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  • Drama: 3 Days / Three Days
  • Revised romanization: Sseurideizeu
  • Hangul: 쓰리데이즈
  • Director: Shin Kyung-Soo
  • Writer: Kim Eun-Hee
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: March 5 - May 1, 2014
  • Runtime: Wed. & Thu. 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


The South Korean President travels to a villa to enjoy his vacation. After three gunshots are fired, he disappears. His bodyguard Han Tae-Kyung (Park Yoo-Chun) then attempts to find the President.


Han Tae-Kyung (Park Yoo-Chun) works as a presidential guard. He goes to the hospital to see his father who is a high ranking government official. His father got into a car accident last night and is now in critical condition. Han Tae-Kyung only watches his father through a window for a short time before going back to work.

Meanwhile, President Lee Dong-Whi (Son Hyun-Joo) is in his third year of service as the South Korean President. He received huge support during his first year, but his approval rating has declined ever since. A special prosecutor is now investigating President Lee Dong-Whi's finances prior to becoming the President. To cheer himself up, the President decides to make a visit to a traditional market.

During the President's visit to the traditional market, Han Tae-Kyung's phone keeps ringing. He feels that something might be wrong with his father. Then, a man throws white powder on the President and the bodyguards respond accordingly. After the incident, Han Tae-Kyung receives a text message that his father has passed away. Meanwhile, Han Tae-Kyung is reprimanded because the President was hit with the powder. He leaves his badge and gun behind and goes to his father's funeral.

At the funeral, a woman talks to Han Tae-Kyung. She asks him if he has seen a white envelope among the things his father left behind. She also tells him that her father's car accident might have been premeditated murder. She gives him her name card. Her name is Yoon Bo-Won (Park Ha-Sun) and she is a police officer.

Soon, Han Tae-Kyung hears from a dying man that "The President will die on March 5th". As Han Tae-Kyung attempts to enter the vacation villa where the President is staying, he is blocked by soldiers because Han Tae-Kyung doesn't have his badge. Three gun shots are then fired inside the President's villa.


  1. "Three Days" takes over the Wednesday & Thursday 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "My Love From the Star" and will be followed by "You're All Surrounded" in April, 2014.
  2. First script reading took place November, 2013 at SBS Ilsan Production Center.


3 Days-Park Yoo-Chun.jpg 3 Days-Son Hyun-Joo.jpg
Park Yoo-Chun Son Hyun-Joo
Han Tae-Kyung Lee Dong-Whi
3 Days-Park Ha-Sun.jpg 3 Days-So E-Hyun.jpg 3 Days-Choi Won-Young.jpg 3 Days-Yoon Je-Moon.jpg 3 Days-Jang Hyun-Sung.jpg
Park Ha-Sun So E-Hyun Choi Won-Young Yoon Je-Moon Jang Hyun-Sung
Yoon Bo-Won Lee Cha-Young Kim Do-Jin Shin Kyu-Jin Ham Bong-Soo

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Episode Ratings

Date Episode TNmS AGB
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2014-03-05 1 12.8% (6th) 16.4% (5th) 11.9% (9th) 12.5% (6th)
2014-03-06 2 12.3% (9th) 15.0% (7th) 11.1% (13th) 12.0% (8th)
2014-03-12 3 12.5% (9th) 14.8% (6th) 11.7% (11th) 12.9% (7th)
2014-03-13 4 14.5% (5th) 17.4% (3rd) 12.7% (7th) 14.2% (6th)
2014-03-19 5 13.0% (6th) 15.0% (6th) 12.2% (6th) 14.0% (5th)
2014-03-20 6 12.8% (6th) 15.7% (6th) 12.9% (7th) 14.1% (5th)
2014-03-26 7 12.4% (7th) 14.9% (5th) 11.3% (11th) 12.5% (5th)
2014-03-27 8 12.1% (7th) 14.2% (6th) 11.0% (10th) 11.2% (9th)
2014-04-02 9 11.3% (8th) 13.9% (6th) 10.4% (12th) 11.1% (8th)
2014-04-03 10 12.2% (9th) 14.3% (7th) 12.3% (6th) 12.6% (6th)
2014-04-09 11 12.0% (9th) 14.5% (5th) 11.3% (7th) 12.6% (4th)
2014-04-10 12 12.2% (7th) 14.8% (4th) 12.0% (5th) 12.4% (5th)
2014-04-23 13 10.5% (11th) 11.8% (8th) 11.1% (7th) 12.4% (5th)
2014-04-24 14 11.5% (8th) 13.1% (4th) 11.9% (5th) 12.9% (4th)
2014-04-30 15 10.9% (10th) 12.6% (6th) 12.3% (6th) 13.9% (4th)
2014-05-01 16 13.2% (5th) 15.4% (5th) 13.8% (5th) 15.9% (4th)

Source: TNS Media Korea& AGB Nielson

  • NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson.



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naomi Its far more than what i expected! Excellent drama and Yoochun's acting is the best!!!

naomi Its far more than what i expected!!! Excellent drama and Yoochun's acting is the best!!!

melischen Great K-drama....its diffrent with another drama...

dadz . . .if you like 3 days, god's gift-14 days like me, then better watch liar game(korean version). this is the best thriller drama so far that I have seen. suuuuuuper nice. . .

ahloon If you guys love this drama, perhaps you guys can watch God's gift 14 days before... Which is politic related as well, a fully thriller type drama.. Once you follow the drama up to 3rd episode, I am sure you will keep on following it (if you like it)~ I finish it within 3 days and it was so intense that I dream about the content of the drama lol

Ellen please could you tell where I can get OST from . thank you

Ellen please could you tell me where I can get the OST from

sha Park ha sun has a good acting, excellent drama,, I hope there will be a continuation of this drama between Han Tae-Kyung and Yoon Bo-Won :D

DRAMAFINDER Choi Won Young was awesome! haha. But, I still love Yoo Chun in this drama ♡♥♡♥ By the way, season 2 please! I love story so much!

