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After completing his mission in South Korea, a North Korean spy (Park Sung-Woong) hopes to return to his motherland to see his son Myung-Hoon (T.O.P) and daughter Hye-In (Kim You-Jung) again, but he is betrayed by his own country and killed by a South Korean agent.

In North Korea, his children Myung-Hoon and Hye-In are sent off to a forced labor camp. Later, high ranking North Korean military official Sang-Chul (Jo Sung-Ha) visits Myung-Hoon at the labor camp. He offers Myung-Hoon a deal. If Myung-Hoon successfully carries out a spy mission in South Korea, Myung-Hoon and his sister will be released from the labor camp. Myung-Hoon accepts the deal and undergoes 2 years of intense training.

Myung-Hoon finally arrives in South Korea under the guise of a North Korean defector. He is adopted by a South Korean couple who are actually North Korean spies and enrolls at a local high school. At his new high school, Myung-Hoon sits next to a girl named Hye-In (Han Ye-Ri). She has the same name as his younger sister. Hye-In is the frequent target of bullies in their class, but Myung-Hoon falls for her. Meanwhile, Myung-Hoon finally receives his mission from North Korea. He is to locate a North Korean spy with the nickname of Big Dipper (Jung Ho-Bin) and take him out. Meanwhile, a power struggle ensues in North Korea with the failing health of dictator Kim Jung-Il and Myung-Hoon quickly becomes a liability.


  1. Director Park Shin-Woo was the orignal director for the film "Alumni," but quit due to differences with production company "The Lamp". When filming stopped temporarily in August, 2012 due to Typhoon Bolaven, Park Shin-Woo talked with the production company and came to a decision to drop out of the production.[1]
  2. Filming began July 11, 2012 and finished January 21, 2013 in Yongin City, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. The last scene filmed involved the climax involving a confrontation between Jung-Min (Yoon Je-Moon), Sang-Chul (Jo Sung-Ha) and Myung-Hoon (T.O.P).


Commitment-TOP.jpg Commitment-Han Ye-Ri.jpg Commitment-Kim You-Jung.jpg Commitment-Yoon Je-Moon.jpg
T.O.P Han Ye-Ri Kim You-Jung Yoon Je-Moon
Ri Myung-Hoon Lee Hye-In Ri Hye-In Cha Jung-Min
Commitment-Jo Sung-Ha.jpg Commitment-Park Sung-Woong.jpg Commitment-Um Tae-Goo.jpg Commitment-Dong Hyun-Bae.jpg
Cho Seong-Ha Park Sung-Woong Um Tae-Goo Dong Hyun-Bae
Moon Sang-Chul Myung-Hoon's dad troubled kid troubled kid's friend

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Brit Who choreographed the fight scenes? The part in the gym oh my god. It was crazy well done.

Mitchell K. Getz Fans of well-written stories and interesting spy/espionage films (similar in nature to the Bourne Trilogy) coupled with competent, convincing acting, smart direction, and sharp (but not dizzying) action editing should really appreciate this film.

The character development unfolds in a manner that draws the viewer close enough to care for the 19 year-old North Korean spy (brilliantly played by Seung Hyun Choi) as well as several other characters who convincingly convey deep emotions with economical use of dialogue, non-verbal expression, and relatively limited screen time.

The action film includes a balancing amount of drama by placing an equal emphasis upon character development; and, the story also gives the talented actors an opportunity to emote some cultural insight related to the feelings and hardships associated with the political division of a culturally homogeneous North and South Korea. I look forward to future films written by Kim Soo-young, directed by Hong-soo Park as well as films that include the young, talented actor Seung Hyun Choi.

Dianne What an exciting, thrilling, and sad movie. The move I learn about North Korea in KDramas and in the live news, the more I realize what a cruel, repressive, inhumane government that it is to its citizens! T.O.P. is an excellent actor. He continues to hone his skills, and his professionalism shows in each project he takes on... ALL of the actors, writers, producers, directors and stuntmen deserve a great applause for the making of this movie. Job well done!!

Crickett And that is what i call a good movie. Amazing actors who made amazing characters. T.O.P has a fantastic potential and raw talent and if he continues to play in this kind of movies he will hit big in no time.

Crickett And that is what I call a good movie. Amazing actors who made amazing characters. T.O.P has a fantastic potential and I am pretty sure he will hit big really soon. This guy has raw talent and if he continues to play in this kind of movies he will soon become the best korean actor.

Stephen Strange I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I watched it, initially, because TOP is in it. He is so awesome and is very moving in his performance. I think he will be an even better actor, someday, than he is now. TOP always seems to be able to draw me into whatever he is doing. It doesn't matter what it is. Music, acting, photography, interviews, humor...anything. He makes me feel like he is only doing it for me. Silly idea. Millions of people love TOP all over the world. But I think that is one of his main talents

 Anyway, I was so moved by this movie and remember sitting there thinking that I was getting so emotional over a spy movie, but I couldn't help it.  :) 
 I also really enjoyed Yoon Je Moon even though he wasn't in it a lot.

