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  • Drama: A Man Called God / The Man Almighty
  • Revised romanization: Shinira Beulriyun Sanayi
  • Hangul: 신이라 불리운 사나이
  • Director: Lee Hyeong-Sun
  • Writer: Bong-seong Park, Lee Hong-Koo
  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 24
  • Release Date: March 6 - May 23, 2010
  • Runtime: Sat. & Sun. 21:45
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


A man named Choi Kang-Ta (Song Il-Kook) gains powers similar to a God. As a child he lost his parents and became adopted by American parents. He returns to Korea to exact revenge on the murderer of his father.

Kang-Ta learns that four people are responsible for the death of his father. While carrying out his plans he is betrayed by his partner Vivian (Han Go Eun). He is then nursed back to health by Jin Bo-Bae (Han Chae-Young), a woman he met by coincidence.

After Kang-Ta recovers he settles down in a slum neighborhood and finds peace with the residents and himself. But, peace doesn't last long as Korean CIA official Hwang Woo-Hyun (Kim Min-Jong) is filled with jealousy that Kang-Ta has stolen Bo-Bae. Hwang Woo-Hyun then orders the death of Kang-Tae ...


  1. " A Man Called God" is scheduled to takeover the MBC weekend time slot previously occupied by "The Jewel Family" (Boseok Bibimbop).
  2. "A Man Called God" is based on the 1999 comic book of the same name written by the now deceased writer Bong-seong Park.
  3. Filming began February 16th, 2010 in Hawaii, USA.


A Man Called God-Song Il-Guk.jpg A Man Called God-Han Chae-Young.jpg A Man Called God-Han Go Eun.jpg A Man Called God-Yu In-Yeong.jpg A Man Called God-Kim Min-Jong.jpg A Man Called God-Jo Jin-Ung.jpg
Song Il-Kook Han Chae-Young Han Go Eun Yu In-Young Kim Min-Jong Cho Jin-Woong
Choi Kang-Ta Jin Bo-Bae Vivian Jang-Mi Hwang Woo-Hyun Jang-Ho

Additional Cast Members:



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jinnborn one of the best drama I watch,I love song il-gook in this drama alot

Siga martinez jr What a great movie. But i didnt like the way michael king left jin bo bae. Waiting for season 3

gen ola omo i so much like this move called ( a man called god ) thanks to all the artors and artreses. i need more .

comfort ante Ahm rili in love with this movie yhu can try smthing better than this keep it up songiikook

evee I am so curious!! Please answer me!! , what do you mean by Season 2 and Season 3? is there a follow up from this Kdrama? Omo !! where can I watch it. THANKs

kome Ibas This movie is a Wow!I am about to end season 2. its a lovely movie and I love the character of Jin bo bae. She interpreted the role of an inquisitive but hasty in thinking journalist. Also the cop sister played the dumb ass cop. Not all cops are that intelligent. Michael king is a good actor,vivian and jang mi. I also like president jang for his silly thots.looking forward to season 3

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pretty d I really like the movie and please help me find season 2 ......where can i get it?

ema zuma I so much love this movie,its the bets i have ever watched,,it made me cry,i felt very moody after watching the movie,waiting for season3,..

pretty goody Wow! This film is so interesting bt I'm still waiting for the season 3 and I hope to watch it so that we can all know what later happened to choi kang ta , jin bo bae and also choi kang hee cus I don't believe that she is dead and also please give it a nice and wonderful end and not like the season 2 and to be honest I wasn't happy with the ending of the season 2.so please do better there.

no need mmm his name is " Pascal Dior" half Korean half German

mmn Who is the actor casting as "Pascal"..?

instonie kris michael the movie a man called God was such a touching movie... It broke all my emotions. Tears rolled down my cheeks when vivian betrayed choi kang ta and also when she was killed trying to protect michael. More tears rolled down when choi kang hee was shot and that day was the first day she called choi kang ta 'oppa'. Waiting for season 3.... Jin bo bae changed michael kings life. What tragic-love movie

lynnet komen i love this movie beautiful,fantastic,lovely what can i say just great xo please i look forward to season 3 am serious.bo bea and kang ta mwah.pls get back to me if there is new

femi balogun I love this movie so much &wonder how much the production cost may be due to all the exotic props & costumes used in d production course.Guys,keep it up!