melis 123 this is not nice at all. the they made the intelligence community of South Korea look so incapable n slow in thinking. have to re-watch 24 to clear dis nasty series 4rm my eyes

Andreea Boca Excellent kdrama!

kimmy Though I really love Yoochun playing romcom dramas, I really appreciate he did this drama, a new genre with an interesting plot. Daebak to this drama, I hope other kdrama addicts will change their perspective regarding a drama becoz of its genre, rather they must try to watch this drama coz its worth the time :) And to be honest, Yoochun looks chubby in the first episodes but the succeeding episodes, he turn to be so sexy agent. HAHA. No wonder, more power to Yoochun, 3 Days and his upcoming movie SEA FOG.

noni @FK .. Agree with you..i like han tae kyung n wo boon in this story..so sweet..and i dont understand why many people see her as annoying character. I hope yoochun n ha sun will appear as a loving couple in other drama as well..they look sweet together

diana 1st time when i saw this movie, i really lazy too watch. But after i try to follow minutes by minutes until the 1st ep Its the end, i was shock. This movie very cool, makes me thinks who is the traitor. This movie very heavy and make me feel the story same like history of indonesia at1998.

Then i said thank you for the writers, director who produces this movie in korea.. Finally korea have a triller/action movie, Loll honestly i just know korea only have romantic movie and that's really bored.

For all actors such as yoocun, soo hyun jo, choi won and jang hyun. . Your act really amazing. No matter about rate. . But i really appreciate with this movie..coolll :) --- cayoo from indonesia ---

minami 3days daebak..i really love the relationship between han tae kyung n yoon bo won..actor and actress in this drama are all talented!! Really satisfied with the storyline and their acting skill..i wish the director would consider to make 3days season 2! Hehe..

Hope more drama park yoochun together with park ha sun

koosha If ask me which one of drama's you ever see is best of one?! You know what i say? 3DAY'S

iris Cant wait to finish this drama when i have internet oooh yh!

yoi i love yoochun but... his acting's limitation is really apparent here with the veterans around (son hyunjoo, jang hyunsung). same things can be said to park hasun whom i thought an okay actress turned out... meh. hopefully they'll improve in their next projects...

FK Just finished this drama! What a really really really really really really GREAT DRAMA< I like the way how it makes me uptight and cannot wait for the next episodes. Han Tae Kyung&Yoon Bo Won's story in this drama is my favourites romance story! I've never watch a romance story like this ^-^ ++++++ maybe Three Days is the best drama I've ever watched~~~

secretable_lady A must seen series hope this will be aired on Philippines at ABS-CBN for sure it will have an thigh rating....one of the good series I've watched. yoochun really suits in action, no boredom every episode is awaiting and exciting.I'll be looking forward to yochuns drama and movies.I just wish he could read this. '',)

dadz .. . john . .youre too much. . .... romantic comedies are always the best

pinkslippers Great ending, great drama. :D Liked a lot the culmination part in the last two episodes.

I think the scene of Yoochun delivering water was in relation to the visit of the Australian president (?) of some sort. So as Secret Service, they are doing ocular inspection to ensure that the environment the said foreign official will be exposed to is safe.

Krysa Absolutely the best kdrama I have ever seen. Almost no love, just politics and GREAT ACTION! Love it!!!

dramacurious I personally loved this drama. I was not optimistic when i saw trailers on bodyguard and president story. The pace outpaced in lots of places. Totally was hooked with gods gift and 3day. One of the best series of dramas in past 3-4 years. They kept the plot to the plot and did not deviate till the ending scene. Its very true I am happy on this, but also wish on the other end there were more kind words from Yoochul to Bo Woon. If 2-days part2 comes I am the first wellwisher and I would love love to see it. Great story and integrating Writers. Wish the Chairman kim was more crazy !!!

MissMatch I liked this series! My boyfriend never tried to watch any korean series with me but this series changed it all! We watched it together from every episode! Great work by the whole 3days team. Really liked Yoochun here also :)

sora Antz: so do i, i dont understand that scene too ^^

Aneeka This drama is great! It's good to get out of all the over exaggerated romance! It is so thrilling and action packed and you never know what's going to happen next.

John This is one of the best drama I ever watched. It is full of excitement , plot twist, and all the actors are great. For those who think this is boring , it might because you don't understand it. Go back and continue those romantic love story. For those who think this is too fake, looks stupid, kindly tell me how 'real' does having a 400 year handsome alien or fking rich guys wooing normal girls real? All the actors inside are great. Some may commented taek kwon looks same face, not much face expression. But on the other side, aren't the secret agent suppose to be trained to control emotion? It looks more fake if too much face expression on the face. Overall, the drama indeed has some flaws, but this is no doubt one of the greatest korean drama, at least stopped mingle around with those repeated romantic story

janey this drama is amazing ... u cant tell me u dont undastand it, I can see u guys need korean fantasy romance baaa!! jus grow up

Well After watching some of the well-written script with enticing story-line and well produced series from South Korea, it's a pity this did not worked out. First 4 episodes were great. Unfortunately, it became too boring n frustrating to watch. Extremely weak story line, focusing too much on showing reasons or excuses to the series of killing plots that leads to no where. There are many good actors here but why mingling in such a weak script? We kept seeing Micky running into scenes, after scenes...however, in the final episodes, we no longer sensed his urgency. We anticipated that someone will save the day! Yes, it has lost it's thrill n sparkle for real.

Antz Can someone explain to me why Tae Kyung was delivering water at some office?

