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  • Drama: A Little Love Never Hurts (English title) / Will You Love and Give It Away? (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Saranghaeseo Namjoona
  • Hangul: 사랑해서 남주나
  • Director: Kim Nam-Won, Ashbun
  • Writer: Choi Hyun-Gyung
  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 50
  • Release Date: September 28, 2013 - March 30, 2014
  • Runtime: Sat. & Sun. 20:40
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Story of family members from the second marriage of an older couple.


  1. "Will You Love and Give It Away?" takes over the MBC Sat. & Sun. 20:40 time slot previously occupied by "I Summon You, Gold!" and followed by "Come! Jang Bo-Ri" April, 2014.


Will You Love and Give It Away?-Lee Sang-Yeob.jpg Will You Love and Give It Away?-Hong Soo-Hyun.jpg Will You Love and Give It Away?-Seo Ji-Suk.jpg Will You Love and Give It Away?-Shin Da-Eun.jpg
Lee Sang-Yeob Hong Soo-Hyun Seo Ji-Suk Shin Da-Eun
Jung Jae-Min Song Mi-Joo Eun Ha-Rim Eun Ha-Kyung
Will You Love and Give It Away?-Park Keun-Hyeong.jpg Will You Love and Give It Away?-Cha Hwa-Yeon.jpg Will You Love and Give It Away?-Yoo Ho-Jeong.jpg Will You Love and Give It Away?-Kim Seung-Su.jpg Will You Love and Give It Away?-Han Go-Eun.jpg
Park Geun-Hyung Cha Hwa-Yeon Yoo Ho-Jeong Kim Seung-Su Han Go-Eun
Jung Hyun-Soo Hong Soon-Ae Jung Yoo-Jin Kang Sung-Hoon Jung Yoo-Ra
Will You Love and Give It Away?-Kang Seok-Woo.jpg Will You Love and Give It Away?-Kim Na-Woon.jpg Will You Love and Give It Away?-Choi Jung-Woo.jpg Will You Love and Give It Away?-Yu Ji-In.jpg Will You Love and Give It Away?-Nam Bo-Ra.jpg
Kang Seok-Woo Kim Na-Woon Choi Jung-Woo Yu Ji-In Nam Bo-Ra
Song Ho-Sub Lee Yeon-Hee Eun Hee-Jae Lee Hye-Shin Song Eun-Joo
Will You Love and Give It Away?-Jeong Jae-Sun.jpg Will You Love and Give It Away?-Choi Soo-Rin.jpg Will You Love and Give It Away?-Seo Dong-Won.jpg Will You Love and Give It Away?-Oh Na-Ra.jpg
Jeong Jae-Sun Choi Soo-Rin Seo Dong-Won Oh Na-Ra
Eun Hee-Ja Shin Soo-Jung Song Byeong-Joo Kim Ji-Young

Additional Cast Members:

Episode Ratings

Date Episode TNmS AGB
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-09-28 1 11.7% (6th) 14.5% (4th) 10.8% (6th) 11.8% (6th)
2013-09-29 2 12.4% (8th) 15.0% (5th) 12.8% (6th) 14.5% (6th)
2013-10-05 3 9.5% (7th) 10.9% (5th) 11.0% (6th) 12.7% (6th)
2013-10-06 4 9.9% (8th) 11.6% (8th) 10.7% (8th) 12.5% (6th)
2013-10-13 5 10.2% (9th) 12.2% (6th) 10.2% (7th) 11.1% (7th)
2013-10-19 6 10.2% (7th) 12.9% (5th) 8.9% (11th) 9.8% (8th)
2013-10-20 7 9.7% (10th) 11.6% (7th) 11.0% (7th) 12.6% (7th)
2013-10-26 8 9.6% (9th) 11.2% (7th) 9.8% (9th) 11.4% (6th)
2013-10-27 9 10.7% (9th) 11.9th) 10.2% (7th) 11.4% (7th)
2013-11-02 10 9.6% (10th) 11.3% (6th) 8.5% (11th) 9.1% (10th)
2013-11-03 11 11.1% (7th) 12.9% (5th) 11.2% (6th) 12.6% (6th)
2013-11-09 12 8.7% (10th) 9.2% (10th) 10.7% (8th) 12.0% (6th)
2013-11-10 13 9.8% (8th) 11.1% (7th) 10.5% (9th) 11.3% (7th)
2013-11-16 14 9.5% (10th) 10.8% (7th) 9.5% (12th) 10.9% (7th)
2013-11-17 15 10.1% (8th) 11.4% (6th) 11.1% (7th) 12.9% (6th)
2013-11-23 16 8.9% (10th) 9.8% (9th) 9.7% (10th) 11.3% (6th)
2013-11-24 17 11.1% (8th) 12.9% (6th) 12.8% (5th) 14.2% (5th)
2013-11-30 18 10.3% (8th) 12.2% (7th) 10.5% (8th) 11.6% (6th)
2013-12-01 19 11.6% (7th) 13.5% (6th) 12.7% (5th) 14.2% (4th)
2013-12-07 20 10.1% (8th) 11.8% (6th) 10.9% (8th) 12.2% (6th)
2013-12-08 21 11.9% (7th) 14.8% (5th) 12.9% (5th) 15.0% (4th)
2013-12-14 22 9.6% (12th) 12.1% (7th) 11.3% (9th) 13.3% (6th)
2013-12-15 23 10.9% (8th) 13.5% (7th) 12.4% (7th) 14.4% (6th)
2013-12-21 24 10.1% (12th) 11.8% (9th) 10.9% (11th) 12.4% (7th)
2013-12-22 25 11.0% (7th) 12.6% (5th) 12.7% (6th) 14.0% (4th)
2013-12-28 26 9.8% (11th) 10.6% (9th) 11.5% (10th) 13.8% (4th)
2014-01-04 27 11.1% (8th) 13.2% (6th) 13.0% (5th) 14.8% (3rd)
2014-01-05 28 10.4% (10th) 12.9% (9th) 12.9% (6th) 14.6% (5th)
2014-01-11 29 12.1% (7th) 14.6% (5th) 13.0% (7th) 14.9% (5th)
2014-01-12 30 11.8% (7th) 13.8% (7th) 13.5% (4th) 15.4% (3rd)
2014-01-18 31 10.9% (10th) 13.5% (7th) 13.2% (7th) 14.9% (4th)
2014-01-19 32 11.9% (6th) 13.9% (5th) 12.3% (8th) 13.6% (7th)
2014-01-25 33 12.4% (8th) 15.1% (5th) 12.8% (10th) 14.5% (6th)
2014-01-26 34 12.2% (9th) 15.0% (5th) 13.1% (8th) 14.6% (7th)
2014-02-01 35 13.9% (6th) 15.4% (5th) 13.6% (4th) 15.0% (3rd)
2014-02-02 36 12.9% (7th) 15.1% (6th) 14.0% (6th) 15.7% (4th)
2014-02-09 37 11.3% (11th) 13.7% (8th) 13.6% (6th) 15.4% (5th)
2014-02-16 38 12.1% (8th) 14.1% (5th) 13.6% (7th) 14.9% (5th)
2014-02-22 39 12.3% (7th) 14.4% (5th) 13.7% (5th) 14.9% (3rd)
2014-02-23 40 13.3% (6th) 15.4% (5th) 14.4% (6th) 16.0% (5th)
2014-03-01 41 13.2% (6th) 15.1% (4th) 13.2% (8th) 14.6% (4th)
2014-03-02 42 14.6% (3rd) 17.4% (2nd) 14.4% (7th) 15.5% (4th)
2014-03-08 43 12.9% (7th) 15.5% (4th) 12.4% (7th) 13.5% (7th)
2014-03-09 44 13.5% (7th) 16.8% (4th) 13.7% (7th) 14.7% (7th)
2014-03-15 45 12.9% (7th) 15.6% (4th) 13.8% (7th) 15.2% (7th)
2014-03-16 46 13.0% (7th) 15.1% (6th) 13.5% (7th) 14.5% (6th)
2014-03-22 47 14.4% (4th) 16.5% (4th) 14.7% (6th) 16.3% (3rd)
2014-03-23 48 14.6% (3rd) 17.1% (2nd) 16.4% (3rd) 18.5% (3rd)
2014-03-29 49 14.1% (4th) 16.1% (4th) 15.4% (4th) 16.3% (3rd)
2014-03-30 50 15.7% (3rd) 18.8% (3rd) 16.8% (4th) 18.4% (3rd)

Source: TNS Media Korea & AGB Nielson

  • NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson.



