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  • Movie: A Millionaire's First Love
  • Revised romanization: Baekmanjangjaui Cheotsarang
  • Hangul: 백만장자의 첫사랑
  • Director: Kim Tae-Gyun
  • Writer: Kim Eun-Suk
  • Producer: Jin Hee-Moon, Lee Joo-Ik, Kim Yong-Duk
  • Cinematographer: Choi Chan-Min
  • Release Date: February 9, 2006
  • Genre: Romance / Melodrama
  • Runtime: 116 min.
  • Production Budget: US$ 3.5M
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Jae-Kyung (Hyun-Bin ) is a high school senior, who skips school often. Once he turns nineteen years old, he is going to be a millionaire. However, the day before he is set to inherit his fortune, their family lawyer informs Jae-Kyung about the will from his deceased grandfather. His grandfather specified that Jae-Kyung can only inherit his fortune if he graduates from Boram High School, which is located in the countryside. He has no choice but to transfer there.

Life changes a lot for him at Boram High School. He can't use his credit card or drive his sports car. Meanwhile, Jae-Kyung meets Eun-Hwan (Lee Yeon-Hee). She's different from the other people living there and seems to harbor some kind of secret. Jae-Kyung's attitude begins to change and Eun-Hwan is about to reveal her secret.


A Millionaires First Love-Hyun-Bin.jpg A Millionaires First Love-Lee Yeon-Hee-p1.jpg A Millionaires First Love-Jeong Wook.jpg
Hyun-Bin Lee Yeon-Hee Jeong Wook
Kang Jae-Kyung Choi Eun-Hwan principle

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Saskia This movie is great! I've watched this many times but still made me cry like a baby.. Learning how to love and value the most important thing in your life is one thing we should do because if we know how to value the people around us and the things we have then we know how to love..

Planet I watched this drama in the middle of night. And i cried a lot!

kinoko i'm disappointed, i was ready for cry a lot with this movie... but... it was only a nice romantic movie.

Dianne Such a beautiful but sad love story! When someone finds love like that, nothing else matters except that loved one. The wise Grandfather knew what would change the heart of his grandson! Excellent movie, story line, producing, and talented actors! 5 Stars...

intan_cassie i try to watched this movie because of the ost, (by tvxq-insa), but at last, i really enjoyed this movie, superb ! im crying like a baby, ahaha,

Edi wallet My best korean movie.sad love story

Edi My best korean movie

Tiffany Does anyone know the name of the song that plays when the credits start rolling? It sounds so familiar, but I can't place it and I'm DYING to know. Please and thank you, in advance!

Maria One of the best movie i ever watched..thumbs up

lem I regret I only come to know about this movie just last night...I tried to finish it but was only able to watch the first 20 mins..but now I'm really happy that I continued watching it and was able to finish..I also felt that some parts of the movie just skipped, only to know that I just couldn't make myself believe that the movie was going to end soon..Also, I dont agree with karlita when she said it's unreal because "one day the characters loved each other and 10 minutes after they the love to death and sacrifice everything" plot. You dont need to bind your life only with the things you see or experience because beyond your beliefs and existence, things like ("one day the characters loved each other and 10 minutes after they the love to death and sacrifice everything") that happens ^_^

OhSohee I wept like a bloody baby, and the thing is i know i'll watch this movie again and again and i'll still cry just as much as the first time

Nandhivarman Its a wonderful love story to watch it again and again. After watching this film I became a great fan of Hyun bin and Lee yeon hee. Their wallpapers are adoring my desktop now. As I am a Tamil guy I dont know anything about Korean movies. thanks for my brother's friend who gave him this movie.

RiHanMy I've been watched this movie a long time ago..and yes it made me cry ...

JASWINDER KAUR hey,,dis was amazing.....i cant describe in words...... reallly awsm..nw one of ma favr. movie..............................

mitch i soooooo love this movie.. i have watched it too many times and still, it made me cry.. love it!

Mathew One of the best movie i ever watched..hands up..

john One of the best Korean movie I've watched.. =))) I am so inlove with Lee Yeon Hee.. =) i love her ... Im a guy but i can tell you guys that this movie made me sad.. and actually i was tearful while watching it.. It is such an amazing love story ... I've wathced it five times already? I guess.. =P and until now the movie is still on my Ipod... =)

PJH I love this movie... it is my favorite...

glynn this movie made me cried a lot….it pains me that Eun-hwan died…i hate to watch a movie with an unhappy ending,you know?! but i really love hyun bin thats why i watched it…and it really worth it.. hyun bin is the best ..same with the other characters..i ALso like Eun-hwan  :) my nose were so red then like tomatoes...hahaha

glynn this movie made me cried a lot....it pains me that Eun-hwan died...it hate to watch a movie with an unhappy ending,you know?! but i really love hyun bin thats why i watched it...and it really worth it.. :) hyun bin is the best ..same with the other characters..i ALso like Eun-hwan :):)

bentoy the movie is very great..and if you really paid attention, you can see that the story does not skip..those scenes which seem to be off the story are explained later in other scenes. Though the flow of the story is not portrayed in details, you can understand and keep track of what's going on if you're paying attention and you're not dumb. The beauty of movies is that it makes you think and gives you suspense and moves your emotions... :)

michan this movie was the first movie I aknowledge, since I began too watch korean movie.... and after years, I still remember the title and the plot, but forget the players! no offense.... because not a single name of korean actors or actress I do remember..... I just care about the story. but somehow the players in millioners first love give a deep impression to me... so when I watched secret garden... I finally knew it was you.. hyun bin!

mallikrishna ya its a nice movie...i liked it..love means a lot

yogessegoy kim tae gyun a great director....this is the best of all korean movies... just try THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION it is considered as the best of hollywood's....

karlita @Sahin: there´s no need to be rude, you only have to accept that there´s person like me who think that this movie is not the best of the world, you need to be more tolerat, I´m not offending anyone, is just an opinion :P

Sahin @karlita:u r just an asshole!!! It is a awsome film...too good...

karlita forgive me all the a millionaire´s first love fans, but this movie is boring and and the story is fast and unreal, one day the caracters love each other and 10 minutes after they the love to death and sacrifice everything, I was expected more from this movie but was disapointing.

mpv it one of my favorite

great movie .. i cried a lot ..........

abhi this is the best movie of this world.no other film is better than this.

$hruti very emotional movie.I cried while watching this movie.Hyun bin was awesome.I like this movie very much and watched this many times(uncountable)

kingfish Truly a great movie, some parts can be confusing but the movie plays it all out and Eun-Whan is pretty cute in the movie and I wanted to kick Jae-Kyung's ass in some parts of the movie but if your into dramatic love story's with a twist, well then be my guest and check it out.

Rose This is my favorite korean movie, I have watched it so many times already. I even bought it. The acting was great, the storyline was awesome it is really romantic but also so sad at the same time.

MovieCritic This movie is average. In some parts it the story seemed to jump without much sense. The story is too childish to be good. Maybe worth a watch if you have some extra free time.

It reminded me of the Japanese film "Heavenly Forest" (2006), but HF carried it out much better. So recommendation watch HF and leave this one.

NightLizard It is really on of my favorite, I watched it so many times... Love the story, love the cast - everything is great in this sad and simple love story that can touch your soul and stay deep inside you...

hibs great movie!!! it was simple, sweet, but oh so sad. it made me cry a lot.

harvey this movie made me cry a lot. watch this if you want to experience too. . . its cute and GREAT. . .

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