RUBY PLACHETA nice TOP! as expected, you are very good in doing action movie/tv series like IRIS. you're very handsome too. just want you to know that i'm one of your avid million fans here in the Philippines. hope to see more korean tv series of you as a lead actor. and i hope that BIGBANG will comeback here in the PHilippines for another concert. thanks! i love u! saranghae.

Dude I love this movie T.o.p is very Professional . <3

martha He is so funny and humorous person, have a uniqe voice, humble, handsome, tall....ohhh's too much then I write he is talented...please don't be too perfect :D

Genesis Well, I will have to wait for this one to be released on DVD because, it came to the theater's here in Texas for about a week and it was gone....which sucks.

I'm almost positive this was a really good movie....however, it's really hard to tell when I keep reading irrelevant comments under the movies title here on Asianwiki.

T.O.P, I sincerely hope this movie is one that has obtained a lot of success.

sima khiangte i hate you jung and ye ri because theey can talk with T.O.P

yshene i love your movie...TOP....

BeautyxHAZELL The movie is in NY and here are the 2 locations ; - 42nd street Amc movie theaters ( NYC , MANHATTAN ) - bay Terrance Amc movie theaters ( BAYSIDE , QUEENS )

The reviews for the movie was total hacks. It was a really good film with good action, I find this movie better than some American live action movie. The story was ok but overall it was a good movie : saranghae OPPA ^.^ going to see your movie again later on today ^.^

Ayaya @Ki ok thanks for letting me know!

nabila han ye ri not pretty & not cute,I HATE IT..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

auw so touching story a love of a brother for his younger sister.. even im not yet watch this full movie i started to cry in trailer of this movie.. t.o.p he is not only a singer rapper he is also a good actor a good action star..

heqw Thank you for all these great reviews, Ki, you must be living the dream, living in Korea and watching films.

Ki @Ayaya movie would probably get a PG-13 for violence, maybe an R, but most likely PG-13.

Ayaya Could someone who's watched this please tell me what it would be rated in the US?

Capricorn0Angel More power to all teams ripping the dvds and subtitling this movie :) I'm waiting for the release :-D Really dying to watch it ><

Charmedanewor T.o.p is always been hot! I am really excited to watch this movie. I will always support you forever. I'm a big fan of yours oppa from the Philippines. Saranghaeyo!!!

Tagi The acting was really terrible in this one, by everyone.

Ki Watched this movie today here in South Korea. Came away generally unimpressed. To sum it up : movie feels way too long, story gets corny, acting is underwhelming, direction feels lifeless. I like Han Ye-Ri generally, but in this film she seemed too old to play a high school student. T.O.P is just meh here as well. The most positive thing I can say about the movie is that nothing seemed horrible or offensive, but just about every aspect of the film feels underwhelming.

IAMVIP Is this showed in Philippine Cinemas ?

jeus c I will definitely watch this :)

V.I.P I can't wait !!!!! The Commitment

katsuu will it come out in Indonesia ? CAN'T WAIT !!!

DaeJay92 WoW i´m so excited about TOPs new film I really want to see it!!! But why isn´t the film in germany? I want to see it so much =D

Ishiba I'm also curious to see which theater's it will coming to, I want to see it so bad!!

tq_ I've read that it'll be out for select theaters in the US on 29 Nov. But I'm curious to know which theaters, and I still haven't seen anything about it .-.

dayehong i hope TOP won't die like all of the characters of secretly greatly LOL.

Partow Oh My TOP! I really can't wait for Commitment!

Lidya can't wait again.. >.<

ilovetop I can't wait omg!!!! Will it come out in US?

PugsPuppy I'm soo excited for this movie. The movie will be release the November 6. Is it the same date for the Canada too ? Thank you !

Danny ¿Alguien sabe si se estrenara en Mexico?

YNe Does anyone know if this Movie will be released in Europe (Austria) ? If so - please Tell me when >~<

Cecilia Chen Hope this movie can air in NY! >w<!!!! T.O.P<33.

Eve Yee i love you top i hope i can watch it fighting~

sarah lotus we love you T.O.P

ann what songs do they use in these trailers god i keep replaying them

Aly I hope this movie is released in Massachusetts!!! :D <3 u TOP!!!

Naughtynyr This looks amazing... can't wait!

TK This movie will become a big blockbuster hit.

Christine OMG. Top's sooo hot. He's adorableee!!!! I was fan girling watching the trailer. lol He's such a good actor too. And I love the movie and the trailers regardless. I can't wait for this movie to come out!!!

TK Kim you jung is such a good actress.

dawn Is this movie going to be released in the United States...if so I hope it comes to Dallas/Fort Worth!!!! We love you T.O.P!!!!! Well, I love you if no one else does!!!!

Film looks extremely interesting.

ysabela Anyone knows if this movie will be released in Philippines?

alina the concept just similar with "ahjeossi". but i believe this film will bring something and different feeling !