CiCI Choi Won Young continued to give an awesome performance right up to the end and as I stated earlier, I hope he gets an award for his acting in this drama. Great work Choi Won Young! @jan, (HelloKitty) EVERYONE has a right to review what they like and don't like in a drama. I do BOTH. So do most people. Some write a LOT because they CAN. You don't own the sites. You order people to not watch what they don't like and don't comment unless it meets w/ your approval, and comprehension....hmm, why don't you follow your own demands then and not read what others wrote if you don't like it and give everyone the same right to their feelings that you want for yourself? I never said Bo Won should feel good after killing someone. How absurd. Just stop. You appear to have an anger issue & look for comments (everywhere) that you call negative so you can go on a personal attack..Just grow up or get some therapy. Please.

Noor Started the drama but then quickly drop out...its such a pity. The writers assumed that the viewers are dumb or what!! The main actor is like a super genius ...with the an intellect above everybody else ..(if only he was credible)..anyway just got the feeling that it was really a waste..with such a formidable cast and means ..but so much inconsistencies. could have been way better..the ratings reflect that. I was terribly upset since generally like these kind of series..watcheable but forgettable.

elizabeth I'm one of the million fans of Korean dramas, This is one of the amazing action dramas very thrilling can't wait for the Final Episode.

felix this drama is totally crap, can't believe people like it, episode 8 I'm stopping here... so many parts are ridiculously dumb and makes me angry, full stop.

jan I agree with Char.. If you don't like the drama, stop watching it. Why bother watching and let yourself be annoyed? Why let yourself feel all the negative vibes and write all those in not so good comments everywhere. You become the annoying one.

I like this kdrama. Secret service agents were trained to be emotionless. Flat faced. So as not to be shaken. Yoo Chun is doing a great job in portraying this role. Choi Won Young is also giving justice to the villain role. Bo Won's reaction after taking the shot and killed a man is but right. No police officer would feel good after his/her first killing. More so with lady cops.

CICI, while it is true that you are just stating your opinion, it is also true that you are annoying one and you are in all these kdrama sites writing negative comments, You are simply out of your mind. Don't watch anything you don't like and if you have nothing good to say, just SHUT UP!

Soitis It is named days because of several reasons.Three days have 3 chapter.Each of them limited by 72 hours or can we say 3 days.In one word three days drama contain nine days event

So it is It is named days because of several reasons.Three days have 3 chapter.Each of them limited by 72 hours or can we say 3 days.In one word three days drama contain nine days event

kimmy @ignatius chua, actually it was entitled "3 days" not because it happens for a span of 3 days but there are 3 chapters contained in the drama, and each chapter is composed of 3 days. Meaning the highlights in each chapter contains 3 days each.

"Part 1: The Prelude, Part 2: The Showdown, and Part 3: Judgement, with each segment lasting for 72 hours (3 days)"

Jackie loveeeee yoochun♡. Great drama but it cannot top Ghost/phantom -same writer!-

ignatius chua Can someone enlighten me as to why the show is called 3 days? You mean to tell me it will take me three days to watch all 16 episodes? .... Yes, Park Ha Sun has this very genuine and sincere look about her. And she is so lovely although I think she has grown plumper.

Plsherratt Why isn't this rated higher? Darn good drama with so many plot twists. Love, love it! And I think Micky is playing the part totally cool! If you watch secret service people....they have the same kind of facial expressions. He is spot on

apardes O my god i really want to see this drama.

StevieG18 The storyline is actually really well written, one of the best action/thriller drama I've seen since IRIS (2009). I really liked Park Ha Sun who played in AD Genius and Two Weeks, but she really have shown a different side of her, instead of the weak girl in two weeks, she has turned into a brave cop. Although I prefer her long hair where she is more cute, her new haircut was necessary for this character I think. She still rocks, Ha Sun noona hwaiting! I've also never watched Yoochun act before this drama, but he's actually quite good, keep up the good work.

Lee Son Hyun Joo ssi is the reason why i watch this drama. Great actor, he really does have a charisma as a president. Well, no offense but for me yochun acting in this drama is a bit lack. he suppose to show a lot of facial expressions, sad, anger, tired, confuse, but he have the same facial expression for entire drama (tough i like yochun acting when he did the falsh back, he can show a good innocent act as a secret service agent and the fight is great yochun!). well, i am not an antis, i like yochun others drama, he did good at sungkyunkwan scandal, i miss you and roof top prince. i just hope he will grow into a super big star, and to be a big star in act you must through alot of characters. the story is interesting. the politic and the action, make your "nasionalism blood" rushing to the head lol. if only they destroy the bus, that will be more awesome, i mean, it is become a serious war haha...well, but i think it will be hard to make a big explotion in the middle of seoul city.

fuilan You have to fully understand to enjoy this drama. One of the best of the best!

noon one of the best Kdrama ever !

Char What are people arguing on this site? Anywho, I really like this drama and no it's not boring at all. I think the people who are saying that this drama is boring probably don't understand what's going on because this drama is a political and action drama. Not all dramas has to be romance ones. Don't like this drama, don't watch simple as that!

Liana Really love this drama but only twice episode in the week.

HelloKitty This drama is awesome and those who always criticize this drama, find other dramas to watch .. YooChun Fighting!!! p.s ignore the catzz

elisa on the episode 12, who is the name of the guy that taking care of officer yoon? han tae kyung's friend. he appeared twice on that episode

CICI @HelloKitty..I know who you are even though you keep changing your name. People can read my comments and judge for themselves on whether I am always negative. Also, you are the one that picks fights now, aren't you? Whatever. I see you don't go after someone like Thomas Wayne with what he said for example, because you are a "stalker" TROLL from other sites and people have called you out on what you do there. You are right about 1 thing though, Kim Jae Wook is my favorite actor and I do think he's the best out there. So what? I have said I like several actors here as well. So, follow me around and say whatever, you only store up bad kharma for yourself. You don't hurt me one bit. Oh, and btw, I do have a cat, a dog and some birds and I rescue wildlife as well and damn proud of it.

