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  • Movie: Boy Meets Boy
  • Revised romanization: Sonyeon, Sonyeoleul Mannada
  • Hangul: 소년, 소년을 만나다
  • Director: Kim-Jho Gwang-Soo
  • Writer: Kim-Jho Gwang-Soo, Min Yong-Keun
  • Producer:
  • Cinematographer: Kim Myung-Joon
  • Release Date: November 20, 2008
  • Runtime: 13 min.
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


On a warm spring day Min-soo, a small boy, meets tall and broad-shouldered Seok-yi inside a bus. Min-soo keeps looking at the intimidating boy whose sharp eyes are hidden under his baseball cap. Min-soo’s heart starts beating. What will happen to Min-soo and Seok-i ?


  1. In this 13 minute short film there are no spoken words, rather emotions are expressed through the character's gazes.
  2. The actors performing in this short film were not paid any money, they did it on their own free will.



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Jay I really like it though it has no dialogue. ^_^ But still i can understand through their emotions and eye contact. ^_^ I hope this will be a movie because this will be great. Ahhmm maybe a drama series also if they can, i would love to watch this. I hope the story is still the same. ^_^ Please please make a drama series. ^_^ I'm fan of yours Kim Hye-seong. Good job. ^_^

fghfghfg best , sex by you

siang yu It is possible for me to have the movie

jj Just friends? is the sequel 2 the movie.

phry i really like it.... and im craving to watch it on movie... hehe how can i get one?? if its movie?

Sakito i haven't seen it yet, but i'm so happy it's silent, since i wouldn't be able to understand anyway! what a sweet idea.... i hope to see it soon!

JustLikeMeeh I want a drama of this movie!! I love it ALOT!!! OMG!! I really love this movie!!!

lovelyBoy89 love this movie soooo!!!!even there is no dialogues at all,but i love their expression...its diffrnt with others gay themed movie,which are always ended with something tragic... i hope ill find my soulmate soon..just like min soo finds his boy!so romantic....

Esther i really wish that this would have been a longer movie because it was so cute and lovely :3

lullabies! ohh!! gosh,, i have happened to watch this film last week of december and from that day on, this kilm kept on lingering my mind!! that only suggests that BOY MEETS BOY is a hard to forget film. (inspite of the limited time, it was able to capture the viewers heart) Though there were no dialogues spoken, it was so poignant, so deeply moving and so sweet!! good job Hye-seong! im an avid fan of yours!

and im strongly requesting for a fully packed film or sequel, or drama!

i love the characters gazes and expressions. very versatile, indeed!

and i wud like to commend the uniqueness of it, having no dialogues at all>>

i really love it!!

sharzi hope that i can watch the movie as early as it is possible... im really curious wat will happen next.

anaaga cute movie. need a sequel of it. or maybe a drama out of it :D

Renee I agree I want a Drama series with them

jace I wish their pair-up will not end on the Big-Screen... wish we can able to see them in a Drama series where we can see their pair-up progresses...