I love everything from this drama. Just like i love My love from another star and emergency couple.

이 현이 Gosh eps.14 killed me! Ahh i'am so curious :" eps 15 and 16 juseyooo~ doorim and kangjun hwaiting

Thie This is a great drama, the actress an actor played well. but why theres no rating ? Cmon this is a great show

Mei Awesome and interesting drama! I hope the next episodes come out quickly~

Hongchan I really like this drama, awesome jjang!! Fighting Hongchan

Tiffany I love this movie so much... Yongki is so cute

love hoongki lee hong ki fighting!

chaty kasteliya i like this drama..and makes me curious to watch it again xoxoxo

Lazmi Eagerly waiting for the next episode ......

liliya I love love love this drama. When is the next episode coming out? I can't wait to see what will happen!!! it seems that most of the young cast went to the same plastic surgeon. their face shape and mouth look to similar.

iloveheirs She made me LOVE doo rim and HATE yi kyung goshh she is a great actress she deserves many awards this year !! And my favourite drama until now is this and heirs

ka.mi great story! the lead actors are great! I fell more in love with the series after hearing Lee Hong Ki's Words I have yet to say!! Especially with Kang Joo. FIGHTING!!

My22 Yang Jin Sung is really good. Fell in love with her after watching just a few episodes. Love this drama

L0V3it Hong Ki oppa is so cute and charming when he smiles. I can't wait until yi kyung and her rotten mother get found out, or better yet get thrown into a jail cell.

Beelizard I love how Yang Jin-Sung makes you love Doo Rim, and absolutely hate Yi Kyung. Really great acting in my opinion. LEE HONG-KI OPPA!! Love him

jelai I love this series....and I want to meet them in person but I dont know how?

jelai I love this series....

hongki&yonghwaADDICT I LOOVVVEEEE HongKi oppa he is so good looking and I also LOVE Yang Jin Sung unnie as Doo Rim but I hate hate hate Yi Kyung she's BEYOND HORRIBLE!!!! I just watched ep 10 and I'm dying to know what happens next. Jin Sung unnie Hong Ki oppa HWAITING. BOTC Team HWAITING!!

lalprincess DAEBAK....!!!! Love this soo much that I never want to stop watching it. Lee HongKi and Yang Jin Sung  are the best couple, totally love them. Its just so amazing how Jin sung can act two characters at the same, love her acting. cant wait for the next few eps, wishes there would be more. This drama is not ur usually formal drama, theres unexpected thing happening in every episode wnd u can never guess what might happen next....^-^ FIGHTING to all the BOTC of luck and kamsahamnida...♥♥♥♥:-D:-):-):-)

Fatima I just noticed only now that the heroine, which represents good Na Doo-Rim wearing white and the evil Jang Yi-Kyung wearing black .

My problem is that I concentrate on one thing at a time if i am distracted by something else i would never noticed like the elephant in the room even if he is an actual one i will see him i will just pass by him maybe even I will say "Hi Elphy "and then when i notice him i will drop on the floor and leave the room scared crawling .

na doo rim Aigoo! This couple keeps me awake everynight!! I'm watching it over and over again.. i think i'm crazy for this drama! Eotteoke??

na doo rim Aigoo! This couple keeps me awake everynight!! I'm watching it over and over again.. i think i'm crazy!! Eotteoke??

le hongki fanny OMG it is very popular in CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love hong ki oppa's acting he is so good lookin in black hair...

Cat Jenkins This drama has not followed any of the regular 'formulas' - normally there is a kiss by ep 4, a piggy back ride, a separation/misunderstanding, then somewhere right before the last episode, things align and we get 15-20 min of happy together. Well! This one started with kisses almost every episode, laughter & happy interspersed generously, and a Nice dose of sweet true love.... and NOW... there are 6 more episodes!!!! I am blown away, beyond happy, biting my knuckles in anticipation. Despite sometimes waiting for a series to finish so I don't have to suffer this anxiety... there is no way I am going to wait, and I love every minute. Lee HongKi and Yang JinSung have got what it takes to keep me mesmerized!

keiko why till ep 16 only? it should be till ep 20 or more plsssssssssssss TT..TT