HelloKitty @CICI is a cat lady, don't mind her at all. I always see her get into fights in various Kdramas sites with her so called "opinions" which if you noticed are always negative. She always bash actors and storylines and only thinks KJW is the best out there.. so pathetic! Might as well take care of your catzzz

greeenacre1 Wow you people saying this drama suck you dont know anything seriously. Just because there isnt any romance doesnt mean it sucks, its an action thriller drama not a romantic one you idios. This drama is very good incredible actinggg

greeenacre1 Wow you people saying this drama suck you dont know anything seriously. Just because there isnt any romance doesnt mean it sucks, its an action thriller drama not a romantic one you idios. This drama is very good incredible acting.

nanachu Choi Won Young in new mode...haha

Thomas Wayne This Drama really sucks. Boring as hell

V I totally agree with you CICI. I'm in love with Yoochun and he is great as usual. But in this drama the most amazing is Choi Won Young. Not just because he is breathtakingly sexy and dangerously hot, but his acting is really so excellent. I don't really understand why he doesn't get appriciated. And it is also sad that he received only a few lead role...with his skills and with his hot looking. I loved him in Quenn Seon Deok too.

(By the way your nickname means "boobs" in Hungarian. lol)

farra I'm crazy in love with this drama! Damn great story and acting..Once again Park Yoochun showing his versatile here as an actor..I'm amazed seeing his expression and his fighting skills..He deserved another high awards for his performance..Fighting 3 Days!

CICI @rskdrama...I agree about "3 Days"..lol.."3 Months" maybe. I also agree w/ you about Choi Won Young. He is excellent in this drama and it is because of him and many of the great supporting actors here that I keep watching. If anyone deserves an award for "Excellent Actor", my vote would go to Choi Won Young. Son Hyun Joo, Yoon Je Moon & Lee Jae Young esp. are consistent professionals that I have high respect for and they have been a driving force here as well.

Yoouchunano @dadz no dear he in the heirs as Yoon Chan Young's father and he had the best kiss ever with his ex-wife ^^. Just look at the cast above you will see his name.

dadz . . . .can you tell me who is that CHOI WON YOUNG ? . . .i'VE seen the heirs, but i never heard any cast that comes by that name...>> . .. . .yoouchunano

Yoouchunano @rskdrama can't agree more with you. I really really love him even before 3 days. Even in heirs which i hate so much but i kept watching just because of Choi Won Young. He is really a great actor.

rskdrama ok. 3 days isn't 3 days anymore.. whatever said about lead actor or the storyline.. or any other thing. To me.. the best actor in this drama, and the one who doesn't get appreciated or spoken about is Kim Do Jin or Choi Won Young. This is the one of the best Villians Korean Drama has ever produced... compare this man to all those older guys who perform the role of the villian... none can beat him today. Kudos, Choi Won Young.

CICI @Davia and yoochunano..I'm not here to get into semantics with you. We all have our different perceptions, opinions, likes & dislikes... but .."yoochuano" your constant need of name calling just shows immaturity. Prejudiced? It's just a show. Some here like Bo Won or other characters and some don't or certain scenes etc. It has nothing to do with seeing "robotic" western movies either. I've just seen stronger female characters & better actresses ie: Ko Hyun Jung, Ha Ji Won or Kim So Yeon do a much better portrayal in a similar role. So E Hyun is better too IMO but is not being given a fair opportunity to show it here. My expectations are just higher because of them and other Kdramas I've watched. Also, the Prosecutor was just reading and ignored the chief. I never said it was funny the man died. It was so ridiculous no one was attending to him that it was a "funny" scene and I said it "should" have been a sad scene. If anything was robotic or "non-feeling" that was. You really need to learn how to "read" before you start going after people. If I decide to comment anymore it will be about the drama but sans you... and I'll continue to say my opinions since they are just as valid as others'. If you want to continue to single me out and insult, knock yourself out.

Davia The female cop has just had a major run in fighting off the three other guys in the elevator, and then was running down all those stair at maniac speed just in time to save TK & CY. No wonder she collapsed in exhaustion and shock after that. Just the fear that she must have felt to see that they might have been killed if she hadn't gotten to them in time is enough to majorly unnerve someone. I think because we are so used to seeing robotic inhuman western characters we then think that someone who reacts more as a human is weak. I was also kind of startled that she collapsed on the floor and thought that it made her look weak but after reading what Yoochunano said it made sense that she would react that way. I actually really like her character and the actress too. Both the female leads are just wonderful. I quite often find korean female leads annoying so it's really great when I get to see ones that are not for me. I like that these two don't act cute or overly obnoxious. They're both really good actresses in my opinion.

yoochunano @CICI, "have you regained consciousness" is just like "have you arrived or wasso as pronounced by Korean", so i don't see big different we all say those things as a normal reaction. and the shooting scenes i've seen it with several dramas and with a male cop not a woman. and about Shin Kyu-Jin dying scene i didn't see anyone trying to read the paper i saw people in a shock and the prosecutor said someone call ambulance and he even did't take the papers from his hand until he handed it to him and died and i saw a reporter woman calling from a phone, i guess you have to watch it again cuz all what you said didn't happen. I'm ok with the leading female character is so annoying and if we erased it from script it will not make any different so please if you wanna criticize so make it on something just deserve. i cried on the dying scene that you said you find it funny. I know it's your right to write you opinion but it's my write too to say it's wrong and i guess you are prejudiced.