Angie Anyone knows if this movie will be released in Mexico??

shirleysujana when will the movie come out in Indonesia? no wonder T.O.P got the award of BIFF 2013, He DESERVES it!! ^^~~

Phoenix Waiting for this movie... I Love T.O.P !!!!

Kayla Does anyone know when this movie will be released in the U.S.A? I would love to see this movie or at least the trailer with English subtitles.

Mica Hi, may I know the song used to the teaser video?

U-KnowHayati Awesome...he'll receive an award 4 this good acting,,,,i really love himmmmmmmm TOP

pram wowwww....secreatly greatly with love line...

Lina I'm not a big fan of idols, but I adore TOP's performance in 71: Into the Fire. I was hoping he'd do more action movies and this one seem to be fitting by far. (-x

whywhywhy idol actors, ugh i hate them!

Gabriel I can't wait for this movie will be in the US. God, I wish Daesung was in it also with TOP

belle Can't wait to watch this Movie!!! TOP your very handsome Good actor ever ;)

Lena DAMN!! Looks so awesome!! TOP is so HOT!! Love his acting!!!

samia Deabaak can't wait to watch TOP :)............. as spy youpiiiiiiiiiiii it's will be a great movie but i hope to see him in a drama soon :D TOP shiii kidaryou ;)

lindsay will this movie be in u.s.a

hapsary Can't wait until autumn,

dora I want to see this. Looking forward to it :D

meriem i can't wait watching TOP in a drama or a film so please give us more information about this films please :)

Lizzie Apparently the release date is December 2013. The Asian entertainment distribution company "Well Go USA" actually included an advertisement in the program schedule that printed December 6th as the release date.

DarkCyn23 when does it air???

la ciel de moi aarrrrrrggggghhhhhhhh... everybody cant wait TOP.....

dreamfever can't wait to watch this movie.hope it'll be released soon.

Jeff Did some research... according to other websites this movie will be release during the second half of 2013... not too much help, but it's a start

Wee Is the trailer released? If nt , when will it be released ?

SeungHyun Wife Arghhh, all people said "CAN'T WAIT WATCHING THIS MOVIE" could you please just tell us when this movie will be on air? Many people can't wait watching this. The VIP's also! Hurmmm.

Netasha When will this come out!! I'm already getting goosies all over to watch this!!

steven is this film finished..???? i can't wait this film....

SuperGirlInLove I'm dying to watch this....

B.TOP so whos knows where we can watch this movie? or even if they have finished!? release date!?? anything!??????help please i need to know!! lol

haru can't wait ~!! but will they show in malaysia i really want to watch it !! and BIGBANG hwaitting and good luck T.O.P

VIP Movie?? Ah.. That's quiet disappointed. Gwencanayo! It's TOP!!! Wah! I'm totally looking forward toward this movie. TOP oppa,keep up the amazing works and Big Bang hwaitting!

rinda when will this movie played in indonesia???please can somebody give the information....

Sarah OMG cant wait to watch this...from a 19 yrs old highschool a killer then this!! T>O>P hwuating!! VIP 4 ever

MPV Oh I forgot to mentioned... it resumes with a new director of course!

MPV The movie resumes from the break this week! Awesome news! :) Taeyang's brother plays in this movie too and probably will get killed by TOP's character... KEKE Can't wait to watch this movie. (:

soluiz Production has been suspended for a month. Top only have 3 months to film. The math is not adding up..

angel i hope to see him in a drama not movie

bigbanglover aw cant wait but not sure if itl have eng subs :( wunda wggens its out on intnet cuz cant watch it in cinemas in dis country becuz we wont undastand it i jusadore TOP and bigbang so much il try my best to watch it iv seen al da uda movies bigbang hav done cant wait ........

fbvip Oh he wasn't a killer in Nineteen though. In that movie he was just a normal 19 year old teenager...that became a suspect in a But TOP has been doing a lot of dark projects so far I noticed.

bingumi95 he's a spy. again. well, he was a killer in IRIS, though. but still. i will probably a fresh high school graduated when this movie coming to my country. OMG, WHEN CAN I WATCH IT???!!! I didn't watch IRIS, so i don't know how his action acting. I AM SO GOING TO WATCH THIS ONE. NO MATTER WHAT. Tabi Oppa!!!

AltonVIP WAAA!! can't wait !!! YIIIPPPE! TOP , I LOVE YOU! VIP always <3 Ye ri is cute ^^

maisha i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TOP , i am sure with my heart that this drama is going to be awesome!!!!!!TOP!!!!! this sounds soo good, can't wait till it comes!!!

Vita D. You Miss Kang Bit as Little Myung Hoon

I Can't Wait! Gakuran! Gakuran!

Little Bang a killer?,again? Top oppa why you are always a killer in your films? anyway chukahe,I hope by this movie you shine even more than now T.O.P fighty Big Bang fighty

Neri Can't wait any longer !! love u T.O.P oppa :D

Maria Seems intresting. Think I will watch it. Especially Tabi is starring there =)

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