Sora OMG!!! So true the cliff hangers are a killer!!!! now gotta wait afew days for ep11!!! other than that its a awesome drama!!!

renea OMG!!!!!!!!! If you don't want to be hanging off your seat till the next episode is out wait till the season is over!!!!! It leaves so much to guessing and hoping wondering sighing and cursing on how stupid it is but so worth it!!! Still I would recommending waiting till you can do a marathon because it's so frustrating with the cliff hangers and what's going to happen next I love this show

gifty I really want them to extend the episode, only 16 episode is not fair because this movie is really nice.I love it

aya Its disheartening to know that it will be 16 episodes we should spread BotC to appeal for an extension of the series..CROSSFINGERS!

Nina @ohho Thanks for letting me know! And that sucks, 16 eps? I was really happy that it was 20 but I guess 16 is better than nothing :( I really love this drama <3

ohho @nina I read somewhere that they said it is confirmed BOTC will have 16 eps only..

wenniew Really super duper like this kdrama....indeed!!! Very reccomended to watch :)

Nabiluv Oh I think KangJu well notice the different soon enough ..that the person he loves is not YiKyung..also he did notice the bracelet difference before plus there personality is so different.. (Great acting I must say) Oh also OMG how could the brother be in love with someone that looks just like his little Sister ughh ewww yuck!! Can't even like some with a slight resemblance of a 3rd cousin worst yet my brother ewww.. I hope they write that crush off soon..please !!

Nabiluv @some random stranger She did it because she already knew about Doo Rim and knew that she would of try to save her.. That's why she did it right where Do Rim could of see her plus she give her the bracelet as an IOU .. Well atleast that's what I think..Plus I think she has No intentions in killing Doo Rim.. I believe that she wants her to be with KangJu KangJu was always a cold hearted loner and (his only confort was with the ghost she always took care of him) up until Do Rim came along pretending to be YiKyung.. Well that's what I think....

Some random stranger I'm so confused about the beginning. Why did the ghost jump in the water and who was the girl she chased away.. whaaaat.

Sonya Normally, I am bothered when the story is not tightly knit and defies reality... but not in this drama. It manages to be very funny, interesting, engaging, in spite of some angles that do not add up. I am totally into this drama. The acting, directing, pacing, dialogues and storyline are superb.

tanooza vandari @kpage i agree with yuh ...........m so excited for tonight's episode..m really curious about what happens to doo rim after they get married.hope she will not die

sama I think that is a very good movie

Kpage I understand that everyone thinks that Kang Ju should know the difference between Na Doo Rim and YK. However, according to the show, he only met her once before briefly when they announced the engagement. (He flew back for the announcement from abroad and it was rushed...) and the second time was at the airport in episode 1. He has a feeling that something isn't right...remember when he asks himself, "who are you YK? "Are you from another planet?" "Unexpected things make me uncomfortable". So, we need to wait...he will sort it out quickly....

Also, YH suspects his Step Mother knew where YK was hiding but he still doesn't know the reason he just found out about the curse in the last episode but like everyone else (except the main characters) he thinks its just a story...

I hope our hero finds out soon...that he is in love with Na Doo Rim and doesn't freak out because he feels betrayed. Also, there are some photos that have been released on a few sites that give a very exciting preview of the next episode!

Efatzwa i think the story was amazing .. even though all of commentator say this drama have a flaw.. the story seems like reality.. ghost, love and main character was so good... moreover all of genre is like there in this drama... bride of the century team fighting !!!! ^u^^u^

rskdrama 2nd flaw- yi-hyun suspected his mother and sister. But now that his sister, yi-kyung is back and all the things he could suspect are happening, he is not doing anything at all...

I am digging too deep into this story? we watch so many screen plays with flaws, should just leave it as one of them?

Snowbutterfly @rskdram~~ agree with what you said. Kang-joo should recognize the diff between yi-kung and do-rim.... I do find kind of odd that he could not see the difference

rskdrama There is a fundemental character flaw in this drama- that kang-joo can't recognize the difference between yi-kyung and do-rim. Now that he is in love with do-rim, he should see the difference in yi-kyung. Other than that all is well in this drama...