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David I hate the ending. Doesn't anybody else feel that it was a disappointment that yoora and the director became a couple at the end? the ending should have been jae min and ha kyung getting married.

Coco Bwanausi Am so glad that this drama is over with. It falls into the category which i call: dreary domestic dramas. Al the writers have the same formula for these dramas. It is so boring. I did not think that the main couple had any chemistry at all whatsoever. I do not know why I continued to watch it. From now on I will steer clear of these dreary domestic dramas; I am so sick and tired of them.

Tian I really hate the ending ... poor Jae Min and Poor Ha Kyung . I really hate Ha Bin and Mi Joo couple ! Ha Bin and Mi Joo are really selfish! They didn't even try to help Jae Min and Ha Kyung... And Mi Joo was the one that hurt Jae Min, but in the end, she was the one who was having an happy ending .. I was really disappointed of this drama..

cherlyn enjoyed it til ep 28, i got bored. the ending was a disappointment. i would have preferred if jae wan and mi joo stuck through it all and ended up together

dadz I really hate the ending .. .it's frustrating. . . . .. grrrrrrrrrr . . . . . . . . .. . . .I felt like I have wasted time watching those 50 episodes . . . . . . . . .

AlMeem Oh my God! What was that the end?? Really so upset... I have hated the ending. Ohhhhhhhhh really hate the endingggggggg

Nati I hate the ending. This drama was also dragged out too long.

linda28 love the drama dont like the ending love jaemin his was the best character =)

irelis911 I have to say I was disapointed wuth the ending. The whole drama started with JaeMin and his frustrating love life. The writers gave everyone happy endings but left JaeMin out. What!!??? Best character got nothing!!! Yes sure he gained love from Dad and Noona's but... :( He deserved sooooo much more! We need an epilogue with a flash forward to JaeMins happy ending!! Be it HaKeung or who ever!

An I only kept watching because I thought Jae min should end up with HK. Thought Min Joo actress was so BORING BORING BORING. Couldn't stand her ultra boring acting. What a waste of time and will never watch another drama by this writer again.

belibme woah i wished jae min n ha kyeong ended together reading some comments here i really am disappointed tho i hvnt seen the ending! with some kdramas u expect the unexpected! writers sucked!

pearl i haven't seen the ending but i'll surely miss watching this good family drama! i luv jae min and ha kyeong they're super cute couple! i look f/ward to watching them in another drama just their own story, perhaps a sequel but focusing on their love life!

Hannah Older sister had horrible acting. Ending sucked because Jae Min and Ha Kyung did not even end up together. And Ha Bin and Mi Joo was a seriously boring ass couple.

Adri I enjoyed the first half of this drama, but towards the middle it was clear the writer was biased towards the boring lead girl/second lead male.

alex I have lived this drama since Episode 1.... great storyline, not one episode has disapointed me!! Wow!! Cant believe its actually gonna finish this weekend! So happy I have watched this one!! Hope JaeMin gets a happy ending, he deserves one!!! ;)

kim shyrie Im glad minjoo didnt end up with minjae. She was mean to him when he was trying his hardest "Mean Girl"

wisa This is the first drama I saw where to 1st female lead ends up with the second male lead....just why did the writers do that

wisa Min joo and min jae should be together.... Thats all im saying

Bestdrama I like min joo and jae min i think they were are the main characters and they are cute for each other they both surfer alot and they need to be together min joo and jae min