Adrian munge Watched three times still looking forward to watching it again. It's a very nice movie I love it, it's the best.

joshua emmanuel i'm just done watching the movie today n, it's real fun. i enjoyed it every bit n my best characters being peter pan and woo-hyun. their presence makes the captivating n keeps the adventure fore-going. wish i could partner with u all. LOVE U ALL!

Rose A James Candid speaking, the movie jumong made me to cry, but this movie a man called God! Gosh! I cried bitterly when Vivian betrayed Micheal King. Can't wait to seeing season 3. Nice work guys.

emmanuel great, jumong good work

Emmanuela What about season 3. Very nice sad film.

hussen liwiku han chae <jin bo bae i love your good job' and i love you

Nweke Dieudonne I will like choi kang ta to end up with jin bo bae

Ezekiel i hope season 3 will come outside first but micheal should keep it up and jin bo bae

portia chareka Oh my god l love this move so much and my best actors where Micheal King and Jin bo bae so keep it up guys.

jasminne Best movie...pls season 3

charles kayoka this is the best film I have ever watched and liked. in a span of two weeks I watched it twice. it a really psychological movie with the actors being very capable of taking on their roles. It is what the neo-classical critics would say- observation of the principle of decorum. There a few dramaturgical lapses here and there but my overall rating- excellent.

chummy oh my God, this movie is something else. Micheal and jin bo bea are the bset parts for me, except for the hrt break of the betrayal and him been shoot. I cant wait to watch season two.

Collins Ahh!! I swear, this drama almost cost me my heart, dont really know this korea actors before, but, this drama is the best I've ever watch, oboy!! No be small show, seeing Micheal, I wish I can fly to Korea to see him live, (Really a god) I love all the actors/actress, but pls, Peter pan kill that CIS papa sharply abeg... And lastly I WANT THE SEASON 3.. cant sleep waiting!!!!!

Corazon I’m not that much of a internet reader to be honest but your sites really nice, keep it up! I'll go ahead and bookmark your website to come back in the future. Many thanks

Raechel This show was amazing. Its sad & funny. I like Han chae young. Dont get me wrong but i dont like her role in this show. I wanted michael to either end up with vivian or jang mi. I actually like them both.

Peterson I thought that "Merlin" would have been my best film ever until I watched another thrilling "A man called god". This is splendid. Kudos to you all. It really pays to be corrupt and evil. But why didn't Soe Mi Su accept & welcome her brother-Michael King @ the end of season 2? When will season 3 come out if there is any?

chichi michael king, peter pan, choi kang ta......ve watched this film 7 times just to see your act....love SONG GUK so much.....kisses

craic wow....nice movie...but full ot suspence...great atistes...nd intellignt makin

Daniel This film is a movie i can never 4get in my life. I've not seen a film like this before, i was so carried away to the extent of crying. Nice one from koreans. Pls i still want to know what will happen to Chao Kang Ta and jin bo bea relationship and if truly there is season 3 of this film let me know because am so captured with the love narration in the movie. Thanks

Kykudos kayode Love this film morethan eny other peaple in this world,especialy the best actor of this films,jumong,micle king,sea god

Americana I really amazed by this actor soon gook he does well in jumong, south korean they never made film better than jumong thank u soon gook

johnson jumong was a film i truely cherish very mush and i was thinking there will be no other film like jumong, but after washing a man call i realise i was wrong, plz i need d season 3 of, and please i need another film from that same actor which i normally call jumong. I am ur biggest fan and i hope u keep that in mind

I cant wait 2 watch season 3 I love so much love dis movies

troba i love this movie,keep it up

Grace For me i loved everything the were all directed to act dat way i prefer for song ll gook to marri bo bae jst waiting for season hope it will be produced.

HOPE When i view jumong, i thought dere was no other korea lyk dis, but wen i view a man called god i was amazed, wat am interesting movie u r 2 much song ll gook. pls can u do me a favor by producin d season 3 of it 4 we ur fans pls. luv u all


robare xp song il-michael king, you are talented in acting, in the next movie, i pledge u to do it, you were acting with very beautiful ladies, but no sex, thats the problem to me, hope next time u will sleep with all actresses

iman Bo bae is so pathetic and stupid and dumb, I really think some of the characters ask lots of stupid questions and hold unecessary dialogues. Too much redundant talk. It seems two different persons directed season 1 and 2. Michael King's sister is so dumb to be a cop. Who on earth directed the second season????