Kpage @mapara: I'm looking for that song too....will let you know if I find out. Please let me know if you find out. THX

Mapara this drama got such a incredible plot. hong ki is doing very-well and his acting skills are very improved since episode one and two! i'm totally in love with the lead actress her acting is amazing and i'm wondering why she didn't have that much of main characters in dramas ;-; well, anybody knows the name of the song that is na doo rim's ringtone and also appeared in episode 3 on (38:00) ?

ssa nomu nomu choa this drama. i just can't believe that hongki can be the cool guy. i so love him as a cheerful guy, just surprising with his character here. i hope this drama would has the happy ending, i don't want to see hongki sad.

ohho Since Kang Ju's mom believes in that curse thats why i came up with that theory....keke..if she realy killed her then she dont need Yi Kyung to marry Kang Ju..but drama always know how to mislead the audience.. have the point there..cant wait to see how they going to unfold the story..weee~~~

Kpage @MaryFrances: The song is "Words I Have Yet To Say." He recorded it as well as singer ChoA (lovely adaptation)

@ooho: not confirmed yet on black and white ghost being the same. Also, the curse is on oldest son. My thoughts are that even if he leaves the house and his wealth he still can't stop being the oldest son.


n from my opinion, i think all this plan by kang ju's mother .if you say kang ju's mother doesn't do anything with this, why she ask roo mi to be patient and ask her to always be side of kang ju and she also said by herself that if roo mi be patient she going to be like her (married with kang ju's dad). you should watch ep 5 anyways this drama so nice.LEE HONG KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII FIGHTINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG FTISLAND DEABAKKKKKKKKKKKKK

Mary Frances Been following this drama....just wanna ask if anyone here knows the song that Lee Hongki sang in episode 7? Thank you!

ohho I refrained myself from commenting or giving any thoughts since im waiting for ep7 & 8 subs to be out and watch the latest eps it is confirmed that both black and white ghost is the same ghost right?and i think if kang ju willing to leave the house and his wealth maybe he can break the curse (will it be that simple since it seems like kang ju is willing to leave the house).let's see what the ghost have to say next the ghost's face in the preview says otherwise.kekeke.yeah.i know.what we have to do is just relax and wait for the next ep to be aired.keke

@kpage i still believe oppa and yi kyung is half sister but i think that doo rim and yi kyung is related.keke

yes. (not sure if this a spoiler>>>) i dont think kang ju's mother killed his father's 1st wife or had to do with it. if she really do, then she would choose roo mi as her daughter in law at the first place.

Kpage PsychoticHatter: the spoilers below are NOT CONFIRMED so rest assured, there are still more twists in the story yet to come!!! Fighting!

PsychoticHatter SPOILERS IN THE COMMENTS BELOW THIS ONE! This would have been a nice thing to have noted before I read sakura's comment! I hate it when people can't help but put spoilers up without typing out a warning! I hadn't watched enough to know what they posted and now I am very annoyed!

cherlyn episode 8's ratings boosted to 1.062 nationwide hopefully it can get higherrr i love this drama ^-^ fighting~~

Fatima humplins

If you mean the poor girl pretending to be the rich twin the plot the reasons its all different the fact they are twins in the story they are not twin just a look alike

for me its totally new the plot

I love stories about curse that needs to be broken and witches and ghost stories

Sapphire Love this drama!! It's my first time watching Lee Hongki and he's a true eye candy. Also love the main actress Yang Jinsung as Doorierfect couple!! A drama that has a touch of mystery, melodrama and romcom..

humplins This drama kinda reminds me of I summon u gold drama of last year....quite the same plot

Kassy I seriously love this drama!!! The story line the actors everything!!! But I think it's so sad that those two people are willing to give up the main characters life while the other two girls are willing to give up her life as well. It's like the main actress is in this fight all alone. I hope the ghost helps her. She's so innocent and she got pulled in everything!! And she loves him so much too!! (Who can't it's freaking Lee HongKi!!) can't wait until ep 7&8!!!