CICI @yoochuano..chill out... I am not "hunting" mistakes. I am just noticing scenes that are funny to me. I have seen many comments of people noticing how some characters, agents, etc are doing stupid things in this drama as well. And FYI, if my friend just woke up from a coma and started talking to me "have you regained consciousness"?, is not the first thing I would say since it's obvious she's awake..lol.. Id be "saying" that I was so happy she's awake, etc. RE: Bo Won, reg. cop or not, she supposedly had gun training. "Ordinary" cops are trained to handle dangerous situations too and in that scene, she did what a regular person would do, not a professional IMO. I find her character so hyper that she's annoys me and I have the right to feel and say that here. People often don't like every character in a drama , btw. These are MY opinions & I enjoy being observant about situations I see "on the screen". I've said I like a lot of the characters and So E Hyun's char. so why don't you read ALL of my comments and stop HUNTING yourself, besides saying things that aren't true about me not liking the drama. IMO, some things are quite dumb here ...like letting a guy just die while a Prosecutor & reporters are trying to read what he brought. That would've been a sad scene normally but it came off silly.. At least someone could've bent down to help him, or call out for an ambulance but he was totally ignored. That's not "hunting", that was a major scene with a major player going down. My comments are referring to the writing (mostly) not personal attacks on the "actors" like you have done to me...So, stop telling me what to do do, what to say and not say. The only "silly, unreasonable" remarks are from you.

yoochunano @CICI, i felt that you are hunting mistakes in the drama. Firstly, "Tae Kyung asked Cha Young if she had regained consciousness" i think i've heard this sentence in the same situation in many dramas. And if you were him you would say the same, so i don't get what is weird about it. Secondly, "Bo Won got in a few hits & a shot but isn't she supposed to be a "trained" cop? Why did she sit down like a little girl and start to cry?" . She was just an ordinary cup helping people and she didn't kill anywone before so if you were her would you just kill a human being without a blink of an eye or what !! but she didn't even cry or lost herself but she saw the mobile phone and told Tae kyung about it. Finally, why are you watching something you even don't like. and if you wanna watch it just watch it and don't write those negetive comments cuz there is so much effort in this drama and thinking that one of the cast reading your silly unreasonable words makes me feel angry.

eceazra I love korea and korean culture. This drama is wonderful according to me.

ntbook i like this drama its so nice ~ love park ha sun <3

CICI Correction: ep..11

CICI @Dawn..yes, you did take some punches at the writers re: making the two fem. leads weak, etc...good job...but for telling Cha Young to "kill herself" .. :( .. that was a bit harsh..just sayin". Anyway..after seeing ep 12, I was laughing at some of the scenes..SPOILER ahead... So funny, when Tae Kyung asked Cha Young if she had regained consciousness after she started talking to him...Ugh, no, um TK, I'm talking in my "coma"..lol..Then when ("so & so" ) gets stabbed and drives up to deliver evidence to the Spec. Prosecutor, he hands it to him laying on the ground and everyone is trying to read the papers and just lets the guy die. It was so bad it was funny. I'm sure Dawn will have a "field day"! There were def. some "classic" moments here..lol Anyway, finally Bo Won got in a few hits & a shot but isn't she supposed to be a "trained" cop? Why did she sit down like a little girl and start to cry?.. I agree with Walery below. WTS, I'm def. team So E Hyun/Young Cha all the way. Glad she's back! ..and hope the writers treat her better cuz her acting continues to be superb.

Dawn @CiCi, I strongly agree with you about and it can't be helped because the WRITERS are doing the women an injustice in this drama....and if you would be so kind as to note I did take punches at the writers for writing both female leads charactes in such an obviously unintelligent way....GIRL POWER! And I also took a jab at the writer for having Tae-Kyung wimp out when he had that 98 document in his fingertips or rather grasp.

All in all it's a great suspense filled drama, I'm just not able to see how the writer plans to bring this drama together....as far as an ending. Already the President has tucked his head in his butt and decided to go back to Do Jin and be his good little doggie....or at least he's pretending to at the moment. This after so many folks have risked and lost their lives behind him...I'd kill him myself....on G/P (Good Principle)....but, I will be watching and waiting like everyone else, because it's up in the air how this drama is gonna end....but it better not end without someone killling Do-Jin (sorry Choi Won-Young oppa...with you sexy self).

I don't want to see any top level crooked government folks go to jail, death to all, except Tae-Kyung, Bo-Won and Cha-Young (if she turns out to not be a traitor). And on that note, I will be watching and commenting.

Pumpkiiin I don't think there will be any romance in this drama. 〜。〜.... (Boring...)

walery I absolutely love this drama! The exiting action, detailed suspense and great main hero xD but seriously, I know some people might disagree (that's fine btw) but I absolutely hate the police girl character.. she doesn't bring anything to the main story, only runs around after the lead actor.. and it annoys me so much :P wish that character gets better soon... or dies. (yeah, sorry about that ^^" but it will give some more drama to the story, don't u think? :) )

kimmy @Aung htoo, if you love comedy then i bet you won't enjoy watching this drama, bcoz this drama will acquire your memories on every small details so that you can understand how the story goes. By chance, if your analysis or thinking is slow then don't watch this drama.

BTW, for me this drama is really great. I love how the twisting of the stories get me more excited. I was not really interested into action dramas before but bcoz of this im now starting to like this genre of a drama.

This is a kind of drama worth watching for bcoz you will really keep on asking what will happen next, unlike romcom dramas that the endings are so predictable. Lastly, if you're bored watching love story dramas, this is the best drama to watch for. Daebak!!!

nanachu This drama is one the best new type korean drama now, but it must we know that all drama scenes is tooooo MUSSY.. not all viewer will understand because need powerful MEMORY to remember all scene, so the viewers will UNDERSTAND it.... all over is good, BUT of cource if they understand it

CICI @Genie..I agree. I also think Cha Young is under cover. Re: who is the female lead, I think they are co-leads being their pics are side by side and promoted that way. I also agree w/what you said about "police girl". She's cute but annoys me a LOT. I noticed what you did about always "running around and puts her hands in everything related to Han Tae Kyun...She seems to always put her hands "on" him too..lol .. always grabs him & hits him after he's been beaten up..(which is almost every other scene) She seems more like a "stalker" obsessed with "him", than a cop interested in the case. :p

Genie just finished watching ep9. well, who is the female lead by the way? I can't guess.

I think the girl who works with Yoo chun in blue house now is undercover because the president did ask Yoo chun if he can trust that girl, i think there is a reason and that's why I know when she suddenly appeared as Jae Shin's side. President definitely asked her to do so.