iman Though I enjoyed the scence when that wheel chair pretender was humilated before the whole Korea. Lol

iman Who gave that reporter a leading role in this movie made a mess of everything. She was to simple, annoying, pestering, inquiring foolishly and childish! Almost broke my HD screen several times because of her. Dat CIS agent should be a good role for the good, bad and ugly's next series. He talks too much whenever he is in a position to kill King, U got to shot! Shot! Maen! Don't talk!!!!!!!!!!!

iman Intresting initially, but as the episodes got longer the story became annoying, childishly emotional and a waste of common sense. Crapp!!! A nice movie if they had ended It on time. That reporter and d Michael King guy got me angry several times towards the end. Lots of foolish show of emotion. Intelligent King falling into a decoil several times because of his sister!!

Fatimat It is one of the best movie i have seen in recent time.michael's sister should not have died.i just hope the next season corrects that.the reporter's simplicity probably attracted michael to her.i just hope she performs a morr active role in the seasons to come.

Taiwo The role played by Bo Bae shouldn't get who acted it crictics.Bo Bae & other characters are fictional.Sun Bae acted well he is a pro. His director was pleased & being a pro also,no critics matters.SONG is skinny well,don't expect him to look ur way since he is okay wit himself no probs.He was seen to be skinny b for chosen.Jin Bo is very beautiful & a pro.She acted how she was directed so no critics!

Beckai I love this movie.could not stop watching till the end.i hope to see more.

Yemisi My husband and I enjoyed the movie. We wanted to see more and more, it was addictive. I was not too happy when Vivian died, I really loved her role, I was hoping that she would reunite with Choi Kant Ta romantically. I also did not like the way Jang Mi was dumped, Choi Kant Ta owe her a last chat to redeem the fact that he used her to get what he wanted.

Vivian is my first pick for Choi Kant Ta follow by Jang Mi. Jin bo bae role in my opinion was very weak, she didn't have what it takes to be the female lead for the leading star; she need more personality, that role should have been given to Vivian. I await season 3

balogun ahmed a man called god is one of the best movies i have watched, good story line, standard technology. Good actors and actresses with beautiful faces, my best actor in the movie is jonny and professor

Angel To me both him and his sister are alife bcus his last word was"TAKE CARE OF MY SISTER"remember dat police where already dere 2.As for micheal and jol,he never abandoned her bcus he sent a message 2 her saying"I'M WAITING FOR U"so i gest he has some stuff 2 settle b4 coming 4 her,so dat message was 2 make her wait 4 him. I love dis film so much

LP I love this drama so much!!!

This one was the first one I've ever watched and all episodes. Loves to story line but its so sad.

But yes, its one of my favorite Korean drama.

kerome agofure This movie took ♍ breath away, can't get ♍ eyes off it for a̶̲̥̅̊ second. Song ll guk has always been ♍ SK best actor right from jumong but ‎​​‎​i felt heart broken only τσ̲​ discover the movie ended @ season 2. Please producer make a̶̲̥̅̊ season 3. Τσ̲​ the rest actors and actress you guys did perfect

Negar the best movie i have ever seen.song is so beautiful and handsome here and excellent story that they made it again but a man that called god is just my love song il gook that has the sexiest body and is so talented and hot and of course knows his job very well,i loves his movement styles.the cast do their best for the movie and these reasons make me see the film again and again and cry again and again for the end of the film.

Manas Perfect drama but why is it not rated among korean best movies i need to see choi kan ta

Felix Wel wel wel this is interesting movie i enjoy watching the movie "a man called God" and my favourite actor in this movie are Song il-Guk (choi kang-ta), Vivian and Bo bea, Michael king is a very good actor he give his best out on this movie and he very handsome and inteligent he play his role very well, the end of movie i don't understand how michael king escap the bom and why he lift is love beg and travel to America can somebody through more light on this?

JENNIFER The only thing i dont in this movie is the fact that love is not permitted to reign at all...i hate the fact that MICHEAL KING had to leave the woman he loved JIN BO BAE and travel to the America...shit...he should have taken her along with him to continue their love...love as strong as that is not supposed to die or be left behind just like that!!!Good story though...keep it up!!