Chanyeol as cant wait for episode 7&8, i love this drama! soo legendry

joanne I am not sure why I very low rated this drama.... I think the story is good and different in a good way and I would keep on watching only because of the story... I did not like the main actress.... I don't think it's the right actress in the right role.... I don't know, everything she does sound so fake with all respect, when she acts nice when she is drunk even her face expressions .. I know acting is not a game but I think there should ve been another better actress... In all cases, Brides of the century team fighting...

Bella I LOVE this drama SOOOOOOO much!! Yang Jin Sung is a super genius actress, I love how she's able to play her double role with a completely different personalities! And LEE HONG KI... oh I just love him. I love this drama so much, the story line and everything is just perfect. Sorry if I'm overreacting hahaha ;p Bride of The Century, fightinggg!

fatima I think ghost lady is the one who put the curse on the family for the first time and she want to end the curse with Na Doo-Rim help . I dont get it how these four women could live with them self knowing they are sacrificing and innocent girl soul for their own selfish reason Kim Seo-Ra & Jang Ah-Young (So her son marries the girl suit there family ) Ma Jae-Ran & Jang Yi-Kyung (for money the girl does not love Choi Kang-Joo they doing it for revenge too )

Anna Oh and I'm thinking that the white ghost might be the father's first wife?

Anna I love this show!, and I like the white ghost, she seems like the playful type, especially when she change the direction in Ep. 4 to make Doo Rim drove back to the mansion. Her look was such of a mischief girl.

Lila Omg!! This show is amazing, but I love love love Yi-Hyun. I really want oppa to end up with na doo-rim!!

kpage I think the first Bride (100 years ago) was not a "love" choice but a sacrifice in order for the second Bride to be installed after her death. I think that the curse hinges on true love.. The cheap bead bracelet that the ghost gave Na Doo Rim and the expensive engagement necklace that Kang Ju gave to YK - which symbolizes eternal love.

I think that there are either two ghosts identical like the brides good and bad-which may symbolize the fight between good-true love and evil-the love of power (wanting to be the Taesung daughter in law/money). What are your thoughts? So, the Ghost in white is trying to push Kang Ju and Na Doo Rim together yet, the Ghost in Black has not appeared to Na Doo Rim since the underwater scene. She has appeared to KY and scared her into actions that push her away from Kang Ju and opens the door for our favorite couple. So, more than likely its one ghost that changes form back and forth to achieve the results that will bring our couple together and end the curse...

Does anyone think that there is a possibility that the brother (oppa) is not a half sibling to the evil twin? That it will be revealed that he's not related in order to take the weirdness out of his "like" for Na Doo Rim? I wouldn't be surprised if it comes out later that the evil stepmother wasn't the one who hit Oppa's Mom when she was out buying birthday candles....

Jacqueline LOVING this drama!!!...such a great story so far. With each episode it gets better & better. Love all the characters but hoping Doo Rim ends up w/Kang Joo. Looking forward to the next episode.

kpage I think that it all hinges on "true love/eternal love". The ghost in the opening scene (the lady in white that jumped off the cliff that Na Doo Rim saved) talked about "him" cheating on her, said that he would love her forever. Also, it's interesting that the ghost talked about Na Doo Rim's body being that of. A little girl....what Kang Ju said almost verbatim about Na Doo Rim's body.

I think that there are either two ghosts like the two identical brides, one good and one bad or its the same ghost that has the ability to be both in order to influence the outcome which has to do with "love". After all, she asked Na Do Rim (after she threw the bracelet away) if she liked her gift or not? What are your thoughts?

eunjy I love this drama & I have to say that lee hong-ki oppa's acting has gotten better... there's that I'm so curious about & that is why the ghost tried to kill that bride 100 years ago & now is trying to help Na Doo-Rim (that looks exactly like that bride) to marry Choi Kang-Joo. the ghost was the one who helped Na Doo-Rim & Choi Kang-Joo to get close to each other,does she want to kill Na Doo-Rim or not?!

ohho @kpage, i rewatched E01 and yes..the girl looks like Ra Im. I have been thinking possible reason why the ghost wants to involve Doo Rim in Kang Ju's life, so maybe it had to do with the past or the incarnation.keke.