Bestdrama I like min joo and jae min i think they were are the main characters and they are cute for each other they both surfer alot and they need to be together min joo and jae min

rskdrama Ok. Good drama. Glad I am watchinh it. Its such fun watching jae min and ha kyeong. They make a beautiful pair. Ha rim is a ok character. I never liked mi joo in any of her dramas. She can't be very natural. But other all characters including mi joo's irrirating brother n sister in law are acting so well. in my opinion, father is going to become ill. They will not marry. Yet jae min will go to china. Jae min and ha kyeong will come together. Story started with jae min and mi joo as lead, but in this drama every character has a pert to play. It is nice. I hope to see more of the spirited ha kyeong in the future. I am not sure if I want to see mi joo and ha rim in the future if their acting skills aren't chabging.

Jopay7 This is an awesome drama. people that put this drama down do not have a clear understanding of what the word DRAMA means. I feel this drama is well written and the actors were well chosen for their part. Go-Eun Han character is awesome. ok she is awesome :). but everything makes sence in what is happening. Ho-sun song gets on my nerves, but these are the some of the effects of watching a drama. I have watched many dramas but this is one drama that I would continue to watch if it never ended.

Jamse What's with the soundtrack on this show? It's like being trapped in a giant Muzak factory.

Dawn OMO, I love this drama....I have been watching it for awhile now, and I am totally in love with Jae-Min and his dad...this is such a sweet relationship. I do not like the way Yoo-Jin and Yoo-Ra are treating their dad...I'm pretty sure this drama is already completed filming but I hope that the writers give these too a life. I mean Yoo-Jin, you can't control your own marriage which was on a slippery slop not to long ago and still in my opinion a bit fragile. Yoo-Ra, you are a hyprocrite and don't even realize it...you don't want your dad to move on with someone else whose dear to him...but you feel good enough about yourself to have an affair and with a married man. The same thing your father did...but you don't see where you were wrong. If I was their dad, I'd tell them both...you mom is gone and not coming back and I'm not ready to follow her to the grave....well, I believe he told them that in a round-a-bout way...

I love that Jae-Min is so supportive of his dad, and also just as hurt as he is....they have a common bond because I'm sure dad realized it wasn't easy for his wife to accept and raise a child from and extramartial affair and make no difference between the kids. Althought, privately any woman going through that kind of situation would be beyond hurt....but to hurt the child would be wrong because the child did nothing wrong. I believe Yoo-Ra needs to get over herself and treat Jae-Min better than she does. Both sisters do! I hope the writers have made away for this to happen because when Yoo-Jin, told him that she felt burden by him (not actual line) it made my heart hurt for him....I'm like really...is this how the writers want to portray the South Korean world....

Then the overbearing mother Hye-Shin, who can't accept Mi-Joo....lady please get a life. Again, writers really do an awful job of portraying South Korean mothers as overbearing, domineering, control freaks. What man wants to be with a woman that his mother chooses for him...if Ha-Rim does that, doesn't she know he will only hate and mistreat the woman that his mother is happy with but he's not....I mean are they living in the 1614 or 2014. I hurt for him the way she said she could accept Jae-Min as her son and husband to her daughter than she could accept Mi-Joo as her daughter and his wife...it's the same thing woman. You just mad cause he don't want the life you want for him....GET A GRIP!!!! I'm glad the husband is stepping up...but he need to step up more and tell her to go sit down somewhere...w/some bass in his voice.

Anyways, I love this drama...and can't wait to see how it ends....I'll be back w/more comments.

dramalove I actually want hong soo hyun and lee sang yeob to get together again <3 Jaemin <3 Mijoo!

AmethystPita I love this show!! I was so glad to find out that there are so many episodes, because something when watching these shows, you almost start to feel like they are family and you don't want them to go! Anyway...I am rooting for Jaemin & HaKyung to be together. Who cares if Mijoo and Harim are together (which I also think is good by the way). If Mijoo and Jaemin really love the person they are with...does it really matter that they used to be together. Besides, they don't have to be around each other always. As for Mijoo and Jaemin's mother and father...I'm all for that relationship as well. I'm in my 40's, and would love to find a love like they have. I think Eugene and Yura need to grow up. I realize their father did wrong in the past. But it's not like he's had a parade of women since then. He remained faithful after his mistake, and now that he is being able to express himself to his children, why should he remain alone??? Eugene and Yura have enough in their own lives they need to take care of. There father deserves some happiness.