I like Police girl, she looks cute and matches the role but sometimes I see her a bit annoying by running around and kind of put her hands in everything that related to Yoo Chun, I just wish she could be a little cooler than that.

CICI @Dawn..I enjoy reading your rants & raves but re: Lee Cha Young, give her a break...please. Everyone has screwed up among the agents including Han Tae Young... letting a guy talk his ear off while Doc.'98 was burning & he ended up getting strong armed when he had PLENTY of time to get the doc away AND he was holding a GUN... and he cries about it which neither of the women has done. It's the writer's fault that Bo Won is stupid and So E. Hyun missed her target. I WISH they'd be written with some strength and competence when anyone with a BRAIN knows that if someone gets into a high position as an agent protecting and assisting the Pres. (especially), they're highly trained, smart and good at what they do. The 2 fem. leads are both pretty and could be strong characters.. and although I like this drama a lot (still), it could be "rockin" if the writer did a better job with the female characters for a change. IMO, it can get really boring fast if the male lead is shown as the only guy that can do anything right and here he's not the best or strongest actor, although trying his best Im sure. (there are more people watching than fangirls)

Dawn Alright, I've been absent for a bit but I had to make it a priority to comeback through and leave my thoughts on this FANTASTIC DRAMA. I wish it wasn't scheduled to end April 24, 2014....I mean this could easily turn into a long running drama (evening soap as American call them). I have to say the writer has thus far done an excellent job...the storyline is very engaging and I never get tired of the "almost caught the culprit theme." I was a bit ticked off when Tae-Kyung (Yoo-chun) finally had his hands on Do-Jin (Won-Young) and he clammed up and didn't do anything...I mean it would have been nice if you would have at least slapped him a little bit before his squad of killer/thugs showed up....I seriously felt like catching a flight to South Korea and just to say REALLY WRITER(S) WAS IT A BAD DAY FOR YOU WHEN YOU WROTE THAT CRAP SCENE!!!!

Moving forward in my anger....Constable Police Bo-Won, can you please get a grip and stop asking stupid questions...if someone is framing you...the framer isn't gonna tell you why they are doing it, it's a given they are doing it to get you out of the picture. Also, whatever happened to smart police team work...why do you insist on entering dark room, ally ways and buidlings without so much as a gun to protect yourself...it's not your fault.....WRITERS ARE WE THE VIEWERS SUPPOSE TO BE STUPID...JUST BECAUSE SHE'S A FEMALE, DOES THAT MEAN THAT A FEMALE POLICE OFFICER IS SUPPOSE TO BE SO BLANTANTLY STUPID!!! DON'T THINK SO!!! YOU HAVE DONE A DIS-SERVICE TO FEMALE LAW ENFORCEMENT AND CORRECTION OFFICERS EVERYWHERE!!!! STOP IT!!!! I'm back to myself for a few minutes.....

And Mr. President, why are you trusting everyone around you...you should be smarter than you are....you want to reveal something but it seems the only ones risking there lives are the ones that have already died and Tae-Kyung...Of course, the script calls for the President to be a lot passive and naive...I can't tell if the President trully wants to reveal the 1998 incident or not....You really need to keep some stuff to yourself....except for when you are talking to Tae-Kyung, because it's obvious he's the only help you've got. And you should wall yourself off from everyone that calls themself your staff....FIRE everybody!!!!

Cha-Young, just kill yourself dead (the character people not the actress! seriously!) you have got to be the weakest special agent I've ever seen (well so far) on television played by a female....I mean, your character is suppose to be badass...and you couldn't even hit a moving target in a gun fight...SERIOUSLY!!!! YOU'RE A SPECIAL TRAINING AGENT IN THE BLUE HOUSE, THE BEST OF THE BEST...YOU'RE SUPPOSE TO BE ABLE TO KILL A FLIES ASS IN MID-FLIGHT!!! I am seriously disappointed in your fighting and firearms skills....I seriously hope that situation improves before the last episode.

Anyways, even without all of my criticisms I'm still looking forward to what the writers will show up in upcoming episodes.....keep up the fantastic work.....I still think the ratings for this drama should be higher. I love suspense/who-done/esponiage type Korean dramas, they are just as important as the romantic ones. I don't think Korean people like seeing dramas about there leaders behaving badly...or the rich being portrayed the way this drama paints them....It's just a drama...on that note, keep up the fantastic work CAST/CREW/WRITERS!!!!

American Fan!!!

CICI C'mon, writer, don't make So E-Hyun a bad girl again! Thanks for giving her more scenes though. : ) So E-Hyun, FIGHTING!!!!

Crystal Awesome drama! Great acting and great plot!

Paula two thumbs up!!! very very good melo action drama! nice one Park Yoo Chun! Saranghae!

MeiMei rskdrama: i do agree with you.since he in the run, why dont give him a messy hair look, that will be good ^_~

Madfly Nice drama... Suspense every episode, hope the writers can pull through til episode 16 since the villains have been identified early on.

kimmy Thumbs up to this drama!. A new genre in the dramaland. This drama will keep you think all the way like a real detective.

Love all the actors esp. Yoochun oppa, and also Im loving Park Ha Sun's character.

Han Tae Kyung and Yoon Bo Won! Fighting!

PYC I can't wait this drama because this drama have a lot of story action and park yoo chun so good in 3 days...Fighting PYC!!! I wait you in 3 days...

boo I have not watch it yet.. Can somebody tell me is there any love scence ? perhaps in love with president daugter ?*-*..thx.

rskdrama who is behind all the murders?? and Yoo-chun.. reduce gel in your hair!!

YudaJew Does anybody know the name of the cinematic orchestra song that is played during the chase and action scenes?