And actually Kang Ju's family is not poor back then but the girl is. The family is using the same method each time they want to marry the son in the family since 100 years ago.

And yes. it will be interesting if Doo Rim has 'some feeling' towards oppa.keke

fabiola me encantaaaa su actuación de hong ki el si en verdad cautiva con sus gestos es un buen actor y ademas cantante

Guest There's really nothing manly about the lead actor but Sung Hyuk is.

kpage Ohho, I went back and looked at the first episode when the first "substitute wife" died, and in the scened before she "falls" off the cliff you see her face. Doesn't she look like Na Doo Rim?

natako love this drama.... love hong ki... he have beautiful voice... indeed! lol... maybe the ghost became white because doo rim save her.. maybe? i hope kang ju end up with doo rim.. but i love doo rim - oppa scene.. so sweet.. hope writer-nim could make more scene about them.. ^^

ohho @kpage..oh.thank you.i have that thought at first (the white one-good one vice versa) but then i get confused because at the first episode when Doo Rim trying to save that women (in the water scene) it seems like that woman was wearing black..but then, i noticed that they seems to have different character where the women who gave Do Rim the bracelet is a bit funny and naughty..also thank you for highlighting the fact that Kang Ju's great great grandfather was poor back then..i didnt give much attention on that..will watch it back..hehe

The fact that Kang Ju knows the women is making this drama more interesting IMO. Oh..Cant wait for the following episode.

kpage Love this show! I think it's interesting how the ghost shows up to Na Doo Rim in white (good), and to Hy Kyung in black which corresponds to their hearts. The show's PR photo - (kang ju sitting and Na Doo rim in white on the left and Hy Kyung in black on the right) supports that idea. Also, the ghost pushes situations that bring Na Doo Rim together with Kang Ju and separates him from Hy Kyung. The simple " lucky" beads vs. the expensive necklace that symbolizes eternal love. One other thing I found interesting was that in the opening scene, the bride was poor, a substitute for the rich bankers daughter- mirroring this situation. She died the night of her wedding yet Kang ju's father's "poor" bride died on their honeymoon...hit by a car...wonder if her accident was man made not supernatural. After all Kang Ju's father married for love...what the white ghost is promoting. Kang Ju's mother was in the same role al Lee Roo Mi. The second choice. Also, does anyone know the name of the song/band that plays on Na Doo Rim's phone-her ring tone? Thanks...

ohho Can anyone enlighten me whether the woman who gave doo rim the bracelet is the same with the evil one or not.i kinda confused here..oh.i love this drama.i just hope this drama will have a good ending.

Tash @ Lay and Lenore their seems to be more to the story. They make it seem like they are half siblings but the mother said something in episode 3 I think about him not trying to find her because she is not his real sister. So he probably was adopted or a part of the story will be revealed later on I guess cause that's the only way I could see him having so much affection for her before Doo Rim came in to the picture.

Lay @lenore they are half siblings. They share the same father but different mothers. In one episode he speaks of how his mother died when he was young. His father then married Yi Kyungs mother and they had her. I mean the company belonged to his father so do you see him marrying a woman that already had a child? He was basically a chaebol.

RuLz to all : you can get ep 5 and 6 with english subtitle in dramania. it s aplication for smartphone :)

caheo has set 5 and set 6 but no sub

lenore Can someone explain the real relationship between her older brother and the "real" sister? I was under the conception that she was his half sister. But, on some of the sites, people are saying he was adopted, and there is no blood relation. One translation I saw, actually referred to her as a half sibling. The other said non-biological sibling. Does anyone know for sure?

sara Love this drama, think Hongki is doing a great job..

anntot guys ... please help .. where can i find episode 5 with English subs ?? i have been waiting for days ! cant wait any longer ! huhuhuhuhu

hong I can't wait anymore!! I want to watch more episodes!!!! i love this drama and le hong ki is so cute!!! :)

Dina I very like this k-drama

ii i think lee hong ki so good in this drama. it is being tall is everything?????

Guest I liked the first episode.

