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  • Band Name: 3rd Line Butterfly
  • Hangul: 3호선 버터플라이
  • Genre: Indie Rock / Alternative
  • Band Members:
    • Ki-wan Seong (성기완) - Guitar & vocal
    • Sang-ah Nam (남상아) - Guitar, vocal & package artwork
    • Kyu-hyeong Kim (김규형) - Bass
    • Sang-woo Kim (김상우) - Drum
    • Whiru (휘루) - fiddle, web artwork & vocal
    • Nam-yun Kim (김남윤) - Keyboard


  1. 3rd Line Butterfly scored the soundtrack for the 2002 MBC drama Ruler of Your Own World (Ne meotdaero haera).
  2. 3rd Line Butterfly's track "그녀에게" (Neunyeo Ege / To Her), from Time Table, appeared in the 2003 film ...ing.


Music Video "스물 아홉 문득"(29 Suddenly) / Time Table



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Rainer That's not the whole discography, there is more records:

(2009.11.19 EP) Nine Days Or A Million (2012.03.15 EP) Ice Cube (2012.09.27 Album) Dreamtalk

Sahn Juhk It's just an attempt to Westernize the names. A lot of Koreans here in Korea do it on their own when they tell Westerners their name, as they know that in the West most cultures put the surname at the end of the name. Personally, though, I prefer to keep the surname at the front when translating Korean names into the English alphabet.

Shane Why are the family names written last in English here? We learned to write Korean names with the family name first in English. Example 성기완 Seong Gi-wan(or Seong Ki-wan).