CICI Correction: Yoon Je-Moon

CICI Episode 5 is awesome!! I love that more of the better, longtime actors have bigger parts in this ie:Son Hyun-Joo, Yoon Jie-Moon, and Lee Jae-Yong just to name a few. So E. Hyun looks really pretty in this too. Thanks, director, producer & writer. I see this being #2 quickly (after Empress Ki ..lol) PS. Please put up more pictures of the other supporting actors. They have been around a long time, doing a great job always and deserve credit with a photo too, right?

You'rethatXX this drama totally reminds me of Two Weeks which is irony because even the title almost similar (Two Weeks and 3 Days) then the female lead also the same actress (Park Ha Sun). Anyway love both Two Weeks and 3 Days :)

Corrina 10 Good job SBS!!!!! I love so much about Han Tae Kyeong character. So powerfull.

CICI "3 Days" is getting really good now. I am so happy to see Son Hyun-Joo in this. He is one of my all time favorites. I just finished watching "The Chaser" with him as the lead, and it was fantastic. I have come to see that if SHJ is in a show, it will be a great one and this is on it's way too. I hope the writer makes So E.-Hyun's character a stronger one with more dialogue esp. since she has become such an amazing actress to watch and one of my favorites too. The supporting cast is made up of a lot of seasoned, excellent actors that I have come to admire in many previous Kdramas as well. I highly recommend this thrilling ride.

jasmine can't wait to see this drama. especially the come back of park yoo chun with the extreme role!

lita so far i like what i saw. so tense, thriller and need to used brain.

the rating is average since this unpopular genre. compare the other sbs hit drama three days seem far away. really really hope the can maintain atleast double digit rating..

Dawn Wow!!! So I'm really liking this drama, it's not to often that a drama comes out the gate and is really interesting. I believe you can lose a huge portion of your viewership if the very first episode isn't interesting...but this one nails it. Right from the start, it's on fire!!!!

I love "Micky" anyways, but that's not all...it's only episode 2 and I'm already hooked!!! I can already say I hate that it's only 16 episodes, but maybe with luck, the viewers can turn this into an even 20-21 episode drama...

I've got my DVR set just so I don't miss any episodes....again I say I am hooked and I hope more people will find this drama on Wednesday and get hooked also....FIGHTING to the entire cast!

catblanche this drama is like the american TV series named (24 hours) ; that will be very intersting

helendancer Forgive me for misspelling Park Yoo-Chun name. Series started off with a bang looking forward to the remaining episodes.

ljisme Jang hyun-sung is the bad guy, i thought he'll be the good guy in here. But anyway...love the drama so far and can't hardly wait for the next episode.

helendancer This grandma is a big fan of yoochan, your acting is captivating. Great emotion appeal and your smile melts the heart. Keep up the great work!!!

drizleblues i love it, a thrilled and suspense action kdrama..new genre yet captivating. all actors are good and Chunnie oppa's acting is daebak to think he is a singer by profession from the start of his career.

CICI @white..I think it's refreshing the way they have more actors with equal time here since there are so many great ones. It's not about Yoo Chun y'know. These are some fantastic, hard working actors that have paid their dues and it's good to see them not having to just be "back up" but having some well deserved attention put on their talents and characters as well. It's a drama not a "one man show" & these other actors & actresses have just as many fans.

white got washed away with the story and fast sequence ... didnt even realise yoochun was the lead ...feels like everyone are spl.  !! hope Yoo chun gets more performance scene, it was a pleasure to see your mad crazy acting in 'i miss you' totally fell and loved it

silvyra It's.... amust seen drama.....can't wait for the next episode....fightingg. ..Park Yoo Choon really cool as always

CICI 3 Days is exciting from the get go. There are so many really good actors in this and so far I love it! I'm happy to see So E-Hyun again & Park Yoo Chun is excellent. This is a must watch for Wed. & Thurs IMO. It's so good I wish it was on for 5 days a week.

agege can't wait for the next episode yoochun oppa fightiiiiingggg !!! :D

helkwo Good first episode! Hope the intrigue continues.

AngelicaLovesJYJ I want more!! Gosh I coudn't take my eyes of the screen and suddenly it ended! :c I'm totally into it, and is not just because I love Yoochun, the drama is really intriguing.

zed Miss watching yoochun on a tv series. Wish u all d best oppa! Ur a great actor!

agege yoo chun always amazing. alwaaayyssss

jan chunsa He’s one of talented young actor. The trailers looks thrilled & suspense at the same time. All the best 3 Days!

Sely Tha I believe Yoochun oppa, he won't choose drama with bored plot I think, he's carefull enough choosing for the role...

somebody From i hear your voice to you who came from the star sbs success make viewers loved those drama. I hope 3 days can sucess too like the other drama, even thought i think the plot seem a little boring, but i still it can be success because yoochun oppa is in the drama

James Their last two series were great hopefully this one is too

BornToBeNae I am hesitant about watching this drama because the storyline seems boring to me. But I will watch the 1st. Episode and if it's good than I will proceed and watch the rest.

BornToBeNae I am kind of hesitant to watch this drama because the story line seems boring! But I am going to watch the first episode and if it's good then I will continue on watching it.

Angela Moe So E Hyun Unnie . Wooow I love you soooo much. I'll watch your Excellent Acting and I'll wait for this Drama. I Love your GREAT acting so much. You are the best So E Hyun Unnie.

Rani Yoochun oppa with So E-hyun :)

karime Choi Won Young! OMG, love these Chanyoung's appa, lol. Congrats on your shotgun marriage, ahjussi! Nice to see you again in drama ^^

Rania So E Hyun can't act. She's just like Taecyeon. They are very good pairing in Who Are You, because their acting skill is so terrible.

mehrdad i like Park Yoo-Chun fall in love So E-Hyun in this drama

wi The plot is not interesting to me. However I will still watch for the sake of yoo chun and son hyun joo. FIGHTING!!!!