It has a potential to be a great drama. I just don't think the lead actor suits the Kang Ju role. He isn't that tall and manly and he's quite young. I believe an older and mature actor would have been a better choice.

Vio Very refreshing drama. Have been a fan of Hong Ki since he starred at "You're Beautiful"! Hope to see him in more Korean Dramas!

Janet I love watching this drama and Kim Sora. Of all the dramas that I've seen she seems to play the character where all her daughters (most beautiful) and sons (most handsome) top star Korean actors. I'm so glad she plays Lee Hong Ki's mom on this drama.

Kat so far a great drama, 20 episodes is the perfect amount anything longer then that honestly starts to drag and become boring fast

april omo!! I'm so excited to watch this Korean drama :) i know this would be great . .

Nin I love Choi Kang Ju.

aya BOTC gives me indifferent feeling. The plot is predictable but as the story's not actually what i thought the story to, i just so love the overlapping of characters..It just weakens me because it has only 16 episodes.. =)

Leigh When is ep 5 coming?????

RuLz daebak!! i really happy can find another interesting drama after another star. this drama s really interesting and give me many question. why the ghost help them? is the curse true? is the ghost just want to kill first bride that first son's loved? and many else..

waiting for the next episode :)

surususu totally addicted!!

Joongde Can't wait to see the next episode, Uri Hongki look so handsome <3<3 please hurry..

Kdramaland LOVE LOVE LOVE this drama....totally recommend it!!

havoca Wow.the plot is really interesting with all the curse thing going on. Can't wait to see what's gonna happened :)

alinaa the beginning wasn't that good, but if you keep reading, it's soooo addicting!

jinsung i cant wait please please new episodes come quicklyy

sarah jane I love this drama !!!!! Kang-Joo oppa,fighting!!!!!:)

MuchMuch Very cute and entertaining. I think there 2 ghost seem like black and white. Can't wait to see the next episodes. Good job for lee hong ki seeing his other side of acting.

Cindy Definitely addicting. I love it! Can't wait for 5 and 6! My Wednesday thru Saturday nights are taken with Emergency Couple and Bride of the Century!


Aymey @vltina

You mean the ghost is trying to get them together? But the ghost 'helpfully' told Yi Kyung that she's is gonna die if she is the first one to marry Gang Ju.

And, is the ghost the lady that is trying to drown herself in episode 1? (gosh, as I was typing this, the image of the ghost smiling underwater come to my mind lol zz)

Unless, the ghost wants to reverse the curse, since she gave her a bracelet, supposedly giving her luck, hopefully enough luck to avoid the death curse.

wena Lee Hongki is an actor before he became a singer.. fighting..

iem hei u can watch this drama in eng subs at i just fin watch ep 3 and 4....

frank Lee hong ki is not some crazy coloured hair guy in this drama,he is a cool and mature one, this drama absolutely better than cunning single lady, ep 3 - 5 subtitle please

mickdiee best drama after my love from another star but why it takes so long to post the eng sub? did the rating is low in korea?

tasha Lee Hong Ki look so manly in this drama had been waiting to see him as a handsome, and manly guy since so long really glad that it's being shown in this drama. The actress I've seen her acting in a drama called "Heartless City" but not as a main lead and i did not realize her beauty then and acting skills but now it's a different story.The drama itself seems good will definitely wait till the end....Fighting Lee Hong Ki and co star Yang Jin-Sung

loves them ep.3 please..I really want to watch ep.3 and 4 but no subtitle yet....subtitle pleeeeeeease...

gominam Ep 3 pleaseeeeee :( I love lee hong ki so much @here

Samantha What's taking so long for episode 3 and 4 to be translated to English?! plssssssssss!

ella i need episode 3 plsssss.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ada lee When episode 3 come out? I wait for so long ady

vltina i also think that the ghost is trying to get them together cuz at the end of ep 4, it show that the ghost is the one who push doo rim in the club and the one who kick the brisk ! but if thats not it then at the end doo rim might have to die -___-

eunjunglove9 OMG..already watch 2 episode. This drama is so exciting. can't wait to see what will happen to Doo Rim,Yi Kyung and Kang Joo... Love to see Yang Jin Sung as a lead in drama. She's so pretty>>