Hryujin27 I'm really disappointed current episode 1-30 really, is it true?? why in previous episode these yesterday, jaemin & MiJoo always break up in the end of episode. i know its their love, their destiny if jaemin have to end with HaKyung or else. but i'm sad because of Jaemin's father+Mijoo's mother like each other & going tobe family. The main couple is Jaemin+MiJoo... why in the way of each episode, he suppose to closed with HaKyung*__*

~Ahh i'm going to stop watching this drama until the best of them can i see the end^^

Hannah I am going to be so pissed if Jae Min and Mi Joo gets together at the end. It would be a complete waste to have even watch this drama if they did end up together. It would be like watching Goddess of Marriage because that show was absolutely ridiculous -_- Rooting for Jae Min and Ha Kyung!!

cia96fly I kinda like this show because of Jae min and Ha kyung's chemistry .. haha. I want them to end up together instead of Jae min and the other lead. their relationship is just way too poisonous ...

Nikki I like, but I do not have the patience for 50 episodes. It is always smarter to do less episodes. 50? Mercy! Stop watching as of now.

Nicole I want Ha Kyung and Jae Min :)

neo pretty ridiculous that Jae-min and Mi-joo break up only to be going out with ha-kyung and ha-rim who happen to be brother and sister. coincidence....??? and then add to this mix that jae-min's father and mi-joo's mother are a couple... another coincindence??? this drama is a bit of a farce

KD Nut Song "you're only lonely" at the end of each episode is great. Old couple (Jung Hyun-Soo & Hong Soon-Ae) acts so cute (at the end of episode 15). Jung Yoo-Ra - dump the guy, please.

wisa Thought it would be good. But all I can say is eh, it not bad, but a little boring. Maybe I'll get back to eat when I have nothing to watch. ha that would never happen. Well this show is off my list. sorry lee sang yeob really wanted to see you on a lead role.

Kdrama lover The best drama on right now!!!!!!

emerusmerlinus Nooooo! I want Jung Jae-Min to end up with Eun Ha-Kyung. They are the better match. The chemistry between them is awesome. The other girl is to depressing.

Guest @shymugga... You are funny...

no.one just started watching this. it seems interesting for me at the moment... but kinda confusing. i know its typical of Korean drama but everybody in this drama is somehow related to everybody. whether they are friends, relatives, former lovers, 1st wife, 2nd wife, 1st husband, 2nd husband, step mom, step father..... ugh, it makes my head hurt

Shymugga Not never..not a hater but how is it simple shows like this which gains minimal interest in watchers, how is it possible a show like this can air 50 episodes but awesome shows like Boys over Flowers,Playful Kiss,Gu Family book,Just You with Arron Yan,City Hunter with my Korean actor husband in my mind Lee Min Ho:-*:-)B-)<3<3<3 how come they get only 16 episode excluding Gu Family Book they got 24 but it still wasn't enough..I can't stand it really..its upsetting and disappointing..

hibiscus i just started watching this & liking it coz of Lee seong yeob, he's so cute & natural in acting! i like the other actors too since seeing them in other kdramas most times!

whimsy Jae Min and Ha Kyung FTW! I hope the marriage contract happens .. and that they fall in love. XD

hoel OMG I think the drama will be have a complicated plot but it looks promising, I hope I can watch it every weekend with engsub of course. And I really hope mi joo & jae min can be together.

Anonymous OMG, they got a drama with Lee Sang Yeob and Hong Soo Hyun as two of the leading roles! How awesome! ^^

hyosang This must be good <3 . I'll watch it ! .

Lolit I love to see Lee San Yeob! This is now the time when he will act in the lead role. Go,go, go!

Ten Oh gosh. Can't wait to see Lee Sangyeob. T__T

Mel OMG my boo finally has a lead role!!!! :)

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