SON of OSIRIS Sth is prickling. Stop!! I think it will continue annoying me until I see this Drama.

leicas143_6002 Yoochun I hope you are well. You're more important than the drama so please be safe.

dino I can't wait to watch yoo chun..

tvxq ♡ jyj Yoochuniii i wait your series

mixcz aaaaah !! lets watch <3

Paul Excited for this. :)

Swapna Aind i am so much looking forward to this drama....

Jing Jork I've been eagerly waiting for your drama for so long. Yoochun oppa sarrang Hae.. Just see this trailer, your are as cool as ever.. Fighting! :D

Joe_Durban Heard that this drama is an adaptation of 24 Kiefer Sutherland Jack Bauer!!!!

rory the trailer is so cool! can't wait for this drama..

M why So E-Hyun isn't 1st girl actress role park ha sun is more beautiful than So E-Hyun but So E-Hyun acting better than park ha sun the best park ha sun acting is her smile

Ale Park Ha Sun! Love this girl, but please don't be weak character again. So E Hyun? I don't really like this one, but it's OK, fair.

yoomin Go Yoochun!!! Saranghamnida. people are very excited to your new drama. Godbless always.

Grede owws, so yi hyun! suppeerrr ^^

SongI lol, cunning single lady? it will be far away behind Three Days. it has special low rating actress, lol

XoxoJenn Hmm, I think I will pass out on this drama and watch cunning single lady! Lol

Harumi SBS is idiot, delay, delay, again and again! This is conspiracy! Mrs. Kim Eun-Hee, please comeback to tvN, so you can make drama without stupid delay like SBS did. OMG, what's wrong with them? Lunar New Year delay, and now Sochi delay! Damn! I already waiting this one too long! Sign & Phantom are 2 of the the best dramas I've ever seen from SBS!

baktin Yoochun!!! yay!!

anna hi .. crazy rabbit ... oppss... cow temper now... longtime no see ... ach can't wait to meet u .. march 5th right ... ok.. show your best my dearest bodyguard Han taekyung .. <3 <3 <3

Omi Woah, I'll be waiting for this, Fighting Yoochun oppa~

Hee yoon min its good to know.. you have new drama series.. i can wait to see you again in bigscreen.. fighting...yoochun~ssi

Bhavi Sound so interesting, love yoo chan's drama! There are best! :) Fighting oppa!

TVXQJjang @Oding: Agree!!! So E Hyun is almost everywhere, so booooring, she need long rest from drama. But I think this drama will be great with or without her!

Suzie Nagy I can't wait this drama. I love all YooChun-drama. :3 He is the best k-actor ever, and my favourit. Park YooChun hwaiting!

Oding Kick So I Hyeon out and extend the episode, please

Deardeadly At last! Yoochun is back! Can't wait for this! Excited much!!!

Aprilia Yay! The lead role is Yoochun :3 All of Yoochun's drama is success and popular. This drama will be the one. Can't wait for this!! >.< ♥

Dyah Dimyut can't wait for yoochun drama. He always play different role and he is amazing

Tatiana only 16 episodes? WTH, after a long time waiting and so much problems solved? OMG!!! I can't believe SBS can be so cruel :((

anggey awsome mickey !!! you always try different role. great actor ever Korea had i think *so envy* can't wait for february 2014 <3 loooooooveeeeeee youuu yoochun oppa <3

Obvie obly yung mtanga Its gonna be an interesting drama;cant wait.micky fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!

YooshinSH Yoochun <3 !!! Omg I can' wait for this !!

Feny Franada Yeahhh patk yoochun..good to see you again..waiting this♡♡

chunnieloves OMO! can't wait for this. <3

Aigoo Oooooh! It has So E-Hyun :3

Cherry Yes! Finally! Yoochun's return to small screen. I'm so glad he have many projects in 2014, Sea Fog & Three Days. Both of them seems very promising. Good casts and awesome production teams. I can't wait!

chaulchunsa I want to watch again, Yoochun play in new drama.. I think this drama will be a great drama, b'cause it's very interest :-) success for you yoochun-ah

lin6002 yeah finally ur back to the small screen.. miss ur acting so much, baby.. with sea fog n three days, 2014 will be an awesome year :D but when will u release ur solo album, huh? u said that there wont be enough time till ur enlistment next year, so u better release it too.. n also hope that jyj will have an activity for their 10th anniversary.. anyway, will always support u in anything u do.. chunnie fighting!!

lia It's confirmed! Park Ha sun will be lead actress! she's also amazing! cnt wait for them together! Yeah right, from two weeks to 3days! sooooo exciting :) :) Park Ha Sun and Micky Yochoun! :))

hoova Yoo-chun is back :) eagerly waiting for this drama. He is one of the best actors of his age. Please let it be Min Young against him. They made a cute couple in SS.

evelyn OMO... why Am I... teary eyed now?... so happy =).... hope it has 25+ episode... .. i love you , my Yuchun ... <3

Park Mai ssi Omo! The last name is Han? Aigoo aigoo cant wait for Lee su yeon!

Park Mai ssi OMG!!!!!! Is it possible that Eun hye unnie will be a part of this drama! I just cant wait! They'll be so hot together since it was an action drama!!!!!! Chunhye shipper hwaiting!

weorterw oh my it was only 2 weeks before,this guy has only 3 days xD.

meme yoochun how can I wait three months to see this drama daebaak yoochunii

jury Doesn't Kim eun-hee write for Yoona's "Prime minister and I" which broadcast on December 2013 in KBS? Also yoochun is still shooting "sea fog", right? wow, they're must be very busy

ilovemicky Im 100% sure this drama will be a hit!! Yoochun for an action drama, makes me looking forward for February! ^^

Miran Ai Suru I followed the Korean Series (Rooftop Prince) last year ago. Micky Yoochun look so cute. I hope Micky to be perfect the actor in Three Day drama again:)))

shin >.....< Just knowing that Yoo-chun is in it, make me already so excited!~ Can't wait to figure out the other casts!!~~

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