#Eiresh68 LEE HONG KI everyone will support you!~ don't groww older huehue make more dramas please, and i suggest you make one with LEE SOON SHIN :") have a good day!

tanooza vandari hong ki look so hot here

se-na doesn't lee hong ki looks handsome in this drama ?? ^^ he's always cute, but this time he looks like a real gentle man, not like that freakingly happy bud' in You're Beautiful ~* lol the drama is that funny that i'm in stitches while watching that XD Lmfo '__'

tina Isn't choi-II Hwa playing in two dramas now? Inspiring generation and bride of the century. He probably has a busy schedule. Fighting!

Haha :D Does anyone know when episode 3 is coming out?

BOTC this drama is awesome. lee hong ki is a great actor. i love him. can't wait ep 3. getting addicted .totally recomendded

verne Lee Hong- Ki as I've never seen. This actor has matured greatly. The relationship with Na Do Rim(Jang Jin Sung) is very interesting. After watching episodes 1 and 2, I am hooked.I feel the mix of the supernatural with the wickedness of the living makes for a great drama , which ultimately evolves to humor and love.

mickdiee from supporting actor to main lead. congratulation yang jing sung :D

KpopFan Got to say lee Hong ki looks soooo good in here and the drama is actually creepy but it really interesting

KIKI I think that the ghost did that on purpose so in that way she could help her , and that the ghost is trying to put them together. But i kinda feel that there will be a love triangle , with the two girls. Maybe those two are twins.

tina I wonder why the ghost is putting them two together. Is the ghost trying to lift the curse or is she going to kill the first bride again?

aki Omg..... i love this drama Come on Lee hung ki

Shirley Tan Highly recommended!! Must watch..

Shirley Tan Awesome! Daebak!! This drama really highly recommended! Watched the 2eps back to back and now addicted to it. Lee Hong Ki serious 'face' acting really good. Like his acting so much.

Arissa The first 2 episodes were enjoyable. They were light-hearted. The acting is good. Lee Hong Ki serious character is well balanced the the upbeat perky character played by the lead actress Yang Jin Sung. I love the chemistry between them. I am hoping this drama will fill the void left by You Who Came from the Stars.

Kyaraa Haven't watch it, but i'm gonna watch that drama soon. From the trailer, Lee Hong Ki looks so different.

Osereme omg this drama is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, its soooooooooooo good like the first 2 episodes have me dying with laughter and the feeling of hatred and love and all these emotionsss i can't even, like sometimes i'm even scared. its just the perfect mix! plus the main actor isn't bad at all i mean he is the lead vocalist one of the best bands i've ever heard (F.T. Island) and god when he was taking off his shirt .... ok let me not spoil it, but watch!

Tina OMG i didnt know i was going to be addicted to it after the first 2 eps, its so good ! I know Lee Hong Ki before but i never know that he was so good at acting. This drama is so awsome, they make a really cute couple, i want to watch ep 3 now

Hong ki I was thinking should I watch this or not?so when I watched the first episode I was like I'm going to love this show. Everybody should watch this I LOVE IT!!!!!!!❤️ U OPPA!!!

Hong ki Omg! The first two ep. Are sooo good!!! :D :) So far so good:) Get ready Hong ki fans cause you're gonna have some romance coming you're way sooner or later :D

FS AWEEEESOME DRAMA!!! Really enjoying it so far! The lead actress is excellent... the same to say about Hongki, who appears handsome as ever ^^ Keep up w/ the good work! Can't wait for ep. 3 already \(^.^)/

Fatima Really they are the same girl the leading actress she looks chappy in the poor girl rule wow She got me confused i really thought it was a mistake when i saw the leading role profile

sara Lee Hongki doing a great job. Love first two episodes.

Fla I really loved the first two episodes! The plot is interesting and the leading actress is very talented, she matches perfectly with my beloved Hongki. Lee Hongki fighting!!!

Sya I must say that Lee Hong Ki's acting has been improved a lot this time. By taking a different role from the past, this show another side of his acting talent and prove that he can act as well as he can sing.... keep up!!!!!