JENNIFER In every movie i watch,i always select my best male and female character and in this movie my best male character is no other person than SONG IL GUK!..he is very talented and he interpreted his role in an amazing way,i love his facial expression,his sexy body,his movement styles,his smiles,and he is very handsome...conclusively,he is my best korean actor for now...my best female is VIVIAN,my God,i love her so much..she is the most pretiest and sexiest lady in the movie..also she interpreted her role well!

Brenda Song Il Gook as always is an extraordinary actor. He didn't disappoint in A Man Called God. Good story, beautiful women etc. But SIG was way too skinny and it was a negative to his face. The drama was good though some parts were way too questionable (time and space constraints won't let me list them out). Overall, Ill definitely be watching it again. Love you to bits SIG!

Asahel wel, wel, wel, i viewd this movie in winter 2011 and oh my God! What a great movie i said t ma self. We can't criticize choi 4 being taken in to bo bea, cos what u dnt like, anoday may... D acting waz great and song Ii book killed it. Jin bo bae, 4 me was d best female lead character, followed by vivian who made me almost fall in love wit her, wit her sexy luks. The manager's daugher (a. K. a paris hilton of south korea), did a good job too. Great movie i'll say! Thumbs up choi, bo bae, sunbae, vivian etc. I also luv d great technological aspects displayd in this drama, bt i cudnt believ it when bo bea was framed t hav had an interview wit d minister. I thought choi, wud hav taken jin bo bae along wit him back to america, bt i felt sad wen he left her behind. Again, the movie is satisfactory.

adeola oluokun I thought I cudn't luv anoda drama series as much as I luved JUMONG, then along came A MAN CALLED GOD. I didn't leave my house 4 2 days, almost cost me my job (lol). U guys did n hopefully will continue 2 do a wonderful job. I hope 2 c more of Song II Guk, I think he's a brilliant actor n he's cute too,

John Saunders Another very annoying character that I wish would have died early on is Hwan Woo Hyun. Not only is he a vwry good actor ( except that his face expressions are always the same) But that he shows how evil he can be but his ugly face is right for the part. He kind of looks demented half the time when he does not look like he is smiling. Because of this part in the movie, I need to see him in other roles in order not to dislike him as much as I do.

John saunders Han Chae Young as th reporter is the worst role. First of all, she doesn't knoe how to act and I cannot believe that anyone would be interested in that woman. In all, reporters tend to be annoying. They are like the papparazzi. She has two guys that like her. I do not know why since she is not that pretty. She has terrible style and talks too much. She is also very presumptuous and demanding. What is her appeal anyway. She has no redeeming personalty traits.

Aglesi Chun In the writing pf the movie, some things are not believable. Why would a CSI agent allow a reporter to go into crime scenes. That is not allowed. Second, I am really surprised that there is such a big role for the reporter who gets in the way of Guk killing his enemies. Why should he even pay attention to such an annoying woman who isn't even attractive?

Aglesi Chun Han Chae Yang was not that great nor believable as an actress.She is really not that attractive to have a lead role.Song Il Guk was great but his hair bothered me. He is also too skinny in this movie which ages his face.the plot was ok but it dragged in some areas.

fiona Song Il Gook can go far in his career if he tires speaking more of English like the way vivan in the play did. I think he needs to add some weight, he is too skinny

Joseph i luv this drama finished it all and is great i wish there is a sequel but i dont understand what happens in the end

Gerald A man called God" good storyline and scriptwritting but the acting is very poor, the most frustrating part is the CSI agent sunbae or whatever his acting is bad, i mean CSI or any other deep undercover agencys agent should be bold and active, not sluggish and mopy. In my opinion the only good thing in this show is gong ii gook, his acting was impressive although the action isn't all that good. Then the female actors are also good, i know a lot of money was budgeted in this show to make the females look stunning.

Adefusi gbenga I love ur movies songil_Guk u are the best of all keep it up and we are waiting for the other episodes.

Hazel I hope that there will be a second season fir this drama

louise we love this drama so so much....song ll guk,you are the best,love you!!!

hAchikO25 love you Il-GUK .. (^^) idol Han Chae young (--,)

Barby http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEs1bh0kGes

RachI the lead actor is soo Hot.. I'm watching this drama for sure!

Roze hiii!!!

this drama is so wonderfull. actors n actrees are so beautifful n

handsome.. they are so cute.. this drama make me always want to watch

again n again.. i reallly love it.. fortunately this has a lot of episodes.. huxhux..

sun very good drama

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