Davia Excellent lead actress. The first two episodes are really well done. Comedy, mystery, romance - very enjoyable.

baesr I love episode 1! The ACTRESS, she's such a.... I love her and Hongstar too. Can't wait!

lupita311 They cast Lee Min Ho and Kim woo bin as 18 year old guys and Lee Hong Ki as a 29 year old guy, what is going on with casting directors? Not that I hated them I loved Heirs, is just that Hong Ki is an amazing actor and I loved him in everything he has been in I want him to be successful. He can act we know that, how well he can act an adult role, that we will have to see; but they all have to start from something so this is the first time for him as an adult. He should've been playing a younger role closer to his 24 years yes, especially since he looks and acts so young but I have faith in him.

shiza nice...cant wait...

May Finally a Saturday and Sunday episode. I've been stuck on Wed's and Thurs's drama night for the past 6 months. I'm so happy to see Lee Hong Ki again.

Lina It will be release on February 22. arghhh !! I can't wait for it xD Saturday, please come as posible !!! Lee Hong Ki !! you so cute xD so happy to see you in a drama again :D haha like you so much LEE HONG KI !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rose When is it coming out!? What date!? and I love hong ki! This is gonna be my first drama by lee hong ki! So excited! :D seriously can't wait!!!! XD

Kimchi HongKi all grown up now

Lila I can't wait!!! lee Hongki! <3

toyang yes! another lee hongki drama. can' wait to watch it.

hongstar OMG!!!! Had a heart attack so many times when watching the trailer. Hongki so handsome and talented. o.o

shiori Wow, i can't wait! It seems to be a really misterious drama. I like it. I'm so curious abot plot. I'm looking forward this drama ;D. 20 episodes so good:)

mk daebakk ...:) i miss lee hongki drama

nene AWWW Hong ki <3 i can wait. It will be a great drama :))))

aye nyein oo I don't care other say hong ki.I like hong ki very much.So his acting skill is bad or good ,I will like him.l can't wait anymore.fighting hongki.

Suraya_lhk Omg!!! surely its a great story ! who said he cant act ...? ohh please,stop talking nonsense...hongki oppa , i will support u no matter what...

  1. hope this drama will be high rating #

Erika AHHH LEE HONGKI!! I`m super stoked and excited for this!! Hongki is such a talented guy! I mean he had literally THE best voice in Korea.. and I`m not just saying that. I`ve been a kpop fan for a long time and know of ALL the amazing idol singers.. sunbaes and hoobaes.. and I`ve heard no one who can match Hongki`s powerhouse vocal skills and uniqueness and vobrato control at all.m I`m not even a full primadonna so I`m being honest. But he`s such a crazy fun loving hyper cute handsome idol and I`m really happy he has another drama coming out. The story sounds complicated and amazing and from the photos so far it all looks great! I love his look too! To a certain comment below directed at Hongki`s [bad] acting skills.. all I have to say is watch the drama to know for sure. I dont know about the rest of you but the only time I've seen him act in a drama was in You're Beautiful. He was amazingly funny as Jeremy and honestly it was my fav part of the drama. I peronally think he's a great and serious actor.. i mean he was a child actor.. duh! And if you havn't seen him act in FT Island's Severely MV then you REALLY need to watch that before you say he can't act. DAEBAK.. and so sad >< But I think this serious role will show a different side of him. FIGHTING LEE HONGKI AND BRIDE OF THE CENTURY!! So excited!! Can't wait till February!!

saiko_shoujo Whether they like it or not Hong-ki's awesome!!!

saiko_shoujo Im looking forward to watch Jeremy or Lee Hong Ki i should say...I want to see the other side of him!!

little sis how can you(nemy) say that? hongki oppa is so great. he's the best singer and best actor too. oh,i cant understand you guys at all. hwaiting hongki oppa!

Nemy Let's just agree that Lee Hong Ki is a very talented singer and has an amazing voice but can't act. Please stop doing dramas, please for your own sake, stop it Lee Hong Ki !!!!!

HongKiLover OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love hong ki. he is the best cannot wait for this to come out

Jennifer i cant wait~! i hope its a great drama~! >.<

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